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This topic is exhausting for me to write about, so please forgive me & perhaps ask me to fill in blanks, if the post is difficult to follow or is missing information that you believe is important.

Basically, I struggle with what I consider to be a bad "food addiction", because I have not met a psychiatrist or expert who has been able to help me work through this.  I very impulsively consume large amounts of food to deal with emotions.  Once a thought to eat a lot of food is there, the "thought" is so loud that food is all I can "see".  As a result, I eat what ever high fat & high refined carbohydrates are accessible:  Sugar, fats, breads, cheeses, etc.  The symptomatic anxiety and depression linked to this addiction, caused me to quit a job that I worked very hard to secure.  After quitting the job, I spent three months recovering from the "food relapse".  During those three months, I secured another job, which, [on a positive note], I think suits by interests and strengths better.  My first day was Monday September 9th.  On that day, the management took the new hires out for lunch to Dim Sum.  Out of "respect", I ate what was served, which was not even close to 80/10/10 HCLFRV.  This has turned into three days, of not being strong enough to follow the 80/10/10 HCLFRV diet.

The consequences of this are my mind is foggy, my energy is low, and the food voice is very loud. The thought is so loud and I don't know how to cope with it.  I am scared I will go off the rails again.  I'm just wondering if anyone has struggled with this type of addiction.  In my opinion, it's the opposite of anorexia (because I binge) and different than bulimia (because I don't purge). 

Prior to my ***K up, I had been 100% HCLFRV & exercised for 15 days in a row, which was a significant accomplishment [for me].  I was able experience & enjoy "high vibrations".

Staying hopeful.


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Hi Sam,

First off, thank you for being so open and sharing your experience! It sounds like what you are going through is really difficult and I send you lots of support.

The #1 Key in fighting these habits you wish to rid of, is CARB UP, SLEEP UP, and WATER UP.  Always, always, always, have high-carb, low-fat, low-protein, low-sodium, vegan options on hand. Try to always have dates and bananas around. When that fails, have some rice, potatoes, corn pasta around the house to eat. If you can keep up with your sugar needs, and feed yourself the appropriate glucose, I honestly believe that you would be less inclined to go for junk. If you are tired and sleep deprived, you won't be able to think clearly to make the right choices.

If you don't go for the fruit or rice, you will choose the foods you don't want to be eating. In those moments when you are tempted, force-feed yourself the right food. Make it tasty, make it fun. Your taste buds should be satisfied and your desire for junk should decrease. 

Also, when you are tempted to eat the bad foods, ask yourself if you want the consequences. I doubt you do!

Hope this helps. 

Hi Salve Regina,

I admit that I have not slept enough, drank enough water or kept HCLF, low-protein, low-sodium & vegan options on hand the past two days.  Therefore, those three suggestions are tangible measures I can improve on.  From the heart, thank you for your kind support and helpful response.  


One tip that i can give that is completely in your control, get rid of anything you shouldn't be eating in your house! Only have fruit and veg .. That you can put on your veg or fruit.. This will nip that problem in the bud. Simple don't buy it, don't bring it in.

I've found that the cleaner the body becomes, the more I've emotionally detoxed.. And have been able to come to terms with so many difficulties I've had in the past. I encourage you to stick to this, work through these hard times and come out on the other end, refreshed, free and happy.

**also, having that looming fear of failing is a heavy burden. If you make an ethical attachment to veganism, not only will you not crave cheese or anything, you will honestly be grossed out at the thought of it.
It will remove ALL desire and essentially make the use of your willpower moot. I suggest watching The Greatest Speech You Will Ever Hear by Gary Yourofsky on YouTube and the Earthlings- also on YouTube. Good luck to you, best wishes <3

Hi Chelsea,

Thanks for your support.

I will check out the YouTube videos that you recommended.


In addition to what I have already posted, I really want to emphasize SLEEP as a solution to you. Sleep effects your emotions. Having enough sleep under your belt helps you deal with difficult situations so much better. If you are good on your sleep, you might not get as upset in the first place about things. 

Thank you so much for your advice!!  I am going to crawl into bed in a few minutes, after I finish drinking one "cleansing" litre of HCLFRV water.  :)  :)

But with an addiction often one needs to go even further because the addiction is actively preventing us from carbing up, getting enough sleep, staying hydrated, etc.


I think you've made an excellent point with this post, especially this line I've quoted from you above. You took it a step further in addressing the addiction, something I didn't have any advice to give her on. Thanks for sharing!!! Interesting what you shared!


You made one mistake. Probably the most important thing I learned that has kept me vegan so long is to forgive myself for these kinds of mistakes, learn from them and plan for the future. Also what you said about respect is interesting. You don't have to eat food that your ethically or otherwise opposed to out of "respect" for someone else. If you respect your own body, your own ideals, ethics etc. than don't eat that cooked food or that non-vegan. You can always politely decline and say you're vegan. 

