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Hello!  I have been HCLF for about 2 1/2 years now.  I started 100% raw for the first year, experimented with raw til 4 for awhile, did more McDougall style for awhile, but felt better on more raw foods.  I cannot get enough raw foods now that winter is setting in, so I went back to eating more cooked vegan foods.  But, wow, when I eat them, within 20 minutes, I feel completely exhausted, like the food is taking all my blood supply and energy to digest the stuff.  I just cannot get enough fruit now and I have to eat more cooked.  I just feel so lethargic after eating, it is just unbearable.

Not only that, I thought I finally stopped gaining weight and plateaued after 2 1/2 years. Nope, the scale went up again.  I am now back to 175. 

On a positive note, when I have the energy to workout, I am stronger and can lift heavier than I have ever been able to lift.  

Just feels weird to still be posting issues about digestion 2 1/2 years later.  I feel like I should be offering advice, not asking for it.  :/

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Just keep in mind that it took an 18 year old Kristina Carillo-Bucaram 1-1/2 years of eating 100% perfect low fat raw before her hypoglycemia resolved.  On Dr. Fuhrmans' nutritarian diet, eating 100% perfect he says to expect most issues to resolve in 2 years.  So I think you're doing just fine! :) 

Thanks, Shell!  Just a struggle when I start to feel big leaps, to only have the very foods I need to be eating slow me down immensely.  I will keep plugging away!  :)

Well, you're doing great finding your way!  

Can you add more high mineral foods, like purple japanese sweet potatoes?  Maybe skip the grains?  Or try soaking and sprouting the grains and beans before cooking?  Maybe you are already doing these things?  How's the tender greens intake?

I have never tried those sweet potatoes.  Not sure if I have ever seen them in my grocery store.  I will check it out.   I cannot get much greens in still.  I get even more bloated on the greens - or it causes bowel disturbances.  Not sure why greens are so tough on me even now.  (?)  Maybe too cleansing?

the fiber is hard on digestion but you can juice them to get the minerals and such, just drink them with your fruit to slow absorption to get more nutrition.  

usually if i blend my greens into a smoothie i'm ok. but if i eat a salad with them or something forget it i get bowel issues like 8 out of 10 times.

thanks for this tidbit.

been thinking about you latly fruity had not seen you post in a while and always wondered how things where going since you and I got about the same amount of time in on this program lol. I know you've had a world of struggle too.

I've gone down the same road too try a little more mcdougal style then back to more raw etc.. Raw till 4 seems to work best tho latly I've been doing more fully raw and have been ok in the past I would get so ravenous on fully raw I just could never satisfy my appetite till i ate some starches or something so I abandoned it and did raw till 4. 

I also have not been the type that was estatic after 90 days on this plan or something. My weight dropped to 140 initially then i gained to 150 for a while then 163 or so now i'm floating around 160 and hopeful i'm on the down fall phase no idea tho. 

What did I gain tho? In my case yeah I cant stuff myself into a 28 inch pair of pants but I dont look as flabby as when i could. But I float around a 29-30 inch still ntohing to cry about. But I was so heavy at one point (Prior to this diet) I got a lot of lingering flab. So my gain I not thing was all fat. That being said any body fat meter has me at a higher BF% now then when i was 140lbs. 

But how do i feel? I feel good been a bit more tired latly not sure why. My endurance is up my running is is better then ever. I'm faster then then ever too. So physically i've done well. 

I just hope to lean out get rid of the last of the flab.

As for getting tired after eating been there done that. It still happens at times. I read it was due to a blood sugar spike then the insulin pumps and we get tired. My way of combating it was to eat smaller meals and break it up some. OR i'd only stuff it in when i new I could lay around and relax. 

Its hard tho becuase how much is too much? One day I might ahve a huge smoothie and be ready for a nap another day I might be charged up and ready to go. I have no idea how its gonna be from one day to the next either. My approach is now becoming more like well I can always come back for more if I want and I'm trying to be more mindful rather then just shoveling it all in like someone might take it away. Which is how its been for the last couple years. 

I hope i'm at least slightly helpful if anything I'm glad your hanging in there it makes me feel more sane. I could go do paleo or soemthing I've thought but I just cant deny how much better I feel eating this way so i just keep going myself.

Good to hear from you, Jim!  To be honest, when I came to this lifestyle, I came to heal my body of about 45 ailments, many of which have healed, but some are still as bad as they were 2 1/2 years ago.  It was never about my weight because I was always a 'healthy-looking' individual without much effort.  I did the paleo thing, too, per the advice of an integrative doctor that is really well-known in my state.  Paleo, I believe, messed me up due to the lack of carbohydrates.  When I came to this lifestyle, I was technically underweight, but not by choice.  Never had disordered eating because I was the lucky one with a good metabolism, or so I was told growing up.  I actually would ask my doc as a teenager for weight gaining drinks, but thankfully he always refused.  I was so skinny as a kid/teenager.  

So, this added weight is tough.  I was really hoping to see a downward shift by now.  I cannot deny, though, that I can lift heavier now (without many workouts due to my fatigue), sleep seems to be better, and some symptoms are going away.  However, the bloat, fatigue, and chronic ear ringing are things I cannot overlook because they affect my every day life.  

When I try to go 100% raw, I feel like I am starving now.  I just cannot get enough fruit that is good and I feel like I need more density.  Maybe I should try smaller meals more frequently like you mentioned.

One thing I thought about and it may get me kicked off the forums, but it is intermittent fasting.  Meaning that I NEVER reduce my caloric intake, but hold off eating breakfast for a few hours in the AM.  I am routine about eating breakfast and wonder if I should give my digestion longer time overnight.  I have read some good things about 'healing' that can take place each and every day.  I would never do an extended fast, just not in me to do such a thing, but wonder if daily extended breaks could benefit me.  Thought about even drinking water with loads of lemon during those extra hours.  Just some things I am wondering about.  

Glad to hear from you!  I will just keep going at it like you!!  

as time goes on i seem to get less and less hungry myself and i dont have that major starvation sensation happening anymore that stopped like  a year ago or so. But recently i started going all raw most days with much success. the only issue i have with all raw is its incredibly boreing as my choices are limited and sometimes like tonight its like no please no more bananas lol. 

But in my case I'm estatic that i'm not having that starvation sensation anymore. I have to wonder how much of that was real and how much of that was all in my head? regardless its subsided maybe there is hope for you yet with going full raw. 

I think the extended breaks can help and have wondered the same thing this past week i've done that rather then stuffing my face after dinner i snack lightly then go to bed i'm not having any hunger issues and am feeling pretty satisfied. The scales gone down a little too so maybe there is something to it. 

I dunno that I'd consider it a fast per say in my case but I would eat massive amounts for dinner like someone might take it away then i'd eat all night long. LIke i've said I've been eating less and less lately and recently thought maybe I'm just eating too much?

Same thing is happening to me. 

My only reason is that my favourite raw greens are like 4X the price of broccoli, green beans, zucchini, and mature kale. All these things I can get for $.99/lb. 

The baby organic greens that I can eat by the handful are $3.99/lb. 

I still eat about one pound of raw greens a day, and about of a pound of steamed plant material.

But the cooking does make me feel sluggish. I think I will draw the line on my next trip to the store.

So you are fitter but you think you have less energy?

Sitting around energy is a LOT different to having real energy to get stuff done.

Sounds like you need more cycling and earlier nights.



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