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I have been blending up fruit that is a little sour as smoothies instead of eating, and am wondering if it is good or bad to add some granulated sugar to it.

I still don't understand the carb/sugar thing so I'm not sure what you would do.

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Try adding dates and watermelon for sweetness.

Definitely no to added sugars of any kind.  Dates, bananas, mangos, pineapples depending on the type of smoothie you are making.  Not sure why your smoothies are sour?

Never eat unripe fruit, if it burns your mouth it will burn your insides.  Ripe fruit is never sour unless you are talking grapefruit or lemon which are not meant for whole meals anyway. 

How does ripe fruit look, taste, smell and feel? Add your fav fruit here ...

Hey I just made a video on the subject that you might learn from.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1Qf0y2HkG0

Thanks, I guess while we're on it what about like orange juices, juices with sugar added, are those off limits also?  I stopped drinking all that except some grape juice with no added sugar.

yes stay away from commercial fruit juices.  Even mainstream doctors have commented that drinking fruit juices are almost as bad as drinking your fav soda, sports drink, etc in terms of added sugars.  Just buy oranges and add them to your smoothies are eat them as is.  Stopped drinking these fruit juices well before I even started this lifestyle.  You need the fiber with the fruit to counter the sugar in the fruit.  Most fruit juices take the fiber out and you are left with only sugar and added sugars.

Thanks, I'm perfectly fine with eating high volumes of fruit but I have zero grasp of the carb issue overall, difference between granulated sugar, white flour, poatoes and a banana.

Wait!! Hold the phone!  I thought Durian added a whole bunch of sugar to his smoothies??


Check out what Durian has to say in this thread.


I think he has said that he recommends drinking cola "in an emergency" like you're hitting the wall in a sporting event, but day to day I haven't used any foods with granulated sugar while on this diet.  I probably won't until I understand the science.

Freelee often adds coconut sugar to her smoothies. I often do as well (when I can afford it), it's really good in dateorade or pure banana smoothies with some cinnamon...yum:] Also make sure your fruit is ripe.



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