30 Bananas a Day!

My new year's resolution this year was to eat only mono meals and today makes 6 months in a row for me of eating all mono.


I wanted to tell all of those who are interested in eating more mono that I have NEVER enjoyed the taste of food more than I do now after 6 months of eating this way and I currently have no desire to ever go back to eating meals with more than 1 ingredient in them.


I became a vegan because I wanted to eat as ethically as possible, then I became a raw foodist because I wanted to eat as naturaly as possible, and then I decided to eat my meals mono because I wanted to eat as simply as possible...  Ethical, Natural, and Simple, those are the qualities that I want not only in a diet, but in life in general.  


The first time that I ever heard of mono eating was when I was watching a video on YouTube of Doug Gram giving a talk at the "Raw Spirit Festival" and the things that he was saying about eating mono made so much sense to me that I wondered how in the world I went the first 30 years of my life without ever even hearing about the concept of a diet where you only eat 1 type of food per meal.  I also wondered how a diet so simple and so natural could seem like such an extreme and even alien concept to most people.  I guess that it's because people these days are being raised on foods that have really long and unpronounceable ingredient lists on them.  (Reading the ingredient lists on the back of a box of cereal, a bag of bread, or a frozen dinner almost makes me dizzy now and I can't believe that I used to eat that way when I was younger.  I recently saw a frozen pizza that had 189 listed ingredients!)


When I heard that lecture from Doug Gram about mono eating I got the same feeling that I got when I first started hearing about the raw food diet or when I first started hearing about veganism.  It just clicked with me and I wanted to experience it for myself, then after reading a post on this website last year from fellow 30BAD member "Fruit Eater" where he said that he had been eating purely mono for a year I was inspired to go ahead and try it and I am so happy now that I did. 


I used to eat salads made with things like lettuce, tomatoes, and avocados, but now I enjoy eating lettuce, tomatoes, and avocados by themself so much that I don't want to spend the time mixing them together and covering them with dressings which will only serve to take away from the real and natual taste of the foods that I'm eating.


If eating a meal of nothing but tomatoes or nothing but pineapple seems bland and boring to you it's because you aren't getting the good stuff!  Nature designed our foods to taste really really good to us, and one of the best benefits of eating this way is that it forces you to go our of your way to start getting the best quality foods possible because you are actually going to taste the foods that you are eating.


When I used to make "Zuchinni Pasta" I would make the sauce with tomatoes that by themself tasted like nothing, or like cardboard, but it didn't matter to me at the time because when I put the tomatoes in the blender I would add dates, mangos, or carrots to sweeten them up and this would hide the fact that the tomatoes that I was eating were such poor quality tomatoes that I would never want to eat them by themself.


I can't stress enough just how much more I appreciate the the foods that I eat now, (People look at me like there is something seriously wrong for me for being so happy eating something like a meal of just lettuce.)


I also want to tell everyone that I have had no problems in the past 6 months with getting enough calories or getting a decent variety with this diet.  (I personally eat 3 high calorie meals a day with things like bananas, dates, or mangos, and 2 low calorie meals a day with things like lettuce, strawberries, or avocado.)


I encourage anyone reading this to give mono eating a try for an extended period of time and see how you feel after eating this way for a while and then see if you even want to go back to non-mono eating after you have become used to eating all mono.


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Completely agree with you. I also enjoy eat mono meals like lettuce, celery or okra, taste so beautiful just itself! Yes, definitely when eat mono, you teach your body to be more sensitive to your really nutrition needs and quality of food.

I think juices also not part of mono diet. Because nuture provide us whole fruit or veggie not juice (exception fresh young coconut water) and when people squeeze liquid from it connection with total structure and vibration of food is lossing.
Thanks for starting this group "Fruit Eater" and thanks for being the one to try eating this way exclusively when you probably didn't know anyone else doing it at the time. You inspired me and I'm sure will inspire many others.
Hi all! I eat a lot of mono meals and really enjoy them, but this groups seems like a great way to get inspired to try doing it more and more. The simplicity really appeals to me. I do love greens on their own too, and I'll happily munch on celery, romaine or tatsoi leaves just as they are. Yum.

Jared and Fruit Eater, can I ask you to give more details about your meals - specifically the amounts of food in each and the timing? Fruit Eater, I think I asked you this in a thread you posted a while back, but I'd love to read the info again here. And Jared, that was really helpful to know about the number of your meals and the types. Do you eat the high calorie meals earlier, or do you alternate? And how much time you give each one to digest before eating the next?

And how often do you eat overt fats? Do you eat just avocado, or do you ever have nuts or seeds?

Thanks so much in advance for sharing! I'm excited to try this. Tomorrow I'll be having grapes, figs and romaine for at least three of my meals...
For me personaly it's like this...

Meal 1 - High calorie meal
Meal 2 - Low calorie snack
Meal 3 - High calorie meal
Meal 4 - Low calorie snack
Meal 5 - High calorie meal

I exercise a lot, (usually 3 times a day and usually right before the 3 high calorie meals) so my high calorie meals are usually around 1,300 calories and when I eat "snacks" like celery or grapes it is anywhere between 100 and 500 calories and they are usually to help give me some extra energy for when I exercise.

I usually wait between 2 - 3 hours before I eat another meal, because if you eat meals too close you are still food combining I guess.

