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Hi guys,


I'm going to have to get a new blender as my £5 hand blender is about ready to surrender.  I cant afford anything fancy like a Vitamix, in fact i'm a student so anything over £50 would be pushing the boat out.  Have you any advice on what sort ofr thing to buy? Things to look out for; speed, power, size etc?



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My blender was £9 from Argos in the UK and it does the job just fine! It has a nice big 1.5L jug (very handy for filling with bananas) and a 500W motor. Sometimes it won't blend but if this happens it either needs a little more water or a gentle shake. As an 811-er you wont be making too many demands of it (like grinding nuts/ice etc) so I wouldn't worry too much. Blenders with glass jugs seem nice but (as I recently learned) you can only drop them once!
yea i was concerned about getting a jug, but the hand blender i have makes a mess and cant handle the dates too well. i'll try a jug blenderr this time,  thanks though x
i cant find that exact mosel anymore, but one similar so i'll give that a go. thanks x
i've looked them up and unfortunately they are out of my price range as i cant find them cheaper than £100, but thank sfor the input x
I don't know if you can get a Ninja there (I'm in U.S.).  I just got one for a single-mom friend of mine who needs to make green drinks but can't afford anything.  I bought it on sale at Kohl's and with a coupon and spent $40.  It blends fruit and greens smoothly like my Vitamix does (it emulsifies).  I am pretty sure it won't last forever like the Vitamix, but it will last a while.
i looked and it doesnt seem to be available here, but thanks x

When I began this I was convinced I would be buying a VitaMix for sure but I've been using a plain old Black & Decker with a glass jug about 3 times per day. It keeps working just fine and I see no need for spending hundreds of dollars. I'm sure the VM would blend more thoroughly but I like a few tiny chunks here and there. Bit more fibre?

When this does die I'm just going to by another sub $100 blender maybe with an extra jug (that would be handy).

I'm also a bit suspicious of any plastic jug, not sure why, will stick with glass.

get a hand crank blender :)

I buy quality blenders when I need one, otherwise Im just burning them out and throwing them into landfill to save some $. 


I just got a VM for our trip in the US. I got a refurbished model for 410$ delivered with 7 year warranty. They are like 1100$US back in Australia.


In Australia we use the sunbeam cafe series blender that is around 180$ and works as good as a VM IMHO. :)

L'EQUIP makes a strong but reasonably priced blender. I think you can find it on Amazon.com. For greens I would get this only if a Blendtec or VitaMix is not possible.
If you're in the UK you could try Gumtree for local ads posted. I picked up an excellent Kenwood food processor for £20 and a Kenwood smoothie maker for free, and apart from a couple of good sharp knives, these are the only kitchen appliances I have.
I use a Black & Decker 450w, 3 velocities+pulse. No problem blending bananas. Date take longer to blend, and don't get to a perfect state like in vitamix, but it does the job. Around R$ 80 here in Brazil. According to google: around US$ 50.



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