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Eating this way is easy. After the initial 30 days, it becomes so easy because you feel amazing (most of the time). It changes you. You can't go back to the old way of eating (or your old lifestyle) because it feels very subpar.  
Socially this has been hard and confusing. My group of friends were/are all big partiers. I continued to hang out with them initially but found myself completely bored with them and the lifestyle. People truly act like fools when they drink and the conversation has become repetitive and boring. What I used to think was fun is no longer. I feel myself drifting from everyone which is for the best. Now, I just stay home a lot. This gets kind of lonely.  Anyone been through this?

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I can't say that I've actually been through that, because I've always had a very small group of friends, and I've always been a homebody anyway. But it sounds like you're rising above your friends in your mental state (if that makes sense...) You're more aware of how certain things affect your body and make you feel, and they're still stuck in what they're doing. Maybe if you found some other raw-foodies in your area, or people who enjoy the same kind of activities that you enjoy, people who are more like-minded, and you can make some new friends and go out with them to do healthy things.

Yes, I've felt similar lately. I almost feel like I want to be alone because most people seem very negative compared to the space I'm in and it's hard to desire being with them.

But I look at this time as an opportunity to completely heal myself, and undo the damage the conventional world has done to me and this amazing human species in general. Once the healing is complete it will have been worth It!

That's the way I'm looking at it too.  Thanks for the advice everyone!  The crowd I was hanging out with didn't just drink occasionally, they drank daily (12-15 beers a time). I just need to meet more people. I don't care if they drink but I don't want friends that live to drink. 

That's crazy how much they drink!!! I gave up alcohol about 3 months ago, was barley ever drinking before that time. At a certain point I realized how crucial the liver is for healing the body. Well, even though this has led to more isolation, there is a happiness that is building up inside of me, and if people don't want to be apart of that, then it doesn't really matter because it feels pretty amazing to me!

Hey KGG, i have experienced some of this.  im 21, and i stopped drinking the month of my 21st birthday, with the exception of trying it once again recently to see how i felt (horrible).  I am in college, and i commute to school, the only way i would meet/socialize with anyone at school is through parties.  yes i met maybe a few people in class, but its not like class is social and u can talk to people.  i know for a fact i would have more fun at parties and feel more at ease when i was intoxicated.  i mean you think everyone stares at u and ur nervous to just walk up to someone and be like hey! alcohol takes the scaredness and inhibition out of it.  i know thats bad, but i mean its true for me.  it helps me relax.  of course i dont do it anymore, and i havent been to one party this semester, so i havent met anyone.  problem is everyone revolves hanging out around drinking/partying.  i just have to accept the fact that im not like everyone else, and that i dont want to be surrounded by drunk people.  the thing i like about not drinking though is that you get to see people make fools of themselves and laugh......but also it can strike up real conversations if someone is interested in y u dont drink. which can bring up 811!! of course....then people might think youre weird....but others might find it fascinating.  i mean college kids live on pizza, beer, and ramen noodles.  they might be intrigued haha.  

i can feel for your lonliness, i have been feeling lonely quite often lately.  everyone socializes at bars around my age -_- but i luckily have a few close friends that i hangout with that understand i dont want to drink.  ive actually gone out a few times to bars and i just drink water and im fine with it!  i still get to socialize but not drink.  so maybe you can try to hangout with your partying friends and just drink water?  if the convo has become boring though, maybe u need to find other exciting things to do with those friends, or if they dont want to have a friendship outside of partying, find new friends!! :)

hope ive helped in any way <3 :)

Yes you need to find yourself. Try to be grateful for this opportunity of growth and it will make the process more graceful!
Is there anything that you like to do? A hobby maybe? There are so many fun things to do and not enough time to do them in. Maybe now is the time. Do you like to ski? Ride horses? Race cars? Art? Travel? Find a hobby if you have time. A hobby will lead to new friends. I think they used to call it "finding yourself". I just called it fun.

Yeah, I've experienced exactly that.  a couple of people have mentioned college life, but I've experienced that at my age, it's still the same; every social activity revolves around drinking or food or both (or, where I live, a lot of weed too)  So I find myself staying at home a lot, which is getting old. a month ago I started taking yoga classes. I'm hoping that that goes somewhere, as far as meeting new people with different interests.  even if it doesn't, I'm getting a lot out if it.

I used to party pretty hard with my buddies from the fire dept.  I quit drinking two years ago.  I've looked them up a couple of times since, but found that (like someone else here said) they live for drinking.  hanging out with them when I'm not, it gets boring pretty fast.  or I'm seeing how lame it actually was/is.  



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