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My hormonal acne (it's really only on my chin) is getting worse since starting this diet! Why??? I just don't understand! I have been really good with my diet.  I guess that's why acne on my cheeks is not flaring up....


I do have PCOS which is why, but I really thought that I would be helping it all by now.


Any advice is welcome!

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I was on anti-biotics to 'control' my acne.

When I got into raw food, I cut it out.
It went crazy for a little bit.
6 months it started to fade out.
Now I get a spot here or there once every now and then.
Especially with increased time spent in the sun and fresh air.

The anti-biotics depleated my b12 down like crazy.

Hey Jasmine


Congratulations. Your body is communicating with you. This is always a good thing. Your body will communicate with you more and more clearly than EVER before on this diet, because the food is so much easier to digest, and there are so fewer toxic metabolites of digestion than any other diet that your body has a lot more energy available to do so. It is healing.


Some things I can suggest:


1) Cut out all nuts and seeds from your diet. These will always aggravate skin problems. Firstly, because the skin is an eliminatory organ. It eliminates excess wastes from the body. Fats and proteins overwork and clog up the lymphatic system, which will cause excess wastes. Proteins are also a very dirty form of fuel. They have heaps of toxic metabolic waste products, which overwork the liver and kidneys. The skin will be required to help out with elimination whenever the other eliminatory channels are overburdened. These foods also irritate the intestines, due to their high protein content and tough fibre. They also tend to be high in omega 6 and some of them also contain reasonable amounts of saturated fats. With PCOS, we find that hormones are often causing problems due to over-potency. Saturated fats can increase the potency of hormones by upto 4x. We want to replace your hormones with primarily omega 3 and secondarily 6 fatty acids, but we want to lower your intake of all fats as much as possible, so you have less overactive hormones.


2) Minimise overt fats, ideally cutting them out entirely for a couple of months, or until your skin is perfect, which ever comes first.


3) Avoid eating late at night, or close to bed time. Finish all food by 7pm at the latest.The later you eat, the more work for your digestive system and the less energy for detoxification, healing and repair, which means increased likelihood of your body communicating that it is struggling to eliminate (eg. via skin).


4) Avoid tough to digest cruciferous vegetables. The skin is an eliminatory and respiratory organ. It needs to be able to breathe and to excrete. However it will be required more than usual to do these tasks (which may manifest in the skin) when other eliminatory channels (eg. bowels, kidneys, liver, lungs) are over challenged or overworked. We want to get your bowels moving as swiftly as possible, and to minimise irritation to your body as much as possible. Focus on easy to digest greens, like spinach, romaine lettuce, iceburg lettuce, baby greens etc.


5) Drink lots of water. There is not fixed amount, as the amount you require will depend on your location, environment, activity levels and specific food choices. You want to ideally be urinating clearly each time you urinate. Theres no fixed amount you need to be urinating, it just needs to be clear. 


6) Exercise daily. This will help to boost detoxification and elimination of wastes.


7) Cut out all make-up, skin products (including all moisturisers, cleansers, toners, soaps) and hair products (including shampoo, conditioner, styling agents etc). This can be challenging for women who are used to using these, especially if skin problems are present, but you have to ask yourself: Do you want perfect skin as fast as possible, to the point that you will never need these products again? Or do you want to prolong this process by impairing your skins ability to eliminate, breathe and repair, therefore maintaining a dependance on these products? Be brave and throw them all in the bin. Make a commitment to yourself to do whatever it takes, consistently, to improve your overall health and skin. All of these products are toxic and unnecessary. Aim for health and beauty will follow, since natural beauty is a symptom of health. 


For your hair, I would recommend using lemon juice. get a hair dye applicator bottle from a beauty store and squeeze some lemon juice (sieve first to remove the bits). Use lemon juice on your hair like you would shampoo. Wash first, then massage the juice right through your hair, all the way through. Then wash out. If you need it, add a second round of lemon juice and wash out again. For some people, depending on the current condition of their hair, they find that if this doesnt yield perfect results (your hair should feel fantastic from the first wash when it is dried), they can use 1tbsp of bicarbonate of soda in an applicator bottle, and use this like the shampoo, then wash out, and use the lemon juice after that, like you would a conditioner. Eventually, you will find that you will need less and less lemon juice (and/or bi carb if you need to use the latter strategy), and to wash your hair with anything but water less and less frequently, until eventually your hair stays perfectly clean just by washing it with water only.


8) Use organic, natural cleaning agents for your bedsheets and towels.


9) Get as much sleep as you can. Make this a priority. Healing occurs most rapidly during sleep. The more sleep you can get the better. Most important is to align your sleep with the circadian rhythm. Start your bedtime routine from 9pm, which is when we generally start producing more melatonin, the sleepy chemical. Change your clothes, turn off the computer/TV, dim the lights and prepare for bed. Ideally, go to bed no later than 10.30pm, depending on your work routine. The old adage that an hour before midnight is worth 2 after is definately true. 


10) Relax as much as possible to reduce stress hormone levels. Practise 7/11 breathing ( see attachment), do an emotional needs audit (see attachment), do some meditation ,practise yoga, go for long walks in nature.


Take care


Adam x


Wow, Adam.  Thank you so much for this abundant information.  You are so appreciated from my little corner of the world.  =)




Thanks so much for this reply. So helpful. I just replied to Freelee's post which actually answers some of your questions. I am studying to be a yoga teacher atm moment so I really have no excuse for not practicing.... but I guess I have bee letting 'life' get in the way. Priorities!


I will have to deal with the sleep thing for now but if I am lucky enough to find something that allows me to earn enough money to support myself and sleep those sorts of hours then I'll jump at it! I guess I will just sleep as much as I can no matter what time of the day it is.


Also the vegie tip is great because I tend to eat heaps of veg and it's good to know which are best. I think I will just start incorporating spinach into my smoothies and just having one salad at night just cause I love them.


I love the idea for hair care! I already us products that are all natural and I probably only wash my hair once a week at the most, but taking the next step sounds like a plan!


Thanks heaps,




Thank you Adam, this is very helpful!!!

Best to you



I've also noticed my acne getting a bit worse (it got better during the first week and worse during the second week). I am now on my third week, and am breaking out worse; just letting you know that you're not alone! I'm assuming it's detox. :p

I have been 811 for a few weeks and acne has flared up too. & I rarely get outbreaks. It must be detox symptoms. I'm also getting cold sores :(

Just keep the faith, everything will clear up and balance out in time. Our bodies have a lot to heal.



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