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My skin is a mess. I have acne and acne scars. What raw foods can I eat that will get rid of this? How long does it take for these things to heal?
Should I water fast?
Thanks =)

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Hey Kirsty,

The skin is an eliminatory and respiratory organ. This means that the body will excrete toxins through the skin, and it needs to be able to breathe.

The skin is a secondary eliminatory organ. This doesnt mean it isnt always active, but what it means is that the liver, kidneys, bladder and intestines are the primary eliminatory channels. when the skin starts to show problems of any kind, it is usually an indication that the other pathways are somehow overchallenged. It can also be a sign of lymphatic congestion too. Your lymphatic system is like your sewage channel. fat and protein, along with other wastes end up in the lymph and regular exercise and deep breathing is required to keep the lymphatic system clean.

My advice to you would be to ensure that you are making things as simple for your other eliminatory channels as possible. And to ensure that your skin is able to breathe. You can do this by:

1) Drinking 2-3 litres water per day.
2) Avoid drinking water near meal times. Leave 30 minutes after drinking water before eating a meal. Leave 2 hours after a meal before drinking water.
3) Chew your food thoroughly to optimise digestion.
4) Where possible, eliminate all agrochemically produced food, and stick with organic only.
5) drink filtered water. get a good filter.
6) Eat mono-meals, or keep your meals as simple as possible. Ie. have no more than 2-3 ingredients per meal. The fewer ingredients you have, the easier it is for your digestive system. Practise proper food combining when you do eat more than one ingredient per meal.
7) Make sure your fruit is always ripe. Dont eat anything that is under or over ripe, where possible. eg. dont eat yellow or green bananas, and dont eat any brown or black bananas. Eat bananas that have lots of big brown spots on but still have some firmness to them.
8) Practise deep breathing.
9) Keep your diet low in fat but be sure to get enough omega 3 and 6. You only need 1100mg omega 3 as a female, through upto 2000mg is good. You need 1% of total calories from omega 6. Its generally recommended to get around 3000mg though.
10) Keep your protein intake low, but get a sufficient amount. (aim for between 0.66g per kg body weight, and 0.8g per kg.) Particularly make sure you get enough methionine for proper liver detoxification (you want around a combined intake of Methionine [MET] and cysteine {CYS] of between 13mg/kg and 15mg/kg) You can use cronometer to check these things out.
11) Avoid all alcohol, cigarettes, caffiene, recreational drugs, herbs/tinctures. I obviously cant advise you about medicinal drugs, since I am not a doctor, but I will say that these are unlikely to help your skin on the whole.
12) Avoid all grains, starches, animal products, spices, irritants (eg. garlic), salt (including seaweeds), cooked foods, and refined foods (eg. juices, syrups-honey, agave, maple etc). Preferably avoid regular supplementation too.
13) Exercise daily. Rebounding (jumping on a mini-trampoline), aerobic activity and climbing are great exercises, for getting the liver and lymphatic system working, as is yoga (particularly ashtanga).
14) Make sure you are not living or working in an environment with dirty air or moulds. BReathe fresh air as much as possible. Not easy in london, but if you can get to a park every day to be around trees, this will really help. Get some plants in your home/work (take them out of your bedroom at night though as they start to use oxygen in the dark and release CO2).
15) Dont wear any make-up of any kind. It is essential that your skin can breathe.
16) Dont use any lotions, moisturisers or cosmetics on your skin.
17) Preferably dont even use anything but water on your skin. If you must use a soap or showergel, use an organic natural one. Really shop around. If theres an ingredient that you cant pronounce or sounds chemical, dont use it.
18) Dont use anything but water and lemon juice on your hair if possible. The citric acid in the lemon juice emulsifies the oils in your hair making them easy to wash out. You should only need to use lemon juice every other day, then less and less the longer you use it until you are just using water. Its much healthier for your hair and avoids contact with any irritants that might block your pores or irritate them. Your hair will feel lovely when it dries, and will be knot free. If you want to add a little extra moisture, you can always use some coconut oil in very small amounts on your hair, when it dries. If you must use a shampoo/conditioner, only use a natural organic one. I dont recommend them.
19) Use natural, organic cleaning products for your clothes. You can get something from healthfood stores or the internet called "soap nuts", which are a type of inedible nut that you put in a linen bag with your clothes, or make a liquid out of by boiling. Its the most eco-thing you can do, and ultimately the best thing for your skin. You can always use some essential oils to make them more fragrant if you prefer.
20) If possible, wear natural fibres, and use natural bed sheets. Hemp and cotton are the best. They allow your skin to breathe easily.
21) Avoid your hair coming into contact with your skin where possible. Tie it up.
22) Reduce stress as much as possible. Stress is a major factor in skin health. Stress will impair the eliminatory channels functioning, increase acidity in the body and will increase testosterone production, which is partly responsible for skin problems. Make sure you are fully meeting your emotional needs by doing an emotional needs audit, and practise 7/11 breathing for relaxation.
23) Make sure you get enough zinc in your diet. If you eat enough and eat enough variety, this should be easily achievable. The RDA's are inappropriate for low fat raw vegans, since we do not consume phytates, alcohol and tannins. So the world health organisation recommends for non-pregnant, non-lactating, adult women who consume low to no phytates, to eat 3.0-4.9mg zinc per day. If you eat more thats great. Aim for 5mg if possible, but as long as you get more than 3, you should be fine. Zinc is essential for skin health. It forms the backbone of your DNA and is essential for cellular integrity. If you have a history of smoking, oral contraception use, excess stress, alcohol/recreational drug use, excess caffiene use or eating disorders, it might be worthwhile taking a temporary, short-term dose of zinc. If you choose to do this, choose a zinc citrate, picolinate or glycinate form. Supplement for no longer than 2 months, and build up over a period of 10 days, from 15mg per day, to 45mg per day. Take for 2 months maximum. This should correct any deficiency you might have.

