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I'm looking for advice for myself. I've always had problems jogging and people usually give me the attitude "you haven't tried hard enough" or "you are doing something wrong".

So I would like to hear what I am doing wrong.

I simply cannot jog. I get very tired very fast. A tingling sensation appears in my hands, I start to breath heavily and feel very hot. If I push myself I will often feel sick to my stomach.

I have tried jogging, interval jogging and running on a treadmill. The treadmill has been the most successful in the sense I could do it for longer, but there hasn't been an improvement.

Other people tell me when they jog their fitness level improves very fast. But it seems that I am stuck as I am. In my most active period which was about 4 years ago, when I did martial arts training (2.5years) and running (for about couple of months) I did not improve in any way (when it come to jogging). I did not start to breath easier, to feel less sick or be able to run more.

Now about me. I've been vegetarian for 10 years, currently trying the RT4 (though not exactly since my sleep pattern is messed up, but I just move the dinner to later time). I've been trying this for about 10 days maybe,

I tend to be anaemic. I'm currently waiting for my latest blood test (D, iron and b12 are being tested), but am taking at the moment 1000 to 2000 mcg sublingual methylcobalamin (b12) - I feel no difference after taking it.

I also have anxiety issues and a lot of stress which I can't really avoid. I sleep as much as I can, currently around 7 hours, which for me is not enough.

Any advice or reference materiel would be appreciated.
Thank you.

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I haven't weighted myself recently. I'll ask my doctor to do it when I go to check on my blood results. I'm 5'10"(178 cm) and probably under 65kg.

I just tried to run. I did about 400 meters (if google maps measures correctly) with 3 stops (walks) and I barely managed. I am breathing trough my nose, but still get a pain in the base of my ribs. Either my ribs are affected by me running or it's the lack of air.

My face gets all tingly as well and it feels like my blood gets drained. Half an hour later and my face is still red though, which proves that blood is not going anywhere.

I've had around 1500 calories so far in the day. Unfortunately I need to save some bananas for tomorrow (the market is closed today and I forgot)

So again, any advice is welcomed. I'm currently not really motivated to exercise, because I just don't feel good during or after that.

Keep your mouth wide open when running to make sure your getting enough oxygen. Don't a eat  big meal before running. Fitness is a slow process, consistency is key with gradual improvements. Maybe consider tracking calories to ensure your getting enough.

Thanks a lot for this advice. I can't shut my mouth if I want to, but I try to breath in trough my nose. I don't manage 3000 cal a day to be honest. So I will try to improve the food intake.

I'm currently wondering what is a normal progression, as I said 3 months before did nothing for me.

Thanks Bryan. Strangely I don't have such problems with walking. I fast walk when I go to the market which is about 20-30 minutes of very active walking and then walk slower when I'm loaded up with my fruit. But my goal is, not to loose wait or get skinnier but to burn off that cellulite. I doubt RT4 can do it without the movement.

I would love love love to cycle, but I need to change my job. I'm not complaining but my current job is seasonal, so I'm barely managing the food. If I ever manage to find myself a regular full time job a cycle bike will be my big award.

In the meantime I will have to manage with jogging.

Sorry, I'm not a native speaker. Are you asking me about the fat stores I'm walking around with or something else? (But and legs)

I will look those up, thank you :)

I think I'm gonna give this one a try and see what happens (until I get a bike). The last time I tried it I lasted 2 and half intervals or jogging and walking but that was on a hill (less then 5 min).

Thanks again for the recommendations :D

Yes, that looks very similar to my situation.

I'm looking into the exercises. I will start with the jog routine (later today) and incorporate those later on.

try barefoot! its far less hard on your body because you move in a natural gate (gait?) also there are alot of vids on youtube to help out if your new to it

Thanks. I've been considering running on grass, because it is more forgiving on the legs and joints.

What videos exactly would you recommend me? It will be easier if you can point me to a channel or a specific video.

Lack of calories alarm bells going off...

The 1500 cals was just my breakfast and the snack after it. Also I've never been restrictive, I do binge. But I will try to consume more and see how that affects me. I need to increase my fruits I think.

Thanks for the suggestion.



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