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Hi guys! Please advice me on how to feed my kitten (about 2 months only). I want to do it natural no dry cat food. However no meat products either. I thought of vegan (raw/cooked).

Could you please share if you ever had an experience of feeding animals this way.



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here's a great recepie video - please let your cat outside and hunt once it's old enough. IMO cats who stay home r prisoners they need to go outside, even more than we do. I used to feed my cats vegan also when I still had them - they loved it. But since a cat is meant to eat meat I would let them outside so they can hunt what they want and u can feed them vegan at home. The vegan catfoods have reeally high quality today. Where do you live?

Do not let cats outside to kill.  All life is precious and domestic cats can live a long healthy life without the need to kill anyone.  Animal Sanctuary and 30BaD No Kill Zone!

Cats kill more than one billion birds each year
New estimate suggests hunting felines take bigger bite than expected out of wildlife

Domestic cats kill many more wild birds in the United States than scientists thought, according to a new analysis. Cats may rank as the biggest immediate danger that living around people brings to wildlife, researchers say.

[SMALL HUNTERS, BIG PROBLEM Cats may be killing far more birds each year than previously thought, as well as substantial numbers of mammals, says a new analysis based on hunting studies from around the world (cat shown with European robin).]
SMALL HUNTERS, BIG PROBLEM Cats may be killing far more birds each year than previously thought, as well as substantial numbers of mammals, says a new analysis based on hunting studies from around the world

America’s cats, including housecats that adventure outdoors and feral cats, kill between 1.3 billion and 4.0 billion birds in a year, says Peter Marra of the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in Washington, D.C., who led the team that performed the analysis. Previous estimates of bird kills have varied, he says, but “500 million is a number that has been thrown around a lot.”


“In Athens-Clarke County, we found that about 30 percent of the sampled cats were successful in capturing and killing prey, and that those cats averaged about one kill for every 17 hours outdoors or 2.1 kills per week. It was also surprising to learn that cats only brought 23 percent of their kills back to a residence.  We found that house cats will kill a wide variety of animals, including: lizards, voles, chipmunks, birds, frogs, and small snakes.” 


Jus to clarify, if a cat is running around outside and decides to kill, that's entirely up to the cat :)  But it is possible for a kitteh on a well constructed diet to thrive as 100% vegan.  

Here are many helpful resources from our Welcome Wagon:

30BaD is A No Kill Zone!

30BaD does not tolerate promotion of the human supremacy syndrome. This means we oppose the harassment and exploitation of sentient beings for the 'potential benefits' of some humans. We find it unacceptable to suggest that humans use animals for experimentation, entertainment, consumption, clothing, economic benefit, and for food for pets etc. Forum guidelines 


Animal Sanctuary and 30BaD No Kill Zone!

That includes what we feed our pets!


For more animal rights information:

Speak up for the animals!



pradvertisement animal rights

vegan dogs

vegan cats

http://davidsztybel.info/  Animal Rights Ethicist

the bitesizevegan nuggets

Thanks for your help in making this a cruelty free world for our animal neighbors! :)


Hey windlord, just out of curiosity, what is your personal view on pet keeping? I love pets, think they are really cute, but won't have one myself, especially with the feeding thing which just seems difficult. Do you have any pets?

I am not Windlord but I would like to answer your question. There are plenty of animals in need of a home.  It is a wonderful thing to rescue. I have two rescued dogs. They get vegan food. I also rescued guinea pigs in the past. They of cause got vegan food too. Other than that I support several animal welfare organisations by donating money, blankets, organic kitten litter and vegan dog food.

First off, this is still an area of learning and evolving thinking for me, to which I am open. No black and white answers claimed.

Firstly, no, I care for no animals personally at this time.  Ethical considerations weren't much of a factor for those I've had in my past life, because I was a philistine!

I think whether animal care is appropriate or not must first be based on what type of creature we're discussing, and whether they can be cared for ethically.  Does my care of this animal enhance or diminish its life?  Could someone do better, or am I its best option?  

With many animals, the answer can be YES.  Our human ability to love an animal is undeniable, and there is no arguing that at least certain animals can feel affection for us too.

Next we must question whether our maintenance of the animal's life is ethical.  No problem with those than can thrive (not just subsist) on a vegan diet, as dogs, cats, bunnies, guinea pigs, horses, cows, etc can.

Where it gets tricky is when the animal requires meat to survive, say a rescued, but unreleasable, bird of prey.  Yes, we want the bird to survive, but is its single life worth that of the countless rodents that I would need to feed it in its lifetime?  Those mice are just as deserving of life as is the bird, and there are many more of them to consider.

