30 Bananas a Day!

after a year on this raw til 4 lifestlye I'm throwing in the towel.

and going RAW for 30 days it's that time again folks for my anual 30 day rawness this will be my second stint! I am going to try and do it more and more as life goes on!! and hopefully on and on... unless I get squashed by a pallet of bananas or something!!! anyone want to join me?? 

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I remember when you did your first all raw challenge. Enjoy your second go around. I have been raw for two years. And I plan to continue as long as I can. So I will be raw right along with you :-)

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaate - it's so cold here in the UK!  How can you bear the thought of eating nothing but fruit?  I'd love to join you, but it seems I'm far too attached to my hot, starchy meals at the mo. Good for you for doing it though!

How's your AF?  All sorted?

I'm already having my doubts, I just had a pizza thought!! whilst eating a sack of oranges... i've already decided to do alternate days 1 day raw 1 day raw til 4 for a week to wean myself, if i'm cranky after a day there is no point..... the AF I just don't know it's mostly why I want to get raw again to try and heal some stuff, I've hit a 1 year wall where I think it's all gone backwards for some reason but I'm pushing forwards.. some days are good some are a bit pants I just dont know, I was thinking of having some bloods done but not sure where to go, not sure if the GP will do it on request?

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm........ pizza........ I love home-made pizza.  Just wish I could be arsed to make it more!  (It's so annoying being this lazy.)  I didn't realise you had a YT channel - saw your mashed potato risotto dish the other day (that's what it's called, right?). Genius!

I don't know what's up with you, but I'm not sure a raw vegan diet is necessarily the answer to your problems.  It's an incredibly cleansing, healing protocol, but doesn't fix everything. If you've been on this program for a year, and done quite a large chunk of it on raw foods (which I seem to think you have done, correct me if I'm wrong) then I'd put it down to something potentially outside of the scope of fruit and greens, and get some bloods done. The GP should; if you present with inexplicable symptoms, that'll warrant some investigative work for sure, especially if any of your symptoms are congruent with low B12, D3, iron, magnesium, any potential liver or kidney issues.  That sort of stuff.  They should just order a basic panel (with add -ons related to your specific issues if necessary).

yes yes that's me youtube helps me stay focused believe it or not!! if I'm making videos I'm not drifting somewhere I shouldn't be!! oi subscribe!! I am going to the docs to see what they will check for... thanks for the time.. peace

Post some new youtube vids dude, I checked a few weeks back and I'd already watched them all I think! GOOD LUCK!

Just made this today it's on a new channel I'm trying to get up and running it's just food

http://youtu.be/8M6kK_Hq4uI   enjoy! peace to you....


Love the new channel - what a great idea!  Subbed. 

Thanks nakd ;)

I would really enjoy doing this and will probably try to. When I get paid soon, I will do my best to hop on board.

I was raw for two weeks and had cooked food yesterday and today. I was thinking about going back on fully raw tomorrow. Sooooo I'm in!



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