If you stick to all these things 100%, your skin will improve. It may take upto 1 year for your skin to fully improve if your acne is really bad. But when I say fully improve, I mean be perfect. Your skin will certainly start to improve by adhering to these guidelines much sooner.

You just have to be patient. Learn to develop a different interpretation of your skin quality. Acne is a sign that your body is doing two things. Firstly, it is attempting to clean out your body of toxins, to preserve your life and health. Secondly, it is attempting to communicate with you that something in your life is out of balance. Something you are doing or not doing, is failing to meet its needs. The sooner you find out what that is, and respond, the sooner it will go away. It really is working in your best interests :o)

Take care

Adam x
Wow, Adam. I wish someone had told me all this in 6th grade. I had pretty terrible acne, and tried numerous antibiotics, topical creams, and then finally accutane. That stuff is so incredibly toxic, it makes me shudder.
Wow great advice Adam, thanks for this :)
Dear Kirsty,
Great answers from everyone else.
I would just add that I find Papaya to be a a great food to help nourish the skin, both eaten and applied externally as a mask.
Also Cantaloupe with all its Beta carotene, I find to be good skin food.
My skin also loved it when I went on a short Pear mono diet.

As Josh says, it is the body that heals itself.
There are no 'magic bullets' but I personally believe that the fruits and veggies that are high in Beta carotene, can aid our skin in its healing.

Love and Peaches,
from Anne XX.
I wrote about overcoming acne here.

As for how long, it depends on how toxic you body is and how quickly you allow it to clean itself up.
I triple the rockmelon! I recently experienced some amazing results when I decided that it is the rockmelon time and ate mostly rockmelons for a few weeks. My skin, which was struggling quite a bit for long time after me eating chocolate some months ago (during some tough emotional time), suddenly transformed itself. I think that mono eating for days any type of juicy fruit will have similar effect. Humans are natural-born mono-eaters, and there is a good biological explanation why eating one type of fruit for days makes total sense (imagine moving from a tree to a tree until there's nothing on it to eat, like we would have done in the past). You should observe the first results within 3 weeks, if your experience is similar to what I observed.
My photo evidence:

Excellent reply Adam, very impressive knowledge. I would say acne can be gone in a matter of days if you mono meal each meal, find fruits that your body is compatable with(pay close attention to cause and effect) avoid potential allergen causing foods, however mild. I'd reccomend a grape mono diet for 2 days to get a jump start. Also, pay close attention to how your face feels when you eat. If you get an itch sometime while eating on your face STOP eating. I know it sounds crazy, but it is a preblemish warning. It means you have introduced the maximum amount of a food, or more likely, a compound found within the food. Tomatoes make my nose itch in large quantities, and my nose turn red when eaten well beyond the itch warning. In a nut shell, acne reflects weak digestion. Everyone has toxins, but the body does a good job of keeping them hidden. Acne is truly a reflection of weak digestion, because it is the blood that becomes impure when there is undigested food.
To maximize digestion, wait as long as possible every morning before eating breakfast. Only eat when ravenous(if desperate), try to have 12-17 hours of time free of food every day(have dinner early and breakfast late). This will function as a mini fast to rev updigestion. Don't over eat or eat out of bordem or emotional needs.
Avoid all overt fats
walk/hike in nature. catabolic not anabolic.
Eat hachiya persimmons(AMAZING FRUIT that clears me up like a charm!) when in season.
Go to a hotsprings once/week (POWERFUL)
try a sweat lodge if your daring(POWERFUL)
Get some sunshine
Heres a trick: catch a cold! your body goes into detox mode.
Stay positive/stay alkaline
monomeal greens for dinner(spinach is great)
eat fruit and greans only!
don't juice/blend/make smoothies
eat ONLY ORGANIC(this is an important one)
practice fasting(may get worse before getting better because of the release of toxins)
a baby fast is just as effective as a long fast in my opinion...just takes longer.
Don't wash or touch your face, just let the shower water wash your face. No soap, or you will be fighting the moisture balance all the time. Let the body create a natural homeostasis.
Change pillow cases a couple times a week.
don't worry :)
Thanks for this, it's great information. Why should I avoid juices? I was thinking about doing a juice feast to help detox =)?
Wow! Your skin is hot=o!
Thanks for sharing =D
I agree, cantaloupe melon, or rockmelon to our Aussie friends, makes my skin glow.

I haven't eaten it exclusively for days on end, but whenever I monomeal it for breakfast it really clears up any blemishes.

I think it's just really hydrating, among other things, and to me, a perfectly ripe cantaloupe is ambrosial... it can have the texture of firm velvet... sorry for that last part, I'd make a rotten poet!

This is an awesome thread! This information greatly helps me out and makes perfect sense to me! c:



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