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I wanted to go the whole month on banana island, but after 2 weeks I was allowing myself to get super stressed about it, and at that point I think it was doing more harm than good.  Rather than focusing on how much fun lfrv was, I was just waiting for the magical healing of my skin that I'd totally expected.  It never came, and I felt like I needed to stay on banana island until my skin was better.  That said, I could have been on banana island for years!  I was happiest on lfrv when I was focusing on how good I felt rather than what I couldn't eat.  So...I feel somewhat defeated, I really wanted to go the whole month.  Maybe I'll give it a try later on, but for now I'm excited to delve into the lfrv recipes I was enjoying!  I still have bananas so I'll probably munch on them for one or two meals a day, but I definitely miss my beautiful salads at night and really really really really really really really really (really!) want a salad with papaya and cilantro dressing.  I miss oranges, and tomatoes!! Maybe tomatoes tonight.  I'm trying not to get too crazy with it :p

So...epic fail or sensible decision?  You can be honest, am I just quitting because I'm a huge wussface or what?

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Sensible decision, imo.

Enjoy your tomatoes and salads :)

IMO, this is a sensible decision.  I only advise newbies to do a banana or fruit island in the beginning if they have digestive problems, and then only for about 10 days or less. 

What you have done, two weeks, is a big achievement! 

For everyone else, I advise to eat the rainbow of fruits n leafy greens over a period of time.  Mono and simple meals are great for digestion, but over the course of a week or a month, one should eat a variety. 

I think your body was definitely craving and probably needed greens! 

I think in  your other post I also mentioned that for skin problems, eating a mono meal of oranges a day for a week or two will do wonders for your skin.  In winter, I do it almost every day. 

Have fun!  Peace, PK

I'll pick up some oranges today if you think it will help :)  I'll give it a go :)

I am not sure if you have a Costco close to you or not.  Right now, Costco Warehouse has oranges grown in California.  They are very sweet and juicy.  I will buy several boxes at a time, and let them sit a few days.  (I always have extra boxes).

These boxes also store nicely for a few weeks at a time if you like to limit your trips to the store, or just decide you are not in the mood for oranges for a few days:))

Two other stores I can think of might have similar products are Sam's Club and BJs. 

BTW, even though not organic, Costco also has sweet bananas at a good price, and very delicious red delicious apples, and grapes, and avocados, and romaine lettuce.  Sorry if I am getting carried away here.  But Costco is a place where price meets quality and good taste on some products IMO:)

Peace, PK

ha I love costco for certain things.  I was buying from them a lot until banana island, and then I just picked up bananas across the street.  if I get a ton of oranges I'll probably stop by!


would the banana quality at costco vary from region to region? i'm in Nebraska and have been told by family members that the bananas at costco are no good. but then again, i'm the ONLY one in my family that knows when a banana is actually ripe, lol

I am not sure as I do not know anybody who lives in that area. 

What you could do is go with someone who has a membership, and choose some for yourself. 

You are right about the ripe thing.  Many times, my Costco naners are on the green side, but within a few days they ripen up.  I have just learned to put my bananas on a cycle.  The ones I eat today, I bought 3-4 days ago. But a lot of people want to eat their naners the same day the buy them. 

Then if you like them, you can get your own membership and enjoy.

Peace, PK

Follow your heart - that's the right decision IMO. Seems like you did. You go girl!


Hey Mandy, how is your skin doing?? Is it improving?? I did nana Island for about two weeks too, in the summer. And while I loved it... I noticed my skin didn't heal~up till I stopped eating nanas. I am not sure why. The first week was not bad skin~wise and then my skin seemed to break out the following week. I did the island for my skin, and tummy bloating, and clarity but didn't really see improvement... and they were all organic and ripe! Broke the island with a ton~o~blueberries! It was a very memorable time!!! :) 

   My skin was always average and pretty clear, but oily. I started this way~o~eating in March of this year, and without paying much attention to it, I wasn't having any nanas, then started including 1 or 2 in my smoothies, and then increasing them more and more. I was wondering why my skin wasn't perfect...Sooo I cut them out while on vaca in florida and my skin cleared up again! My skin is still 'oily' but I guess that is just my skin type??

  I love nana ice cream, so I am not sure how I will do this next summer, but hopefully my body will be able to handle them better :) But having no problem skipping them so far this fall and winter... 

 And I have to be honest...I am still not sure why my body doesn't like a lot of nanas, or if that is even it... But just to be on the safe side I never have more then 1-4 spread through out the day.  And my skin has been practically perfect! Oh well, that is my super long story. I am sure this isn't the case with you... just wanted to send out my message :) I think there are sooo many yummy fruits and veggies out there, I am happy indulging in them all :) But I think there can be a 'season' for nana island! :) Very simple and healing for most peeps ;) Ok I will stop typing now! Hope you are feeling good, and enjoying yummy fruits!!! 

hmm...I still have a bunch of bananas so I'm going to finish them off for sure...but I'd be interested to see if my skin is reacting weird on bananas.  My skin was (mostly) clear before I started LFRV, but it's gotten pretty crazy bad since the 4th week (now I've been LFRV for like...72 days or something).  I tried cutting out bananas for like a week and it didn't seem to make a difference with my skin but...maybe it takes longer than that to figure it out.  After I finish my bananas (which might be another week at least lol) I might try cutting out bananas for like a month and see how my skin fares.  What is your staple food in the winter?  I hear citrus is good?

Could your skin breakout have something to do with your body detoxifying?



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