Hi Sam, 

I wanted to reply because your post breaks my heart; I recognized it all so quickly ... I have been dealing with binge-eating and bulimia for the last 2+ years as well, very much an emotional crutch (yes, it was also because I wasn't feeding my body enough carbs, but I really believe there IS such a thing as emotions that aren't totally controlled by food, with all respect to Freelee's views). I ran to high-fat and high-carb, too, and the depression I'd already been dealing with for years got 100 times worse. I know very, very closely how you are feeling, and I know that it's FAR more painful than anybody can realize who hasn't 'been there.' 

Just in the last few months I have made some progress, which is greatly related to Raw Till 4, because that diet allowed me to finally get enough carb calories in from healthy sources. I could never afford/access enough fruit so I would turn to the bad stuff. After some days and weeks on Raw Till 4, my salty, fatty, and bread-y cravings were almost completely gone. My need for coffee also went waaay down. I could scarcely believe it.

At the same time I am finally addressing other long-standing issues like low iron (I know from trying to give blood that I've had very low iron for at LEAST a year, probably longer). 

I also began to reconnect with my spiritual self, purely by accident through learning about some spiritual paths that showed me a lot of wisdom and helped me feel more in tune with my own fallible but divine Self.

These things all just came at the right time - before, my illness had things to teach me, no matter how painful. They wrecked a good couple years of my schooling, but "schooled" me in a different way! I'm not saying you can't speed up your recovery, you definitely can. But also trust in the *process* of recovery. It may take time, but it will be worth it. 

Namaste, and may blessings and total wellness shower upon you!

Hi guys,

I need to respond to this topic of binge eating, because this is a struggle I dealt with personally for years. I could now go into detailed stories about consuming massive quantities of food in a single sitting, the feeling of shame, frustration, depression, and loneliness, to sort of validate what I'm about to say, but I'd prefer to ask you to take my word for it for the time being.

The one feeling that is most important we talk about now is: the loss of control. Until you've been there,  you can't relate, and when you are in it, it feels like a tunnel with no clear way out. You may be on of the lucky ones, who only "relapse" occasionally, but the fact that you are posting here means that it is having an impact on your life. Binge eating is a vicious cycle that keeps you from reaching your potential over the years.

The one message I have for you is that you will fail if you try to "just eat right". This sight is awesome, I love 80/10/10, but unfortunately "sleep more" "drink more water" "stay 80/10/10" is not the cure for everything. Yes you need to do all this, BUT YOU ALSO NEED TO TAKE ADDITIONAL STEPS FOR THE BINGE EATING ADDICTION. 

I recommend you do all of these things and also find more proactive steps to take. you will probably want to focus on THE PROCESS. I know whats its like to beat yourself up about an episode...its a terrible feeling. Go 100% to being raw, vegan, excercise... all of those, but also focus on the PROCESS of overcoming the addiction.

-Don't try to walk this journey alone. Go online, join support groups for people overcoming bing eating. Find people who have overcome binge eating and walk your journey with them. Ask them questions, find out their methods. Having them in your life alone will help you keep yourself accountable and stay focused on the right things.

-Consider professional help. Life is short. Health and happiness is important. I'm not going to debate the value of seeing a shrink, but when something is powerful enough to crush a job you value, consider "professional help", if nothing else, to get that perspective

-Change what you consider "junk food". One of the beauties of the 80/10/10 lifestyle is that you can essentially eat all you want because you are eating the right things. One way to look at it, is that its not the binge eating that is the problem, but that you are eating the wrong stuff. I spent several years changing what my "cheat food was" This was part of a larger narrative, but basically there was a time when "bingeing" or "cheating" to me was eating 10 large donuts, two chili burgers with chili fries, milkshake, a chipotle burriot, and God knows what else...yes in one meal. It wasn't a regular thing...but again I don't want this to be about me. Then "cheating" was eating gluten, then "cheating was eating animal products. Right now "cheating" for me boiling organic carrots or eating corn! 

-Prepare to be misunderstood: This site is awesome... posting here regularly is one of the most powerful steps you can take. I referred earlier to "a larger narrative". When I was struggling with this there were few times where I felt "understood", and there were few times I was even able to really communicate my struggle with another person. This is a condition that is not easy to relate to, and you will hear a lot of people essentially say "just stop eating so much lolyourface". 

We can't always understand each other. Binge eating is not something where you will be "understood". I remember as a child being the youngest of seven kids with a single mom. Binge eating was the only option. Why? We were poor. Every 2 weeks or once a month was "payday". That was literally the one day where there would be a semblance of food in the fridge. That was your one fucking chance to get a decent meal, you rushed to the fridge, stuffed your face with as much as you could, and then you were fucked for the next few weeks. I'm talking about eating tortillas and peanut butter, pinto beans for five days straight. Honestly I don't even like thinking about it, I was severely abused as well as the shit was totally horrible. 

My point is this. Without being too touchy feely, start taking steps to understand how you got to where you are. NOTHING IS WRONG WITH YOU. These things happen.... whatever brought you to where you are, happened for a reason, and when you overcome this you will be a stronger and smarter person for it. This website will help you become "The real you".

Travel. Challenge yourself. Learn new skills. Meet new people. Exercise. Fall in love. Do whatever you need to do to heal your mind and your soul. That's a mouthful, but just message me with any questions or anything I can do to help.

Great post Raw Soldier



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