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My hormonal acne (it's really only on my chin) is getting worse since starting this diet! Why??? I just don't understand! I have been really good with my diet.  I guess that's why acne on my cheeks is not flaring up....


I do have PCOS which is why, but I really thought that I would be helping it all by now.


Any advice is welcome!

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ok I hope so. Thanks : )
Thank you soooo much for this encouragement. I was hoping this was the case! I will stick to it Evy. I'm glad to hear that you beat the eczema! So many more people need to know about this diet!
Cleared my acne and folliculitis with 801010. It only returns when i eat cooked food or too much fat.
How long have you been on this diet? It took my acne 8 months of low fat high fruit vegan eating before my acne looked much better (probably 60-70% better), so hang in there! Also, I don't know what products you use on your face, but the less the better. Within a couple of months on this diet I quit using any soap, moisturizer, etc on my face (other than jojoba oil if my skin got too dry). I have to equally attribute my skin's improvement to my diet and my retirement of harsh skin/acne products.

This aint a diet!!! Its a LIFESTYLE!






life purpose


patience and persistence

consistency over intensity...

Thank you. I really appreciate it. I agree it's a lifestyle! and I'm going for a little holiday to banana island this monday for 10 days!
I really like this comment "consistency over intensity", can you elaborate that idea for me?

Hi there Jasmine, forgive me if you have answered any of these questions already...


* How long have you been 100% low fat raw vegan?
* When did you last have cooked food?
* How much water do you drink a day? Are you peeing clear?
* How much exercise do you get?
* When do you go to bed? How many hours do you sleep each night?
* How much sunshine do you get?

* Do you a past with eating disorders?
* What is your past health history?


Thanks these answers will assist us in assisting you x

I have ony been 100% lfrv for 2 weeks. Before that I was warming up to the idea for about 1 month, in that time I had a couple of cooked meals and some overt fats. Now I'm on overt free and I'm ready to go to banana island (well banana and date island probably), then I'm keen for cantaloupe island!


I drink a tonne of water each day..... I've been good at that for a good few years now. I pee clear!


I try to exercise everyday, at least taking my dogs out. At the moment in Brisbane we are experiencing an unusual amount of rain which is making things difficult. I bought a brand spankin' new bike to ride to and from work (14km each way) but I've only been able to do it 3 times! Th flooding os also making fruit prices go through the roof!It also limits my sunshine time too!


Sleep is the tough one... because I am studying (for one more semester only!) I have to do work which enables me to earn the most I can in the few weekend days available. Therefore I'm a bar tender which means nights! Should I try to sleep normal hours during the week? This seems to make things harder so late nights and late starts (unless I have an early lecture). I actually don't like this lifestyle though I really love mornings!


I have a bit of a problem with binge eating. This was a much bigger problem when I was eating fats thoug of course, now I binge on fruit and veg so that's better. But I'm actually putting on weight, so I think Im retaining water..... but I don't eat any salt (apart from what's in the veggies) so I don't know why.


I have just started seeing an acupuncturist for my PCOS, which I have had now for years but probably didn't know because I was on the pill! I've known something wasn't right for a couple of years now since I've been off the pill and I've been trying to cure it.... it's what actually led me to lfrv and this site! I have bee vegetarian/veagn (high fat) since I was about 14 however for ethical reasons.


I have however had issues with my digestion ever since I was a toddler. My parents have told me stories  about it. I remember a lot too. Stomach ahes and constipation (sorry everyone). Not fun.


I hope this helps. If there's any other info I can give you I'm more than happy to. I want to beat these hormone issues naturally and I want to live the way my body was supposed to! LFRV!


Thanks for your response,

Jazz : )

Persistence is key! I had severe cystic acne and was on many medications for 7 years. My acne got worse before it got better, but at the 4 1/2 month mark it disappeared entirely. This only happened with 100% lfrv and discontinuing the use of cleansers, moisturizers, makeup, toners...etc. Eventually your body will stabilize. It simply takes time.
Thank you. I will persist. Ive been following your blog and I love it! I have been using less crap on my face already. What do you think about mineral make up? just for work..... This washes off with water.



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