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agonizing backpain after eating fruit.... help!

So for the past few weeks now if I eat fruit my stomach begins to gurgle and burn and then my back begins to spasm. This can last from 5 -30 minutes and it is really painful. As a result, because I really want to stick with 80/10/10 I have been eating lots of cooked veg and grain. please note, I was  a month raw before the spasms started, so the grains couldn't be the problem, actually they're the only thing that soothes the pain which is why I am eating them. I don't eat any added fat at the moment.

My parents are really concerned (of course) and are desperate to send me to a dietican, which I am not happy about. They blame this lifestyle for the pain because I was 'healthy' before and didn't have all these problems (after my first week high in January from starting, I have become sleepier, more forgetful and am struggling with exercising, something I did religiously every day before)

I have tried eating celery and greens with my fruit to see if it helps, but it doesn't work. I want to cut out the grains, but i'm finding it so hard because they're the only thing not giving me pain while giving me the energy I need.

I really love the fruit lifestyle, but I fear eating fruit so much right now because of the back pain I get from eating it. And its not just one fruit doing it, it is every fruit!!!

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thanks for your link! would you suggest I take chromium or get a blood test first to see if I am deficient in it?

You wont hear me saying this too often but it sounds like there is an issue that a doctor needs to be advised about.  Talk with a chiropractor first, then an MD.  I've never heard of someone with this issue.  I would guess it may be kidneys detoxing if it was lower back pain.


A simple thing to do right now is to buy some caster oil. Put a layer of it on a thick cotton wash cloth or towel.  Lay that against the bare skin over the aflicted area.  Put a hot water bottle over that. Lay down of course.  Let it lay for at least 20 minutes.  Call me in the morning.  LOL    This works!  Do not do anything that agrivates it until this subsides.  It probably doesn't have anything to do with fruit actually.  I can't see how it could. 

I am seeing my chiropractor, I had a session on Friday and I have another one this week. She couldn't identify a causation really, just tight muscles, but she wants me to come back, continue what I am eating and see if the pain still stays. She was shocked of the lifestyle but is completley understanding and was inspired that I am trying something different to obtain good health.

I'll try the castor oil tip... thanks! I trust it will help in some way =)

I'm about 2 weeks on raw, and i got those pains when i haven't drunk enough water and i'm constipated. I've found that i don't react well to some fruits. So far my "unsafe" fruits are :

- apples

- pears

- kiwi

- oranges

- tangerines

- Bananas

Safe fruits i've found

- strawberries

- Watermelon

i'm still on week 2 and doing trials and errors.

I found that datorade made it worse too, dates were alright... as long as I ate one every twenty minutes and thats kinda annoying.  I usually wait half to one hour after I have drunk my water to drink so I don't think thats the issue.

I hope your pain goes away very soon =)

i'm with you! my mum doesn't like this... nor does anyone else in my family, the only support I got (apart from everyone here) is my friend who just thinks its cool and was awesome when i bought 100 bananas yesterday at the markets, and the market store workers who are really impressed by it =)

I know what you mean, I don't get uncomfortable after starches anymore and it's strange, but I don't feel the same as I would with fruit, but it doesn't make too much of a difference because rice and veg is my last meal of the day. I try to push through the pain from the fruit for breakfast and lunch, i'm coping.... haha

by the way don't call it a 'binge'm that is unhealthy thinking. Grains are still healthy, just not as optimal as fruit or veg =)

It is possible that you have some kind of allergy, so I don't want to discount that...

However, my husband and I have that when we eat gluten.  It never fails. 

So when you say you're eating grain...  that's bread, right?  Is it anything containing gluten?


If that is what you eat to 'soothe' the pain, what's going on (likely), is that your body is attempting to detox itself (possibly the kidneys, like Organic881lfrv said).  What you're doing when you eat the grain is simply 'medicating' the pain and 'redosing' your body with whatever toxin or glutinous grain you may be eating.


I bet it's hard to get off bread  (?).  For many on here, that's what I've heard.  Gluten is highly addictive to those with heavy metal toxicity. (which btw most of us are at least somewhat due to toxins in the environment.  But some are heavily toxic .) Just saying..  B/c that's what me and the hub have experienced.  If you've found it hard to get rid of the bread entirely from your diet and only do 8/1/1, I suspect you keep poisoning yourself w/ the bread. 

I am not perfect on the diet, in the interest of full disclosure here.  (I'm a newbie.)  But I know when I'm on it fully (w/ the exception of having some balsamic and some olive oil on salad), I don't have back probs..  just when I eat bread or gluten of some sort.

Hope this helps somewhat.  :)

I actually was fructose intollerant when I was younger, so my mum thinks it might be returning, but I never experience this pain when I was younger. I kind of know the grains are probably making it worse, but when they are the only thing I can eat without going into hysteria its kinda hard to stop eating them =(

I've been eating rice as my grain source (did have bread last week but it made me gassy so stopped).

hey thanks so much! you have been extremely helpful =) melons are out of season now so that won't be a problem and I probably splurge on dates once a month so not eating them also won't be difficult!

I bought 2 full bags of spinach yesterday for $4 on clearance, but its in good condition. I put 4 handfuls in a 10 banana smoothie this morning and I can notice a slight difference... good news!

thanks for the link again! I'll see how the supplement goes when i get it.

I'm a newbie, but I found that when I had these back pains (usually after oranges for me) it had to do with the relation of magnesium I was getting.  I also had these spasms and back cramps/pains when we run low on fruit, but especially bananas.  Once we bought more I would be better.  I have a high need for magnesium, so I take the Natural Calm.  That will cut any spasm or cramps if I've eaten enough fruit (potassium) already.  I'm sure if I ate more greens I'd do much better at my mg intake.  We still have oats as a cold cereal and brown rice.  Stopped eating whole wheat pasta, since I would get a headache anyway.  It's not wrong to think of certain foods as bad if they are causing you problems right now. You can always include them again after you feel you are better.  Oh, and make sure you're drinking enough water, to flush any residual toxins.  Hope you are better soon!

okay thanks everyone for the additional advice. theres so much... i'm so confused now! haha =) I'll just take it all in and see what works best for me.

I have the same problem. I'm just hoping it will go away after I'm more long-term strict with HCRV. I just ate three white peaches and it happened for the second time today. I get plenty of water, lots of sleep, I exercise, and am otherwise healthy. I don't get the stomach pain with it. It's just my upper back. I posted a couple months ago about my problem and nobody could seem to offer any suggestions that I hadn't already tried. 



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