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I am currently on a very low budget and living in a area that i can only afford to get a limited amount of non-organic bananas from a local food store and dates and sultanas from coles as well as a unlimited amount of potatoes as a 5kg bag is only $4

as of today i have enough dates and bananas to feed him 4 dates and about 50 sultanas for breakfast, same for lunch and at night he has a bowel filled of steamed potatoes or if i am in a hurry 500g of steamed rice with chia seeds
just wondering if this is a good amount for a active todler

will attach cron-o-Meter photos to show how much nutrition hes getting

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organic ones i can only get here for $9 a kilo and non organic are not much better, ive been looking for a place to buy in bulk but found no success yet, unless i travel 2 and a half hours away lol

First, Daniel, I applaud you for wishing to do your best to care for your son, both with his health and overall compassion in mind.  

If finances are an issue, I wouldn't worry about organic at this time.  Our main caloric recommendation, at least for adults, is to consume 10 grams of carbs per kilogram of bodyweight.  That said, I have heard that kids can do fine on a higher percentage fat, whole plant foods obviously.  

I'd recommend getting some tender leafy lettuce type greens in there too for greater nutritional balance.  Green smoothies with plenty of added sweet fruit are a good intro for kids.  just tell him it's Hulk Juice :)

You may be encouraged by this thread, and should consider contacting the OP for her input:


Also, check out this related forum:  www.lfrvfamilies.ning.com 

Kids need more fat. Give him some avocado, coconut, nuts and seeds.

If he doesn't accept the avocado (what is usual in babies/small kids), you can try making something like a chocolate pudding, mixing avocado, banana and some cocoa powder (or better yet, carob powder).

You can also sprinkle shredded coconut on some sliced bananas to boost the fat intake, as well as making some smoothies adding some avocado in them.

i was thinking that, he loves avocado but hasn't had any for a while, last time we gave him it he went nuts like he was hyped up on sugar lol
ive started giving him smoothies so ill try putting some in smoothies

so i had a family emergency yesterday and left him with his nan for the day, instructed her on how he should be eating, with the dates and sultanas and what not.
she told me and his mother that she did feed him the way we told her

but today im home alone all day with him and hes been sooo uncontrollable, moody, won't listen and has done 3 dirty nappies today is it me being crazy or does it sound like hes undercarbed and by me getting him back to good food, his system has flushed all the crap out?
just curious and wanting to know if im right here

he only gets 6 percent fat?

imo thats much too little.

arent 2 years olds not meant to be still
breastfed : 30-50 percent of the cals coming
from fat in the mothermilk.

get in contact with karen ranzi. she is good
if it comes to kids vegan nutrition.

imo small kids need way more fat for brain developement.
and tissue growth.

babies grow the most and its due to mothers milk
which has 30-50 percent of its cals from fat.
they grow on fat not on carbs.

how is this? i started him on some oatmeal for breakfast in the mornings now with some seeds on top for extra fat and with his dates for lunch a avocado


If I were you I would not use the dried fruit unless it's soaked and blended in a smoothie. Children's tooth enamel is not as strong as adult enamel and they are more vulnerable to tooth decay.

Also I would add more variety of fruits and lots of greens into your son's diet.  Use frozen fruit if fresh is out of your budget. Thaw it in the refrigerator if you find it makes the smoothies too cold.  Make green smoothies. Frozen spinach works well in green smoothies if fresh is out of your budget.

Young children IMO need more fat so keep the avocado, chia and other healthy fats in his diet.  Is he still breastfed? If so great, if not then it's even MORE important to keep healthy fats in his diet IMO.

Steamed veggies are good to have with the potatoes or use sweet potatoes if they are in your price range.

I would supplement with Vegan B12, K2 and D3.

How is his growth?

ive been trying to get him to drink the smoothies of dates and sultanas ( as everything else is either unavaliable where i live or out of my budget ) but he never seems to like it, i even tried adding some avocado in aswell but he wouldn't drink it.

i've just stopped giving him frozen vegies each night for dinner as he never eats them, just throws them on the floor

im starting to give him oats each morning now either with chopped apple or bananas made with almond milk, as i just found out the significance of healthy fats so im gettting as much as possible

are those supplements cheap?? what kind of price are they usually?

You should consider checking out Ellen Fisher. Her website is http://mangoislandmamma.com, and she is raising her young son on a low fat raw vegan diet. She provides a lot of information about what she feeds her son, and how much!



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