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Adding exercise to Cronometer changes Kcals ... do I need to eat more ???

When I add exercise to the cronometer it subtracts calories from my total.

Am I supposed to make those calories up but eating more ???

I am 53 years old, I way about 110, I am 5' 4" and I have an extra small frame.

I am trying my hardest to eat 3000/day but hardly can eat 2500 ...

My total intake for this day was 2084 ...

I rode my bike for 80 minutes ... 18 miles ... so I added it to the cronometer and it subtracted about 533 Kcals ...

My net Kcals then totaled 1550 and to reach 2500 ... I would have had to eat 950 more calories and it was already 9:00pm ...

I feel fine ... a little tired but I also live on a farm and I do all the work myself.

I would be grateful for any helpful comments on this !!!

Thanks !!!


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Yes, Eat more. You can't run long term on 1550 calories a day.

Do you have any suggestions on how to eat more ... Or what to eat ???

I ate 8 bananas for breakfast and was stuffed, a fairly large salad for lunch (Raw Till 4) and russet and sweet potatoes for dinner.

I was on the Atkins diet for 18 years and on April 17th,  just over a month ago, I converted to Vegan.  I love it but am overwhelmed with trying to eat so much.  This lifestyle is awesome ... but I am overwhelmed by how much I have to eat to maintain the caloric intake.  Don't get me wrong... I am not complaining ... I like the freedom of eating as much as I want !!!

I just started cycling again ... I was eating the 2000-2500 with just daily work on the farm.  Do you think I should eat a second serving of bananas ??? We have tons of them around here ... LOL !!!

Thanks for you comments !!!

The short answer is yes.  The more fitness  you engage in, the more you should eat, so you can recovery well for the next day and more activities.  

Our recommended minimum for ladies is 2500, though I think you're wise to be pursuing at least 3K daily.  

While it may not be formal exercise, farming is incredibly demanding and will require substantial refueling as well.

Don't worry, eating enough is a skill and can take some time to master if you're used to eating less volume.  Focus on whole, ideally fresh fruit, carb cals, aiming for 10 grams per kilogram of bodyweight.

Just eat as much as you desire each meal, then a little bit more.  Over time and without forcing, your ability to eat will increase easily.  What do you grow?

Thanks for your reply ... it is encouraging !!!  

Does it matter how late I eat or how long should wait before going to bed ??? I eat around 8pm-9pm and go to bed around midnight or 1am.


I have a squash garden with zucchini, yellow, grey, white (Flying Saucer), butternut and spaghetti squash.  I planted a massive amount of green beans that will start producing in a few more weeks.  There are seven assorted tomato plants that will be ripening in the next couple of weeks and a row of okra that will produce in the next month or so.

Our winter lasted longer than usual so the garden got a late start.  Hopefully, I will plant some purple hull peas in the next couple of days. 

If it is not too late, I am going to plant russets and sweet potatoes as well.  

Oh ... I will definitely put some carrots in.  They grow year round here !!!

I have an herb garden with basil, sage, parsley, oregano and rosemary.

We also have a strawberry patch and we are thinking about having another berry patch for next year.  

We have a Meyer lemon tree and are planing to put in some more fruit trees ..  a couple of peach trees and maybe some kind of orange tree ... AND we have lots and lots of pecan trees !!!


Beautiful land you've got there, with plenty of room for growing all manner of goodies.  

And a truly fresh nut right out of the shell is something special!

Keep in mind that we do best when bedding early, sleeping as much as we care for, preferably at least 8+ hours (ignore the time I'm writing you this ;)

Imagine that in tropical nature without electricity we'd hit the hay around sunset and rise with the dawn.

That said, if your schedule is locked in, it looks like you've got a good 4 hr window there betwixt eating and sleeping, so at least you've had some digestion time.  Do you feel like you're able to go to sleep easily without any tum discomfort?

Thanks ... If keep me busy.

I have not experienced any discomfort from eating late.


I have not been able to sleep more than 5-6 hours a night in a long time.  I started cycling again to make myself tired and possibly get more sleep.

I have been awake 19 hours !!! I am not sleepy or tired even after that 18 mile bike ride. I wish I could sleep more and I have tried everything BUT drugs.  I will not take any medication and I do not drink alcohol.

I would love to change my sleeping habits but I don't know how.

Any suggestions?

Well, I read the article and I need to change both eating and sleeping habits. I am going to have to stop eating late. It definitely cuts into the time that I could be falling asleep.  Fortunately, I am not overweight !!! In fact, I have gained ten healthy pounds and feel a lot better.  I will have to work on the sleep thing.  I just have so much to do in a day and hardly have any fun time so I try to do fun relaxing things when I should be falling asleep.  

The good news is ... we are moving off the farm into a smaller house (the one I am in now is 5400 sq ft.  I am sure I will have less stress because there will not be much work compared to the farm.  I am already feeling better.  I am so excited ... I can't sleep !!! Hahaha ...  



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