30 Bananas a Day!

I'm trying to add a little more variety to my diet but its becoming too expensive. I love in Northern Virginia and food is expensive in general. The only thig I can maintain as a staple is bananas and I'm honestly getting sick of them. I LOVE cherries ad grapes but both are breaking the bank. I'm a teen with a part time job, I already pay for my car and clothes and a decent amount of my food. Any suggestions?

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yea cherries and grapes are amazing but so expensive but sometimes they are $1 a lb! the other day grapes were $0.88 a lb! maybe that's when they're in season so buy things that are in season and things on sale. non sweet fruits like tomatoes, cukes, peppers, give good variety and are usually really cheap. look for a wholesaler in your area and try to buy things like oranges, mangoes, other juicy fruits that you can buy cheap in bulk!

In my area they run for like $3.99 a pound! Ridiculous!

Dates ? Where I live Deglet Noors are cheap and tasty. Other than that, I'd say tomatoes and peppers, nice change, also pretty cheap. And for snacks, apples.

Dates run around 9 dollars a box in my area

Going by calories per dollar, conventional bananas and dates are the cheapest (that are available year round)

Melons, when they are in season, are the best bang for your buck.

You might want to incorporate some juices into your eating, in which case 100% juice is about 350-500 calories per dollar (in my area atleast)

Having rice as a backup plan isn't a bad idea either. Costco sells a 20 or 25lb bag for $9, which makes rice a whopping 4,000 calories per dollar.

25 pound bag for $9? which rice is this lol?!

i buy white basmati rice from costco for like $16 or more for 20 pounds

This bag:

It's $9 at my costco. 25lbs of rice is 41,390 calories. Divided by 9 equals 4598. So 4,598 calories for just one dollar :)

medjool dates and bananas!! lettuce for greens. oranges would make a good third staple. look for things in season.

i am a teen too and follow the raw till 4 program. i can make it during the day being fully raw but my dinner is always cooked, makes it alot easier & sustainable. but if you have the money then put it to that last meal! i wish i could :)

forgot mangoes are a great dense calorie fruit :)

frozen fruit works great too!

Most grocery stores sell bagged oranges/grapefruits for less money than if you were to buy them per lb.  I know giant bags of oranges are one of my staples, I get 8lbs for $5 and if you can find farmers markets, they're even cheaper there.  Also you might want to look into wholesale- it's not ideal if you're an ethical consumer but Costco at least pays fair wages and their prices are incredible.

Check the want ads for people selling fruit. 

Lots of people have trees full of fruit going to waste in their yards, ask if you can have it. 

Here some information I've found in this forum:


Find the wholesale warehouse the supermarkets buy from (google it).  You can buy it wholesale too. 

There were a bunch of threads on dumpster diving for excellent, free, fruit.  Here's 2:



I can usually get apples and bananas cheap, mangos really vary. I'm trying to stay away from cooked cards because they make me feel heavy. The grocery stores in my area are all outrageously prices in every way.



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