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I have been HCLF for a while and recently have lowered my overts even a bit more. I get as much sleep as possible, try to drink lots of water, exercise regularly, etc. I have been eating bananas as my main fruit lately, since I had a large case to go through. Do you think this might be the reason for the breakouts? Last time I went on (almost) banana island my skin cleared but this time it just seems to be getting worse. 

I am experiencing dryness, rough patches, and small, red breakouts with some cystic/larger spots (mainly on the forehead and extra dryness on the cheeks).

I don't know what I'm doing wrong. PS natural beauty/cleansing tips are appreciated as well!

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i used to have some fore-head breakouts in summer. Its only been small spots but therefor like uncountable. I d like to say ist been LIver-Detox??? But i have no idea what it was. Its gone now.

Therefor i still have my hormonal-imbalance Skin-Spots here and there. (15 months on this Lifestyle now) .

Could be that almost mono-eating bananas is detoxing u more now and that that leads to breakouts

what r u putting on ur Skin? if u dont use any make up or creams i dont think ur Skin Needs a lot of "cleaning" . Except some water maybe.

IMO Skin Problems come usually from inside. And some say forehead is reflecting the liver, intestines, gallbladder (at least in chinese medicine... ) .

That's interesting about the chinese medicine theory. I haven't heard that, but it would make sense. I wash with water mostly and will cleanse with Dr.Bronner's or African black soap after sweaty workouts. 

I think maybe dry skin was clogging my pores? I have started moisturizing my face with coconut oil, which has actually helped a little.

Have you tried to exfoliate? I use a mix of baking soda and water to lightly scrub  (2x a week)and then rinse before the coconut oil. I hope it gets better for you!

I do the same thing every once in a while, but I probably should more. I was a little afraid of using anything abrasive for a while because sometimes that would cause more irritation. But it's definitely worth another shot!

By the way, I see you're from NC as well. Know any other LFRV's in the area?

Hey. Actually i am experiencing simiar symptoms as you so i have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. I have those rough patches and red spots usually on both of my cheeks. Do you feel itchy by the way? In my case i don't but sometimes it feels hot. At first i thought it is like frostbite cuz i ride my bike everyday on my way to work and home and it is cold outside. So i wear a mask nowadays but i don't see a big difference. Anyway, i will share with you what is happening after the doctor's appointment tomorrow if you want to. Please reply.

I do feel itchy, but that's on my body, not my face. I have a history of eczema which is a whole other story haha. 

In your case, maybe the cold is effecting you? Last winter I was just beginning this lifestyle and my skin was great. Over summer it was alright and I wonder if maybe too much artificial heat once it got cold  out has been drying/irritating it..

Either way, good luck with your appointment! I look forward to hearing about it.

I don't eat dairy or wheat and I already "no poo" (: My face wash varies but usually either warm water with a washcloth or sometimes a little organic, fragrance-free soap with some coconut or olive oil mixed in. 

Getting allergy tested is a good idea. I really want to! It's just so expensive! But thanks for your feedback.

I've had problematic skin for about 15 years. Very oily and prone to bad breakouts. Jojoba oil is by far the best thing I've used. The liquid wax ester is similar to the sebum your face produces, so you end up producing less oil. I apply the oil and then place a hot washcloth over my face and neck. When the washcloth cools I get it hot again and repeat the process a few times. Then pat my skin dry. I never wash my face with anything but water now. Dry patches have gone as well as the jojoba moisturizes the skin. Sometimes I will apply it (not wipe any of it off) and leave it on overnight and it's really done my skin a world of good.

That's great, thanks! I just got some jojoba for Christmas, so now I now what to do with it. I'm hoping it works for me. 

I've got the exact same thing!  I've been 100% raw, hcrv, rawtill4, and i've done banana island here and there.  Never have I ever been this clean though, I've really cut down the fat (to just a few seeds like sprouted chia, hemp and sunflower seeds, and flax), lots and lots of greens, and plenty of fruit. My forehead feels like sandpaper and I have red bumpy rash like symptoms on my chest.  Kinda pissed!  I wanna glow!! When will the radiant skin come out?! Are we detoxing?! 

I also remember getting rashy symptoms on my face in the past after detoxing from all out events like eating turkey on thanksgiving and then going back to vegan, which were way worse than this. So hopefully maybe this is a detox and will pass soon!  Glad you're out there! Keep in touch!

How long have you been low fat for? I'm pissed too, honestly. I see all these people with perfectly clear skin (eating worse diets than ours) so it is frustrating.

I wonder if we are detoxing too, but I didn't experience any of this initially- and I feel like I've been at it long enough that detox should be over.

My other thought is maybe salt is to blame? I don't eat much but I haven't cut it out completely. I'll keep you posted on progress!

I know this is a really old post, but I was wondering if your acne ended up clearing up? I started eating a lot of bananas this week because I just had a bunch and figured I would get through them. I now have so many small and medium sized bumps on my forehead and some acne on my chin. Ive been on this lifestyle for almost a year now so is it possible that this could still be detox? Maybe my hormones balancing? tia!



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