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Advertising and marketing have been around now for years on the T.V. screens and billboards e.c.t. ... and now they have made there way on to our computer screens.  I'd like to know how the community of 30bad feel about 'Adverts'.  We feel that there is a loving way to eat ... So I ask, is there a loving way to advertise ???

 What about pop up adverts on youtube and blogs ? Are they invading our free will ?

Tons of people are making tons of cash by allowing adverts on their youtube site or blogs.

 At first I was amazed at how much money people can make from adverts on youtube and blogs, and thought that I defo want a piece of that action and got really excited about it (as I have my own blog page) But then I thought, whilst its great that I can post my passions and inspire people and make money from it. BUT, I'm also indirectly supporting companies which I have no control over also make money, and how do I know that these companies are ethical, moral and loving ? ... SOOOOOO is pop up advertising actually moral and loving ??? IS there  such a thing as advertising in a 'loving' way ?

Im still really not sure ???

what do you guys think ?



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I don't think these are on the internet (yet?), but I wouldn't mind one of them popping up now and again ;)



well i use an adblocker so i don't get any ads anywhere on the internet, but thats ok coz most ads piss me off. if there was fruit and happiness being advertised i would feel differently about the situation



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