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Hi, I'm new on this forum so please be gentle :)

I went vegan in April 2016 and everything was going really well (lost some fat eating HCLF, improved my already good grades, skin was baby soft...) but in August last year my forehead sarted to break out, just a few pimples but still. I wasn't concerned but became a little bit cautious since I stopped using chemicals and only used water + coconut oil (which I've used since before I went vegan without problems) in my skincare.

It's almost February and my skin is worse than ever. The acne has now spread to around my nose but not on or under it.

This is really frustrating, I feel bad even looking into people's eyes because it makes me self conscious that they might look at my pimples. My dad who never accepted me going vegan has also used this as an argument for making me eat meat again (I'll of course never do that), he thinks that there's just something magical about meat that makes everything great.

I eat low fat, almost salt free, lots of fruit in the morning, drink plenty of water etc. I also combine my food carefully but there's just something that's making me break out.

I'm 14 and still growing. I don't think it's just hormones, my mum never had acne, neither did my dad or brother so it's not genetic.

PS. I did some research, apparently forehead acne is related to digestive issues but I haven't had any and my bowel movements are prima.

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Inspiring your going vegan at a young age. You're set to save so many animals' lives and hopefully your model of eating will inspire others to consider a vegan, cruelty free lifestyle.

As for your acne, even if your parents did not have it, you are not immune from it. Most people will have some form of it.

I don't use coconut oil on my face and never would. It does not agree with my skin. I recommend an oil free cleanser and moisturizer - great brands being Murad or 

This guide from PETA is great for overall improving your skin routine in a healthy and cruelty free manner.


You're body is cleansing. :) it's a good sign. Stick with it and don't bother with any skincare products, and learn to love yourself unconditionally. And most importantly try your best not to stress! take deep breathes and continue to practice self love. 

I have oily skin and cannot use anything oil based on my face, not make-up or as cleanser.  There certain tar soaps that work well for my skin.  Also, do you have long hair?  Keeping your hair from touching your forehead will likely help, and certainly I'd avoid smoothing/styling oils in your hair.  Stick to oil-free products.  This works for me, and it sounds like you're on the right tract with diet/lifestyle.  Good luck!

I agree with Honeydew that keeping your hair out of your face can help.
Additionally - ensure your bedding, towels, etc are clean and free from animal fur as otherwise bacteria from these items can hurt your skin.

How much are you eating? What are your stress levels like? What is a typical day like in terms of food, schedules, etc?

Also I would get rid of the coconut oil. 

I eat 2500-3000 calories a day, around 85% carbs. I do stress a little bit, not more than normal/before though.

Since a few days back I've only used water on my skin, no changes yet but maybe it's too early to tell.

Thanks for your answers!
Good much Lillian. Keep us posted, but if just water doesn't work, certainly let us know and perhaps try a cleanser.



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