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its been a wild and marvelous ride with the 80 10 10 train, ive been doing it for a year, and for a while it was the peak moment of my life. but lately i feel like there is something missing, i fall in sick very easily (not bed sick, but throat aches and the like) and i dont seem to have the same power i had before.

my diet consists basically in oranges in the mornings, mono bananas and dates in the afternoon, the ocasional pineapple/blueberry/kiwi every now and then, and then a huge salad at night.

calorie intake is ok, im getting lots of sun and exercise.

downpoints that i cant change:

not organic produce (impossible to get in this country)

sometimes i sleep a little late (2-3 am, im a social alien enough with the diet, argentinians live very late lives)

during the winter months i eat steamed tubers with the salad 3-4 times a week (this could be negotiable)

im thinking b12 deficiency because its the typical thing to think, but what else could it be?

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It could be a vitamin D deficiency since you are in the middle of your winter months.  You might try supplementing for a while and see if that makes you feel better.

Getting out in the sun and taking off your shirt is the best source of vitamin D, but this time of year the sun is weak and further away, so unless you have built up a good store of vitamin D in your body over the summer and autumn, then you may need to supplement.


I'm so sorry you are struggling.  I can relate.  My recommendations are to cron-o-meter a week's worth of your food to see if there might be some missing nutrients. (Like essential fatty acids, perhaps?) ( http://cronometer.com/).  Also, go to a doctor and get some lab work done.  A general CBC, metabolic panel, B-12/methylmalonic acid/homocysteine, iodine, essential fatty acid test, maybe check out your adrenals.  It's better to know the truth and to guess and it's better to apply logic, reasoning and science than be led about blinding not knowing the facts.  Bloodwork does not lie.  Wishing you the best of luck in your search for health and balance.  (I'm sure you know getting enough sleep is important.  So is a balanced social life.  If you circadian rhythms are off it can effect so many things like your sleep/wake cycle, rest/activity cycle, fluid balance/ body temp., cardiac output, oxygen levels, metabolism and endocrine secretions.  An interesting book is "No more sleepless nights" by Peter Hauri. or "The way we're working isn't working : the four forgotten needs that energize great performance" by Tony Schwartz. 

off balance :)

I never feel fully rested on the night owl schedule- I would go to bed around 2 and sleep until 10 or so but not very well. My social life was more exciting, though, and I do miss that! Now it's bed by 9, rise at 5 or 6- my body definitely likes to rise with the sun and sleep in the dark, much better quality of sleep now. I think it's worth it to feel rested and healthy. You just have to force yourself to get up at an earlier time and your body will adjust in a couple of weeks.

put everything into cronometer and see how it all reads. Also if you can get a FULL blood work done, including B12 AND a urinary mma test, to test your homocysteine levels – this one is VERY important in relation to the B12 test. :)  if your having issues, you'd be best off getting very objective to help you see whats, what :)

I READ and don't know if it's true:  the body only produces melatonin when you sleep at night, not if you sleep during the day and melatonin cleans up free radicals.  Also that after 3 nights of 6 hours sleep or less you become insulin resistant.  Whether this is true or not, it motivated me to put more effort into going to sleep early.  I have insomnia and restless legs but eating at least 2 hours before bed time helps and even adding an hour of sleep has made me feel much better overall.

wait a second thou. im still getting 8-10 hours of sleep a day, its just the schedule that is a little off.

now, i dont know in other countries, but here NOBODY goes to sleep at 9 or 10 pm. not even the very elderly.

I'd like to see the study (ies) on that.

I've found studies to majorly skewed to fit the needs of those who use them.  They rarely have all the information to show that, for example, it wasn't the fact that these women had mammograms, or ate soy, or were on the pill that led to their breast cancers.  Vitamin D as well as melatonin can be supplemented and I do not discount the severe need of getting d from the sun or having a regular schedule, but a differential shift in living times (as with Argentina as well as European countries) is not a cause of disease.  This is based more on individual circadian rhythm rather than just being up 'x' amount of hours while the sun is (or is not since it is winter in South America now).

I disagree about studies - they are notoriously tainted and skewed and processed by interested parties.  I've seen it soooo many times in hundreds of studies.

 I do agree that we are created to live when the sun is up, but to be raised in a culture of a different schedule and to change the already established circadian rhythm even by slow amounts of time can have more negative affects than positive.  It's not an excuse; it's not a habit developed because of something like college stupidity influenced by bad choices of drugs, sex, and junk food.  So the analogy of the soccer mom doesn't apply. The soccer mom is an excuse of laziness and selfishness.

 Using the Alaskans as a co-point, when it is winter, as in Arg./Southern hemisphere now, there are fewer hours of daylight.  It is a matter of opinion that they are at a disadvantage because they are not up/awake at the Northern hemisphere (or even equatorial) hours.  Where I live, the sun only comes out in the deepest, coldest of winter and ONLY on the clear days.  I keep almost the same hours in winter that I keep in summer though I have the benefit of the sun being up later.  I would sleep, if possible, until 10am which would be with the window open and the sun shining in; but I cannot because of responsibilities.  Will I develop breast cancer as a result? Not at all.  You are welcome to believe these studies (not like you need my permission) I just am highly skeptical of them.

Sorry if I'm not clear, I am still learning how to present my side of an issue coherently while covering all the points without sounding like I'm going on a rabbit trail.

I guess the biggest difference we have is our belief in our origin.  I believe that God made us extremely adaptable and as with your last remarks of the Asians and Inuits living the same for centuries does show this adaptability from the drastic change when the earth was divided (Genesis 10:25).  I think that God planted the Garden of Eden and that is what He considers optimal for us.  So, I think we agree on diet and sunlight, but disagree on how one can change or if one should and to what degree is best individually.  Thanks for the mental exercise.


you have SO many excuses.

It's been my experience in life, that people with excuses when trying to do something... when you get down in to it you realize that they have excuses for a LOT of other things in life too. .

If something is stopping you: Solve it.

Health is our #1 priority.

Not where we are.

Not who our friends are.

Or who our family is.

Or your job. Or how lazy we are.

If there are no fruits where you are: You shouldn't be there.

If health is our #1 priority, then ALL other things are second.

Good luck      : ) 



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