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I'm looking for advice for myself. I've always had problems jogging and people usually give me the attitude "you haven't tried hard enough" or "you are doing something wrong".

So I would like to hear what I am doing wrong.

I simply cannot jog. I get very tired very fast. A tingling sensation appears in my hands, I start to breath heavily and feel very hot. If I push myself I will often feel sick to my stomach.

I have tried jogging, interval jogging and running on a treadmill. The treadmill has been the most successful in the sense I could do it for longer, but there hasn't been an improvement.

Other people tell me when they jog their fitness level improves very fast. But it seems that I am stuck as I am. In my most active period which was about 4 years ago, when I did martial arts training (2.5years) and running (for about couple of months) I did not improve in any way (when it come to jogging). I did not start to breath easier, to feel less sick or be able to run more.

Now about me. I've been vegetarian for 10 years, currently trying the RT4 (though not exactly since my sleep pattern is messed up, but I just move the dinner to later time). I've been trying this for about 10 days maybe,

I tend to be anaemic. I'm currently waiting for my latest blood test (D, iron and b12 are being tested), but am taking at the moment 1000 to 2000 mcg sublingual methylcobalamin (b12) - I feel no difference after taking it.

I also have anxiety issues and a lot of stress which I can't really avoid. I sleep as much as I can, currently around 7 hours, which for me is not enough.

Any advice or reference materiel would be appreciated.
Thank you.

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I'm more active evenings. I'm in Greater London.

Get a heart rate monitor, and only go up to a certain heart rate or zone then start walking. It doesn't matter if you run 5k in 20 mins or you run walk 2k in 40 mins, it's how hard your heart is working . You shouldn't get tingles when running.

Thanks. I'll look into buying one. I've walked about 5km today but I don't think my heart raises much. A monitor would be nice. Could I just get a watch heart monitor or do I need one with a strap. (Amazon links) It seems the watch work.

No no no....get the one with the strap. It's right close to your heart, and will give you a more accurate figure. Its definetely worth it.

It took me 4 months of consistent daily jogging before I even felt like I was doing it "right" before that I felt awful. I wondered why people run in the first place.  Be consistent and the day will come when you experience the runners high.  I have been running now for 5 years and running marathons.  Before that I was completely sedentary and never jogged more than a block in my life. Follow the Galloway program and it will come.  I am still pretty slow avg 10:30-11 min/mile but I am comfortable and am not trying to be fast. I make sure that I can breath comfortably and not overheat or lose a steady breath.  I recommend getting a heart rate monitor to see if you are training too high intensity.  Use this formula and aim for 60% to start. Intensity formula.  You can move up as your fitness improves.  Running is an art...

Thank you so much for the encouragement.

Your running form probably sucks. Record yourself running and post a video, email me, or email someone. If you are serious about running record yourself running 100m and post the video.

It probably does, and while I understand running form is essential I think the running part is more important, Before I can actually run 100 meters without feeling like I'm going to die I don't see how I can even work on the form.


What? Really? Can you please tell me how you learned to drive? A friend or family member showed you how? You studied and practiced proper driving technique before getting behind the wheel right?


Why do you need to try to turn something simple into something complicated?

You sound like an insane person to me right now.

I am following these tips and did the first ofthese sessions (with no problem when I followed SlowEnduro's advice) and established what is the problem (It was that I am pushing myself too fast).

But you are very keen to help out and I am completely open to your advice on how to improve my form. I currently have no way to record a video of myself. As I said I am following the advice from the website, and most importantly I'm trying not to push myself, as I can feel my heart is going too fast.

P.S. Just FYI, he is a she ;)

I'm sorry, it really wasn't clear to whom I am speaking. No I was replying to BSOA, who made a couple more posts in this topic suggesting that my form is what is preventing me from jogging, whilst I am convinced it is me pushing myself too hard. 

My apologies to you, I did find your comments helpful and encouraging. I'm sorry for being unclear and I should have replied to you separately. I've been slowly progressing following the 5k couch. Ran today but it was cold and windy and my ear(!) started hurting at some point.

I'm surprised nobody said that you're very likely just GOING WAY  TOO FAST!!!!!

That's the main reason why people can't even run one single kilometer at a time without getting winded. 

The speed at which you're going may not seem fast for you, but it's probably too fast anyway for your current cardiovascular level.

Go slower. Much slower. Even if you jog at the same speed that you would fast walk. Do that for a minute. Walk 2 minutes to recover. Then jog for one more minute. Walk 2 minutes again to recover. Repeat 5 times if you can (that would be a total of 5 minutes jogging and 10 minutes walking = 15 minutes). Try every time to run a few more seconds and/or to reduce the walking breaks.

You'll gain some endurance before you realize it.



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