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A power-meter comes ASAP after this, but im a bit confused. I think I want to go for a Garmin 800, or Garmin 1000, but i these speed, cadence, and heart-rate sensor bundles have me confused. What sensors do i need and should I get a bundle or buy the computer and sensors separately?

I just purchased Profile Desing T3 Aluminum areo-bars, some Relative Design frame bags, a ruggedized 20,000amph power-bank, and double rear water bottle seat mount. I don't wan't to have anything on my back for this stuff, so I'm trying to make it cammelbak free. I'm making an appointment with my bike fitter to help me choose a new seat this weekend as well, gotta take care of the dick. My goals are to optimize my training and start trying my hand at long distance solo rides. Eventually I'd like to be able to go anywhere in the U.S. on a bike like its no big deal. 

I have only one bike, I hope its capable of what I'm trying to make it do: It's a Gaint contend SL Disc 1, Aluminum frame.


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I have the Garmin 1000 and the Garmin 920xt. 

The 1000 battery life isn't nearly as good as the 920xt but the 1000 is great to have mounted on your handlebars cos it is easier to see your watts on the larger screen. 

920 can be used for swimming, running and cycling. 

As for bundles you do not need the cadence sensor as your power meter will measure cadence and you do not need a heart rate monitor either.

Go for a Stages power meter by the way.

If you are looking to optimize then HR and cadence are a must. The unit should give you speed from the satellite. The bike looks fine.

I got a garmin 810 edge. The maps it shows of my area are very basic and have nearly none of the roads im using. Im looking for advice on how to download detailef maps into it(if you can) and how to upload routes, as well as the best source for maping out your rides,(google maps, mybikemap ect.) thanks.



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