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Hey all,  I'v been doing 100% plant based foods for 65 days now.  I'v been tracking everything with crono meter and i'm starting to think i can "eyeball" it now to make sure i get enough food instead of counting.  I'v also been watching youtube videos on the benefits of eating RT4 all 65 days. I'm thinking about cutting my youtube to just weekends as it can be somewhat addicting.  I'm wondering if people think 65 days is enough time to form a life long change to keep doing what i'm doing without depending on cronometer and youtube as my daily checkin? 

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I think you are set. I only tracked my food on cronometer for a week to make sure I was getting everything right. Watching that many videos on the benefits of RT4 has to be quite motivating!!! I find they are super motivating as well when I feel tempted to eat not so great foods. All the best!! I've been eating this way for over 6 months and I really enjoy it. :) I think I would be feeling great 24/7 if it wasn't for the sleep deprivation i have from my toddler waking up at night.

First of all, congratulations on completing 65 days! Good job! I think you'll do fine with chronometer and you can always check it if you feel you need to.
You could just watch youtube when you are sitting for some other reason, like during your dinner meal (if you eat alone).



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