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Almost everything about this lifestyle I've found super easy - eating all the fruit I want has been life-changing. But there is one thing I haven't been able to do. Give up coffee! 

I have been drinking coffee several times a day, every day, for the past 8 years (I am 26), with a few exceptions. Several times I tried to stop, I had flu-like symptoms and painful headaches.

It's not because I'm undercarbed or that I don't get enough sleep. This is an emotional addiction... I'll cut down to 4-6 oz per day for several days to wean myself off, and then I'll go crazy and yesterday, I caved and had 4 coffees and a soy latte...

I really need help from someone who was addicted and was able to beat the addiction. How did you do it?

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I work in a coffee shop and we are encouraged to make ourselves drinks, try out new recipes, etc. so we can sell it to the customer. I've switched to decaf but there's no way I'm going off coffee in the near future. :/

I've done it twice didnt learn the first time. First time i did it cold turkey it was aweful. headaches i felt like a zombie for 2 days after that things got better and i felt better and had 0 need for it. sure i missed the coffee and now and then tho rarely i'll indulge in decaf. 

The second time i cut my intake down each day till i was down to nothing. this was a waaaaaaaaaaaaaay easier way to quit the transition wasnt nowhere near as painful. 

You might want to try tapering off with the coffee like every other.You may want to try oil pulling.It may actually help with your caffeine addition.I've read that for some people oil pulling has helped with reducing their dependence on caffeine.You'll want to use Sesame Oil,Sunflower Oil,or Olive Oil.There are tons,tons&tons of other benefits to oil pulling.
Oil Pulling/Oil Swishing-is a traditional Indian folk remedy that involves swishing oil in the mouth.It's mentioned in the Ayurvedic text Charaka Samhita,where it's called Kavala Gandoosha or Kavala Graha.




Drinking yerba matte and then switching to herbal tea seems to work for me. The stimulant in yerba matte is different than caffeine and isn't supposed to have any of the negative side effects, so it may help you get over the withdraw hump. 

CTFU, Commit to giving it up, go cold turkey, replace that habit with a healthy one, and you will get passed the withdraws in a matter of a day or two, three at the most. You can do it, your adrenals will thank you. Peace:)

it was tough for me to quit too. i quit but then ended up going back to it and becoming re-addicted several times. the time i REALLY quit though and have not gone back since, is when i started to get serious about detoxifying my body and living this lifestyle as best i can. it really starts with your state of mind - you know this - if you REALLY want to stop you will.

what helped me to be *realistic* about quitting was that i knew that even if i stopped drinking coffee it would still be tough because i live with people that brew it all day and i smell it and want some sometimes. so, like you, i weaned off taking smaller cupfuls at first and then eventually just allowing myself to have some green tea or my favorite black tea blend if i really was tempted to drink coffee - cause if i go for that at least it's better than the coffee - i was taking some green tea as a substitute for maybe a week or so, eventually i switched from that to herbal tea (the hot liquid in and of itself almost has a sort of stimulating effect as well) if i really wanted something, and finally, i just didn't care for any of it anymore. been off it for a year and a half. you can do it. but be honest with yourself about where you are with your addiction and give yourself the necessary steps you feel you need to take in order to truly successfully get off of it. otherwise - if you just say oh f**k it, i'm done with coffee but really in your head you know it has a hold on you - then at a weak moment you will cave in and then feel even more victimized by your addiction to it and create a cycle that makes you feel even more helpless and hopeless. be honest with yourself about where you are with this but do what you need to do to get off of it.

yeah once you're off a bsd substance for awhile, its hard to get back off it because the alarm bells that you're putting osmething bad in your body go off again,  you'll feel like crud after drinking one cup from staying away from it then you wont want to do it again/  become a high carb addict and youre coffee addiction will go away.  you probably are not getting enough carbs yet, once you do it iwll be easy

yea this holds true with various medicines and such too. Now a days if i take a medicine for this or that it can screw me for 2 days. Told my wife today I wonder what would happen if i ate a mcdonalds meal would I even like it? if i did consume the whole thing would i get violently ill and barf it up? Or would I just feel like garbage for 2 days. I dont wanna find out. Eating like this has a way of kind of boxing you in. You can deviate from the path but you'll probably pay a price for it.

i was drinking coffee almost like 4 cups or more a day fora whial :) what helped me was teas and they still are helping me:) herbal teas are like my art haha but yaa if you drink yerba mate ~natural~ green tea white tea etc then it wiill make ur head not hurt etc at least with me coffe is not natural in anyway so it theirfora does cause twiching hahaa but yaa i would say swich to a natural tea that has some caffine then slowly work ur way of of that because i find drinking teas non addictive at all and they wont make ur head hurt if you dont have them :) so yaa i would say work with the teas fora lil then you will find you dont need them either but i think no matter what ur gona have some kina withdraw from any kina unnatural drug :) allways rember coffee is vary vary vary acidic their fora taXing:) white tea is is vary low in caffine i no how you feel its hard its some powerfull stuff ur heads gona hurt mildly fora lil regardless but lots n lots of natural thingys will help like not drinking sodium flouride etc great luck you will get off it:)

Oh, I've seen that in health stores. Never knew that's what it was. Sounds amazing - I'll have to try it!

If, aside from the coffee, you are 100% LFRV, then I would say: Cut yourself a break.  You're achieving 99.9% of what you want to be doing with relation to diet, so be proud of that, and don't beat yourself up.  The other .1% will come with time.

If, not counting the coffees, you are not 100% LFRV, then, in my opinion, the best thing you can do to make giving up coffee easier, is to be 100% raw.  I was drinking red bulls, coffee, tea, and alcohol on a regular basis (even as I was transitioning), and when I went all raw, all my cravings just disappeared.  I didn't even try to quit those things. it just happened.  Ever since then, my raw percentage went up and down with time and occasion, and the cravings never came back. 

The only thing that worked for me was to just completely stop drinking it, but I had only been having caffeine every morning for five years not eight. It was hard for about three days then the withdrawal stopped, then in maybe a week the strong cravings stopped. But really the only way to stop is to let it get out of your system completely, every gram of caffeine changes your brain chemistry(adenosine receptors) and makes the brain crave it more. So maybe you could start cutting down for a week then cut it out when you have a few days to suffer through the symptoms. I promise you'll never be more awake than when you don't need caffeine to get you there. Well good luck!



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