I absolutely LOVE avocados and I will eat one or two of them as a meal from time to time. I just make sure that I'm staying within the 80/10/10 ratio. (I'm definately not 9/5/5 right now because I enjoy avocados so much and I kind of believe that I need the extra fat for what I do.
For example yesterday:

1 Meal - 5 pieces mango (around 1.5kg) somewhere at 9:30
2 Meal - 2 pieces Hami melon (around 5 kg) somewhere at 11:30
3 Meal - lettuce (600 grams) somewhere at 14:00
4 Meal - 4 pieces mango big size (2 kg) somewhere at 16:30
5 Meal - okra (450 grams) somewhere at 20:30

Other days quite similar, sometimes I change melons (rockmelon, hami, sunmelon and honeydew) to dragon fruit or watermelon and mango to bananas, sometimes eat tomato or bell pepper instead lettuce or some other seasonable fruits. Also I eat durian or cempedak or jackfruit and young coconut on occasion and do not eat avocado at all. But before yes like a Jared I ate avocados (maximum 2 pieces per day) and consumed durian much more often.

No nuts and no seeds in my diet.

I will be keep informed in this group about meaningful chages in my diet.

How's the taste of raw okra? 

Okay, that's great to read what you both do! Thanks so much for sharing. I'm going to have a mono day today and I'll check back in tonight. I hope everyone has a wonderful day with lots of yummy fruit and good vibes. Thanks FE for starting this group - I'm inspired!

Jared!!   How wondeful!!  I just joined this group.  I have had a hard time transitioning to LFRV.  I am currently studying at UNH to become a hygiophysician as well as working towards my PhD in Holistic Nutrition.  When it comes to the rules of food combining, the easist way to stay true to Natural Hygiene is with the mono meal!!!I know I need to give this a go.  My goal will be Mono Meals for all of May.....after that, we'll see what happens!!

Good luck "Lucky" :)


A month is a long time to try a dietary change.  I have been eating 100% mono for 16 months straight now, so if you need advice on mono eating don't hesitate to post your questions here so that me or someone else in the group can offer advice and hopefully make it easier for you.


Mark my words that if you last the entire 30 days it will change your relationship with food in a positive way.

Thanks Jared!!  I live in a very small town in the midwest of the USA.  The only local produce is sold at Walmart.  They sell a few organic items.  Otherwise, I have to drive and hour to the closest organic grocer (Whole Foods). 


I plan on revolving my meals around bananas, oranges, apples, dates, pineapple, honeydew, cantaloupe, celery, romaine, spinach, berries, and other juicy fruits.


How many and how often do you eat dates.  I absolutely love snacking on Medjool dates, but I have heard some people saying that you shoould not eat these every day.  What are your thoughts (or anyone else who has an prion on this)?


I love smoothies. As long as I do not mix fruits, is it OK to blend my oranges into a smoothie (or pineapple)? 


I will probably have more questions as I go on.  Tomorrow is Day#1 of my Mono Meal Month of May Challenge!!


-Patty (aka Lucky)

I eat dates a lot.  I buy big boxes of them and go through them pretty quickly.  Below are the 2 places I get them from.  They are far better than dates from the supermarket and they are also less expensive, but you have to buy more than just 1 pound at a time.  (They will keep in a refrigerator for at least a few months.)


Bautista's Family Organic Date Farm
93800 Hammond Road
Mecca, CA 92254

Phone: (760) 396-2337

e-mail:  bautistadates99@yahoo.com

Website:  http://www.7hotdates.com/

The Date People
PO Box 808
Niland, CA 92257

Phone:  760-359-3211

e-mail:  datepeople@wgn.net

Website:  http://www.datepeople.net/


Dates are a "staple" in my diet.  I don't see a problem with eating dates on a regular basis other than that they are more dry than other fruits so it may not be a bad idea to drink water with them or to go ahead and blend them in water.  As far as blending goes, it's not optimal but it can be helpful for some.  (Sometimes I make "dateorade" to drink when I'm at work since breaks are way too short to sit down and eat a meal.)


The last time I went to "Whole Foods" I noticed that they had virtually no organic produce at all.  Plus their prices were extremely high.


Also keep in mind that Wal-Mart will most likely order any "Organic" fruits and vegetables that you want if you simply ask them to.   One time I went to a Wal-Mart and asked if they could order organic grapes for me and they went in the back and came back out with a HUGE catalog of fruits and vegetables that they can order and sure enough organic grapes was something that they could order.  The number of different fruits and vegetables that are actually sold at your Wal-Mart is most likely only a small percentage of the number of fruits and vegetable that they have access to from all of their different distributers, but they will only order the fruits and vegetables that are in high demand or if a special customer such as yourself asks them to order some.

This was a really beautiful post. Thanks for the inspiration!

After I joined 30Bad, a forgotten memory came back to me from when I became a vegan at age 19, and people would ask me "How far do you think you'll go with this?" 

I would tell them, "Well so far from vegetarian to vegan. I'll probably be in this place for a long time. Eventually I'd like to go raw and then go fruitarian."

The journey has indeed been long. So long that I lost my way on that path. Vegan has always been effortless, but raw not so much. Several collapses there. 80% or more of fruit is actually way easier, and more simple and joyous, even though I'm still in the hard work stage of re-training my habits, cravings and taste buds. I am patient, though! I look forward to eating with such liberating simplicity.

= )



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