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This is something I've wanted to talk about for a while, but never wanted to admit really. WARNING IT IS LONG. My addiction to feeling full.

Now I started a very strict 801010 raw vegan routine about three years ago. Overnight I changed my newly vegan diet to that of only fruits and vegetables, no exceptions, no excuses, no whining. I did this for two years without a single slip-up. I was 100% invested into this way of eating and looked at any other dietary routine as a mistake, simple fact. The day to day eating was enjoyable but difficult. Most days I felt like I was stuffing food into my face when I didn't want too trying to keep my calorie intake at a minimum of 3000 calories. The feeling after stuffing myself with food was pretty nice though. It was something I didn't experience often before I went vegan because I was told like we are all told to not eat too much food or you'll get fat (although I binged anyway lol). At this time in my life I was the slimiest I've ever been at 145lbs (40lbs lower than when I started), felt amazing, and was quite disciplined in avoiding everything not raw fruits and veggies. 00

I slowly let my guard down after two years and wanted to expand my experience to a more broad vegan lifestyle to help myself promote more vegan foods to a wider audience so I started experimenting with whole low fat vegan cooked foods. This was pretty scary for me. I was going against everything I strictly adhered too up until this point, but I wanted to prove that going vegan and eating whole foods raw or cooked was the way to go.

Immediately, I noticed cooked foods gave me that feeling of fullness for longer periods of time but being used to eating the large volumes of fruit I was actually eating 1500 to 2000 calories per cooked meal because cooked food is denser in calories than fresh fruit.

I experimented for one year and gained almost all the 40lbs that I lost initially. So, I went back to only fruits and vegetables again. To my surprise I now had absolutely no trouble eating the volumes of fruit like I did a year ago. In fact stuffing my face with fruit didn't seem to fill me up for very long at all. Within 20 or 30min of a fruit meal (1000 or even 1500 calories) I was immediately hungry again. The world had turned upside down on me. I no longer could keep my feeling of being full very easily anymore with fruit.

I tried eating my usual 3000 calories of fruit for a few weeks and my goodness it was difficult. I would constantly feel hungry and have a dull sensation in the back of my throat every day. So I would return to my fruit stash and eat more fruit until I practically ate all my week's worth of fruit in four days. In this time I noticed I was losing weight everyday, but my food bill practically doubled because I needed more and more fruit. Losing weight everyday it became obvious that the cooked food was making me hold onto water. No way I was losing fat everyday doing my regular routine so it has to be water.

It's the weirdest feeling going from practically force feeding myself fruit everyday to becoming rather insatiable feeling like I'm depriving myself eating the same amount of fruit I was eating before when I was slimmer and full all the time.

Has anyone else struggled with this addiction to wanting to feel full all the time?

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How long have you been trying to get satiated again by only eating 100% raw?

I am not sure. But yes, the fullness you get from cooked food is other than the satiation from raw food. Even if you eat enough raw fruit to feel full, this feeling won't stay for long. Fruit is much easier to digest: 20-30 minutes after eating a lot I go to the toilet and my belly is flat again. With cooked food this isn't the case. I also love the feeling of cooked food...

But I think it's about what you are used to. So I believe when you stay 100% raw (eating as much as you want to, because otherwise your desire for cooked food will become even stronger) when you stay 100% raw long enough you will get used this beautiful satiation again fruit gives you. The feeling of missing fullness is no real hunger, I think. Although it's hard to endure. But I think after perhaps a few weeks or a month you might get used to this lighter satiation fruit gives?

This is what I am currently experimenting with. Little rough, but hey I did this for 2 years straight in the past. I hope for the same result in the end that the longer satiation will return after sticking with only fruit. 

Eat higher water content fruits! Such as mangos and grapes

I really like this. It really does help to relax and appreciate what we have. we're so blessed to have the choice as to what we can feed ourselves. :)

Interesting advice. Thank you.

+1 :)

Believe it or not I'm not a huge fan of avocado or coconut. I do eat a handful of nuts a day. It's usually the very last thing I put in my body before I go to sleep though.

wheniswithced from 3 month raw (i know not that long) to an almost completely cooked hclf vegan diet i was feeling like i could eat 4 kg of dry weight rice a day or 10 kg of potatoes i was never really satisfied too but now after around4 month of literally binging on cooked starches my eating normalised itself gain i stiill eat massive around 4-5000 calories a day and im a small 5´4 female (my mom always tells me to eat less) but i dont snack anymore and if i´ve eaten my meal i dont think about food constantly anymore and i´ve started losing weight lately eating 4-5000 calories a day.

Awesome Sally. Good for you!




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