30 Bananas a Day!

I can honestly say that I have never enjoyed food more than I do today.  It doesn't matter whether I'm eating some tomatoes, an avocado, or a peach, it's an experience of appreciation and enjoyment the likes of which I never experienced in the past.  


I don't know what to believe in when it comes to "God" and "The Afterlife", but I find that at every meal now I am wanting to say "Thank You" to someone or something for the food that I'm about to eat.  


The foods that I eat today even looks better to me than the food that I used to eat in the past.  (A "bunch" of grapes looks far more beautiful and artistic to me than a fancy wedding cake does.)  How did I overlook this beauty in the past?


It was my New Year's resolution for 2010 to try eating only mono meals for a year and even though the year is going to be over in just a few hours I have no desire to stop eating this way tomorrow and binge on salads, green smoothies, and zuchinni pasta as soon as I wake up tomorrow. lol.  Just like the vegan diet and the raw food diet the mono diet is something that I just can't imagine ever wanting to quit doing.  I will continue until I no longer want to eat this way, if that day ever comes.


Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that food combining (especially the kind of food combining that most of the people on this forum practice) is "bad for you", but generally speaking I fell that the more time and energy that I spend on preparing the meals that I eat the more time and energy my body will have to spend on digesting them and I would prefer to keep things as simple as possible.


A vegan diet is the most important thing, a raw vegan diet is optimal, and a raw vegan mono diet is something that I really hope that everyone reading this will at least try for an extended period of time at some point in the future, because for me personally it has totally enhanced the experience of eating for me and I simply don't want to go back to eating any other way. 


My own personal New Year's resolution for 2011 is an hour or yoga every morning and 2 liters of water during that hour.

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Did you start right on Jan 1st or before that?


BIG HUGS {} to you my furry fairy friend ; ) *WINK*


DIZZY posts - spreading love one post at a time!!!

I was wondering the same thing about how long it takes for different foods to digest in the body...

I looked up some links, here's a few to check out...

The main thing I get from them is that it depends on the individuals health


Diet Digest...


Answers.com How long does fruit take to digest


The Fruit Pages



I agreed with you in this point.

Today i had my experience.

I needed a little more to digest mono meals of bananas, like 4 hours.



I personally prefer monomeals too.  I do not have any rules or resolutions I stick by, but most of my meals are mono, and I also prefer fruit straight from the peel verses smoothies.  If I do eat a salad, it might be a duet, like one green with tomatoes. 

I am not strict every meal with monos, but at mid-life, it is very easy on my digestion, and less time in the kitchen! Yea!

In Peace, PK


Wonderful post -- I do some mono meals, but this morning I ate some bananas and valencias that were just about to become beyond ripe. They were all tasty -- even 'on the verge'. Yesterday I had all mono meals --one very strange snack of just organic celery -- stalks and stalks, eaten slowly... leaves and all. It was delicious. I never gave celery ANY thought until I saw Doug Graham's thoughts on celery -he recommended it so I got it. I think you are so right about enhanced experience and simplification. I have so much extra time.

Thank you for posting this. I feel so happy that I find so much inspiration from you all! :) I also like to monomeal, it's so simple that it becomes hard to find an excuse for not eating healthy! I am now doint a no-overts challenge for a month and I am mostly mono eating, except for the ocassional salad with spinach and arugula. I just love arugula but I can not eat it alone...too strong of a flavor. 

I am also finding hard to only do 3 meals a day. I prefer to do 5 as you do as I still have to get used to eating that much at once. I sometimes even do 6 meals.

After reading your post I have decided that I  will try to mono meal exclusively for a week or so and see how it goes.

Thank you again, Jared



Thank you Owen, my idea is to mono-eat at each meal, but you know what? I am discovering that I could live off oranges so easily so maybe I
will try to go to orange island soon.

My priority right now is to stay off any kind overts as the holidays were disastrous nutrition wise :( And the truth is that I am doing
great! Don Stewart's AA quote is helping me a lot, so I am reaching
my goal one meal at a time! :D

By the way, I have just added you in FB, seamos amigos! :)


Hey Jared,


This is highly inspirational. I too have noticed that the simpler and more organic, closer to nature that I eat (sitting in the sun during summer, slowly savouring each bite of fruit, peeling myself), the happier I feel. It's a feeling very difficult to describe to others, but I fully understand when you say you feel like thanking someone. In the summer in particular, my food often tasted so good that I felt sorry for others eating "normal" cooked/processed foods.


My plan was to strictly mono for 3-6 months after returning from my fast in March., However, I'm so intrugued by your experiences and feelings, that I'm starting this week, before I go off to fast! I've spent over a £100 to get cases of produce to mono on! Can't wait!


All the best



Great post Jared!  Thanks for sharing! :)  


Recipes and Smoothies no longer appeal to me.  Mono meals are the most satisfying for me with one exception.  I like to eat dates with my apples or my banana meals, one bite of apple followed by one bite of date, same with bananas.


Learning about mono meals and the supreme importance of proper food combining has mostly come from experience.  Although reading about it is very helpful, it wasn't until my son would vomit every so often, (not every time) from drinking citrus and banana smoothie while my husband was still having stomach aches after eating the same, that I really learned.  I have never myself had any digestion problems, I never felt it when I ate combo abombos but I learned from watching my family and then watching Lukas' video that even if you don't have symptoms from improper food combining, it still harms your body.  Mono meals are the best when it comes to ease of digestion and optimal benefits from eating, getting all your nutrients and best use of energy.  I have also learned just from eating fruit over and over.  Over time my tastes and sensitivity have changed and for the better.  A banana that used to be too ripe for my taste is now perfect and a yellow banana with only a few black spots that used to be perfect for my taste is now not ripe enough.  Thanks to Dr. Graham and all the wonderful folks following this lifestyle and sharing their knowledge, eating a meal of just bananas is one of the sweetest most satisfying, easiest, most normal meals I have.  In addition to that, many people in my life have been influenced by just watching me eat and buy my bananas! :)


Cheers to mono meals! :) XO  Cheers to the coming year! :) XO  Health and Happiness To All! :) XO



I recently ran out of ripe bananas and the only bananas I had basically looked just like the bananas on the top of this website (sorry Freelee) and they tasted extremely bitter and unripe!  I tasted absolutely no sweeteness in them at all and I felt like I should just compost it, but it was all that I had to eat at the time and I kept thinking to myself that if they have spots on their skin they must be ok to eat. 


I can only imagine what a bright yellow banana would taste like to me now.  The semi-ripe ones that I tried to eat didn't even taste like bananas to me and I probably wouldn't have been able to guess that I was eating bananas if I was blind folded.

Thanks for this reassurement. I allways used to prefer more black/ripped bananas, but everybody around me was like i am eating decayed food ^^. Yet it is much taster than green or only yellow ones. People are often unaware. Here in Prague in the farmar market, i buy 5 pounds of half black half yellow bananas for one euro, even up to 10 pounds of more ripped.. Cos nobody else wants them..

I wanted to read the whole thread first before saying my bit but I can't wait. 

Firstly I have to agree with everyone else that has said how inspiring your post is plus ednshell's reply :)


You say you mono for the whole year does that mean you haven't blended also? I understand it doesn't have to mean that but I'm assuming so, massively impressed also. I must admit I was always inspired by Lukas' message not to blend.  I'm a million miles away from not being able to use my blender at the moment though. It's not that I don't enjoy eating mono because I actually love it. It just highlights to me the importance of being in the right environment. Hmmm lots to think about, especially the state of Freelee's bananas because I've been ploughing through boxes of them just like it!


Thanks again Jared ... very very inspiring :-)



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