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I've been a high carb low fat vegan for 3 months and vegan for almost a year. In the beginning, my skin was clear but I started getting a huge acne breakout about 2 months ago. Can anyone explain why? (I'm a teenager if that helps at all)

Also, I apologize if this is the wrong place to post this, it's my first time posting.

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I experienced this too. I was following a mainly fruit based diet. I started experimenting with incorporating more starch, and I have found that really helped my skin. Cut out all oils and overt fats can also be very helpful for some.

Here are some posts from the forum from past 30Baders you can go through.


What does a typical day look like for you?

Food intake, exercise, water, stress

Some fruits cause acne for some individuals and most cooked foods cause acne (and/or) other inflammatory symptoms for almost all individuals.

There will be people that tell you it's just a detox that will soon pass but that wasn't the case for me (unless the 'detox' lasted four years?!) and isn't the case for most.

My primary recommendations would be (1) to keep your HCLF diet alkaline as well as low inflammation and (2) to go on a mono diet for a while and then slowly test fruits to see if they cause YOU (everyone is different) acne. This can be best achieved my sticking to a diet of bananas, papaya, sweet potato, yams and tender leafy greens for as long as possible. Your skin should completely heal up within 7-30 days unless it's a particularly stubborn case.

I struggled with severe acne for 5 years — to the point of contemplating suicide — even on a vegan and HCLF diet. It took me many years of experimentation to determine how to heal my skin and reclaim my health on a fruit-based diet. Now that I am getting the results I am after I am sharing everything I know through The Fruit Solution (www.thefruitsolution.com) and you can read my acne story and the first three chapters of my comprehensive ebook for free so please do check it out!

I'd also like to see Bananamomma's question answered first.

We need to know how "low fat" we are actually talking here.

Tell me if this issue has been resolved, if not I can advise. 

Reduce overt fats, no avocado, no oil, no nuts and seeds

if you're eating packaged foods such as cereals, nut bars, cookies, crisps, whatever, cut them out

Are you exercising? 

Are you getting to bed around 9-10pm every night? 

Are you stressed out?

Are you drinking enough water to be peeing atleast every two hours?



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