How about just such an animal that is also on the verge of extinction?  is maintaining its existence as a species (all too often the jeopardy of which is human-caused) worth the life of unknown others? 

As a moderator on 30B, I stand by our anti-speciesist principles.  

But I can also recognize that not all questions come with easy answers.  

Perhaps this is both our trial and our gift, as gradually-becoming-enlightened individuals, to think of solutions to such issues, so that all might live and sometimes even be loved.  

Ummmmm, post a thread about 2 month kitten... with no cute pics? Come on, show us the little thing.

I'm sorry, but imposing your beliefs on an animal is animal cruelty. We as humans can make decisions based on morale beliefs and can follow those decisions when physically able. Cats All felines are obligate carnivores. They do not have the enzymes required to efficiently process plant proteins. We humans on the other hand do. Forcing any animal to your will is just as bad as anyone else who kills animals for food. Do the research.

Yes cats are definitely carnivore's. But is the Civet eats coffee cherries! 

Most indoor cat owners fee their cats processed crap. I think even a raw vegan cat diet would be better than that? 

>Most indoor cat owners fee their cats processed crap.

Exactly right Persimmon eater!  And even those who feed grass fed organic put a burden on their pets health, not to mention those unnecessarily bred, born, raised, fed, watered and then killed at one year of age, to feed the pets which puts a burden on our planet in peril.

See more here on the health of vegan diets for cats and dogs (the first link in Animal Sanctuary and 30BaD No Kill Zone!): http://www.vegepets.info/ 

Jim you've been a contributing member here for some time now, maybe it's time you learn why it's called Animal Sanctuary and 30BaD No Kill Zone! which includes what we feed our pets.  Would you kill your dog to feed your cat?  You might as well if you are feeding your cat other animals.  Fortunately there is plenty of evidence to show that a vegan diet for cats and dogs is healthful and even superior in many ways.  See the link above to find lots on this topic.

You may enjoy reading this argument from an earlier 30BaD thread:

What they were "designed to eat" is irrelevant, they're not in a situation of wilderness survival anymore and we can feed them whatever. Since plant foods are, by nature of their own composition, easier to break down than animal meat, a veg diet is superior even for so-called "obligate carnivores".




What nature "proposes" is irrelevant. Carnivores and omnivores evolve in the wild in order to make better use of potential food sources (e.g., animals). All physiological attributes designed for the more efficient consumption of meat are adaptations towards digesting something that is in and of itself more difficult to digest. In the wild, these adaptations are necessary. In a domestic environment, cats do just fine on a properly supplemented vegan diet.


There are some nutrients that they've become dependent on through their evolution, but we know what those are and there's no downside to supplementing them. As previously stated, plants are easier to break down into usable fuel no matter what your species is, simply on account of them being lower on the food chain and storing their energy in a more easily assimilated form.

Furthermore, even if a vegan diet was inferior for your cat, how can you ethically justify taking the lives of thousands of animals in order to sustain one cat's life on an all-meat diet?



Please restate Jacob. You are saying that it is optimal for a carnivore, by nature, to be a vegan?


Yes, that is exactly what I'm saying. Evolution is a continual and ongoing process by which organisms adapt towards adverse conditions. It is "unnatural" for human beings to live in temperature-regulated houses, we have evolved to be warm-blooded to resist temperature extremes. But why put your natural evolutionary characteristics to the test when you don't have to? Breaking down meat is in and of itself a much more taxing process than breaking down plants.


Carnivores will always prefer raw meat over plant foods, because that is what they will crave the most.


Anecdotal evidence would seem acceptable here, since your claim encompasses the entire category of carnivores, and so only one example of an exception would be necessary to disprove it. So why does my cat only eat the commercial, meat-based cat food that the shelter gave me grudgingly, but loves the taste of flour tortillas and spaghetti noodles? Why does Dante only eat fruits and vegetables? Why did the Oh-Ohs love the vegetarian cat food that Prad gave them? Clearly, your claim cannot be universally applied amongst all carnivores.


humans havent been adapted to eating cooked food since 10,000 years ago.


Actually, humans have adapted to eating cooked starches such and grains and root vegetables, as made evident by the fact that our saliva contains some 6-8 times as much amylase (the enzyme responsible for breaking down starches) as chimpanzees. But just because we've adapted towards the digestion of something that's inherently harder to break down, obviously does not mean that we have to eat that food.


Saying to "supplement" their food with nutrients that are not essential for them


When did I say that? I said that we ought to supplement the nutrients that they have become dependent on (that are primarily found in meat) through their evolution as carnivores. If we can add all the essential nutrients they need to a more easily-digestible food staple (plants), then our cats can get all the nutrients they need without having to deal with the extra digestive struggle of breaking down animal foods.




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