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I can honestly say that I have never enjoyed food more than I do today.  It doesn't matter whether I'm eating some tomatoes, an avocado, or a peach, it's an experience of appreciation and enjoyment the likes of which I never experienced in the past.  


I don't know what to believe in when it comes to "God" and "The Afterlife", but I find that at every meal now I am wanting to say "Thank You" to someone or something for the food that I'm about to eat.  


The foods that I eat today even looks better to me than the food that I used to eat in the past.  (A "bunch" of grapes looks far more beautiful and artistic to me than a fancy wedding cake does.)  How did I overlook this beauty in the past?


It was my New Year's resolution for 2010 to try eating only mono meals for a year and even though the year is going to be over in just a few hours I have no desire to stop eating this way tomorrow and binge on salads, green smoothies, and zuchinni pasta as soon as I wake up tomorrow. lol.  Just like the vegan diet and the raw food diet the mono diet is something that I just can't imagine ever wanting to quit doing.  I will continue until I no longer want to eat this way, if that day ever comes.


Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that food combining (especially the kind of food combining that most of the people on this forum practice) is "bad for you", but generally speaking I fell that the more time and energy that I spend on preparing the meals that I eat the more time and energy my body will have to spend on digesting them and I would prefer to keep things as simple as possible.


A vegan diet is the most important thing, a raw vegan diet is optimal, and a raw vegan mono diet is something that I really hope that everyone reading this will at least try for an extended period of time at some point in the future, because for me personally it has totally enhanced the experience of eating for me and I simply don't want to go back to eating any other way. 


My own personal New Year's resolution for 2011 is an hour or yoga every morning and 2 liters of water during that hour.

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Good to hear your story, good job on sticking to your new years resulution! That's admirable. 


Great post, good luck with your 2011 goal :)

What a great post!

I've never gone that long only on mono meals, but it sounds really tempting after reading your experience. 

It's like you've metamorphosed back into the truest version of yourself, which is so seductive to contemplate.

Thank you so much for taking the time to write this.

Wow! That's awesome.  I'm just starting Banana Island on January 1st, 2011.  I've done random mono fruit days, but never consecutively.  I just may have to add that to my list of things to try in 2011. :)

I agree completely!!

 Even dough I keep falling of the LFRV due to the wish of losing weight and as a result I undereat, I still eat mono meals when I'm following the 811, which is most of the time.

Except for the salads it's natural for me to eat mono meals I don't even think of combining. If I eat a pineapple I have no desire to finish if with an orange, I just eat more pineapple.

Thanks for the report! You've spurred some questions from me... Do you eat greens? If so, when? Or, what is a typical menu for the day that includes greens? Do you eat other veggies? If so, does that mean you have a meal of tomatoes and don't have any greens that day?

Mono mealing fruit makes sense and is something I do at least once every day, always at breakfast, but to get more greens in my diet I usually resort to at least one green smoothie a day, usually at lunch.. I usually eat greens or salad after a mono fruit meal in the evening, and can't really imagine having a meal of just romaine for dinner and nothing else, since I'd still be hungry... Unless I tried to get all my calories at breakfast and lunch and then just greens for dinner might be possible, but I can't imagine that being as enjoyable... I usually want at least one other veggie with my greens too... Often tomatoes or bell peppers...

way to go man. i am following your footsteps, so keep going!


how many dif foods do u eat each day? how long do u wait before u eat a dif food?

What a wonderful post to read for me this morning, thanks so very much.


Also, really like your simple healthy 2011 New Years resolution.


I'm starting out on banana island for 10 days to kick start my New Years resolution of not putting one bite of cooked food in my mouth this year. I can eat cooked food next year If I wish but not this year. Takes some of the stress off.

I read in AA they say something like I will not drink today maybe tomarrow but not today...Helps them do it one day at a time. So I'll do it one year at a time. See how I feel.:)


Thanks again for the cool post and Happy New Year to you!

I am paraphrasing here but I have listened to Doug Grahmn speak in his lectures about the same thing.  He says he is completely free to eat what ever he wants, he just chooses to eat a raw vegan diet.  Will he be a raw vegan tomorrow, who knows he says, that is too far away to think about but more than likely he will be.


I've just read this forum now. How your resolution turned out? Did you have anything cooked in 2012? :)

Wow. Thank you so much for this post. You are very inspiring and I will definitely try it for an extended period! In fact I'd really love if you could put up a few days in the life of your mono eating. I mean it'd be great to have a bit of a guideline. Again thankyou.



Ok, for those that asked I eat 5 meals a day, with 3 of them being high calories fruit meals and 2 of them being either a vegetable or a low calorie fruit "snack".  And I usually wait 2 hours between meals.


Today I had 3 banana meals (A total of 46 bananas in all) I ate one of the banana meals for breakfast, another one when I got home from work, and one after my workout later that evening.  Plus I also ate some apples on my first break at work and 1 avocado on my second break at work.  That comes out to roughly 5,000 calories for the day which is what I aim for. 


No greens today but I certainly do eat them (Usually about 5 times a week.)  I think that lettuce and cellery are both good to eat plain, as long as they're good quality.


If you're going to eat mono meals and be active it would be pretty hard to do it in only 3 meals especially if you are going to eat greens and a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.  (Which I of course would recommend doing.)  I know that Durianrider can eat 3,000 calories for dinner, but most of us aren't quite there yet and would find eating 2,000 calories in one meal a legitimate eating contest so more than 3 meals is optimal I feel, but at the same time you have to be careful not to eat too often because grazing and and not giving your body enough time to digest a meal before you start another one kind of defeats the purpose of eliminating food combinging from your diet doesn't it?   


I like wait 2 hours between meals, but I guess that you could vary this time quite a bit depending on what you eat and how long it takes to digest that particular fruit or vegetable.  If anyone knows of a chart that shows how long it takes to digest each of the major fruits and vegetables when they are consumed uncooked and mono please post it here.



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