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Almost everything about this lifestyle I've found super easy - eating all the fruit I want has been life-changing. But there is one thing I haven't been able to do. Give up coffee! 

I have been drinking coffee several times a day, every day, for the past 8 years (I am 26), with a few exceptions. Several times I tried to stop, I had flu-like symptoms and painful headaches.

It's not because I'm undercarbed or that I don't get enough sleep. This is an emotional addiction... I'll cut down to 4-6 oz per day for several days to wean myself off, and then I'll go crazy and yesterday, I caved and had 4 coffees and a soy latte...

I really need help from someone who was addicted and was able to beat the addiction. How did you do it?

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I drank 2 cups a day for 30 years of this nasty drug   21,000 cups  maybe 25,000 dollars & blown up nervous system and  insomnia 

I no longer wanted to drink coffee on this lifestyle 


CTFU  you need carb  calories not caffein for energy   more then you think !

wake up drink water  eat a small piece of fruit   go outside and play move for 30-90minutes 

then make a 8-12 banana smoothie or its equal --(you gota get jacked on fruit to beat coffee for good)

then have coffee if you want it     there is no quitting coffee its way to strong a drug   you need fuel  

carb up   even over carb up for the first 3 weeks to get the job done completely i found myself not wanting it after 2 or 3 days of being over carbed for me it was 1400  cal breakfast  so if you want coffee after 10 banana go ahead drink it   

fruit before coffee    stuff your face first in a big way   buy th e boxes  so you have it on hand 

coffee is nasty   it has lethal dose  of 70 cups  we drink  lethal dose spread out in a week or weeks  

blows out your central nervous system  once you start  99% drink until old age

frack coffee   beat it completely  by supercharging your system  to tackle the strong chemistry 

its worth it   i feel like i am 12 again  when i drank no such drug  as   it  is neither food nor drink 

its the worst socially acceptable drug     carbs not caffein 

I found that drinking a lot of citrus juice (fresh) really helps. A banana smoothie with carob is a nice alternative as well.

yep, dat fresh squeezed citrus makes you feel ALIVE JACKED UP AND READY TO GO!

I went to green tea and then to white tea. That seemed to help me. Ditching the coffee makers at home really helped too. They were not there so I couldn't use them.

Carbing up really helps the headaches. Spend that $5 on bananas instead of a latte.

I weaned with green tea, too and it helped.  You could also make weaker coffee each day so the withdrawal isn't as strong.  Good luck!

Thanks for the suggestion! I normally think green tea tastes gross but it might make the transition off caffeine more bearable.

Do you think you're more addicted to the boost it gives you or the taste? I'm your age and was addicted to coffee for about 5 years. Couldn't go to class/work without having my latte. It's been two years now that I've been completely off caffeine. I first replaced coffee with green tea. Then, eventually after being HCRV for awhile I just didn't have the need for the "energy boost" anymore. I didn't really taper off or anything, I just woke up one morning and decided not to drink the tea anymore. Now, if I ever have the desire for something sweet and frothy like a latte I make banana milk or dateorade :) 

Both. I actually really love the flavor of black coffee... Dateorade doesn't really replace it for me :(

I used to believe that I loved the taste of black coffee too

It is BS   we love the effect of the drug our eyes dilate we feel high and happy and energetic   no one really drinks coffee for taste 

our very first drink of coffee was terrible but we did not listen to our bodies truth

same for beer wine cigs etc

but if you think you like the taste of coffee   you might not yet be ready to quit  not fed up enough 

yet  : )  

True... it's sad that I forced myself to like it in the beginning because I was a sleep-deprived student. 

I feel sad too that i did not listen to my own body clear signals but instead lived for the approval of others in the form of peer pressure   for beer at 17 then drink it for 20 years

coffee at 18 then drink it for 30 years  

pot at 18 fortunately never liked it  coke at 21 fortunately i never liked it either   

 never will i forget my bodies wisdom : )  Self Reliance always   looking for the good opinion of others is a great evil  it leads us  into horrible habits

I was about in your shoes, just be happy to be able to eat and sleep for a week to cope with the withdrawals.  You can try to gradually drink less, poor yourself coffee and not drink it just let it go cold and throw it out, the smell alone is sometimes enough.  I had fun with quitting just having one cup of coffee after longer and longer periods of time.  If you only drink one cup every ~2 weeks the smallest sip becomes a very serious stimulant. 

Being off coffee I am not sure if I prefer it or not, what is nice though is I know I can drink a cup at anytime and I will get its full effect not this effect you get when you have developed tollerance and still on withdrawal from the last cup. 



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