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Hi, I'm brand new, just downloaded Freebee's RT4 book this weekend and I'm all set to start tomorrow.

However, I've been reading up on some of this forum and watched a few youtube videos and now I'm petrified that I'm going to pile on the weight :-( I'm 5'7" and about 154lbs (70kg) and I'm so sick of being overweight that I really need it to change soon. I'm working out five days a week, three days is a steady jog and two days I work weights with a personal trainer, I also cycle everywhere because who has time for car traffic?!

Everyone seems to reference this weight gain as a 'healing' phase, but what is the body doing during that time? What is healing?

I've been vegan for a year, I don't eat exceptionally well but I don't eat terribly either, I've never had an eating disorder and until this week have had a pretty stable diet of fruit smoothie in the morning, salad/tofu/quinoa lunch and roasted veggies for dinner (or the occasional vegan take out).

If this will work for me I will 100% commit, but I'm starting to fret that in six months time I'll be 30lbs heavier and I just don't know where on my body I'm going to store that :-(

I'd really appreciate any reassurance that might be out there?

Thanks for reading,


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Carbs get stored as glycogen, not fat. With all that exercise and a carb based diet you're bound to lose weight. All the best in your journey, I started a week ago and feel great. No weight gain, no cravings ( I was terrible for craving something sweet, then salty sweet, then salty...). I'm not intending to lose weight ( though a couple of kilos would be great) but to improve stamina and be in better harmony with this beautiful world around us.

This, the only way glycogen can be stored as fat is if your body completely breaks down the chemical structure of the sugar, add some things, and turn it into fat, which is only done if you have excess glycogen, which is extremely hard to do as the more glycogen you receive the more you use & the more you can store.
When the body does that it also uses up about 25-30% of the energy being transferred.

To put it in perspective, you'd likely have to eat a 2000+ calorie meal AFTER eating 2000+ a short time before, thereby overtaking you likely glycogen stores by a few hundred calories, which translates into less than .2lbs, but after the energy transfer amount you likely would gain less than .1g of body-weight (fat in this case).
The prooooblem with this is you naturally pollute the air you breathe in with extra CO^2, which is primarily (or exclusively) produced in the "burning" (conversion) of fat into useable energy. Because of this, odds are, in the given day, unless you didn't breathe, or (maybe) at least didn't breathe at an elevated heart-rate, you may have gained literally a few grams (equivalent) of fat in the end of the day as body-fat.

Ask yourself, are you going to breathe, eat a minimum of 4,000 calories in meer hours from one another (and something like 1-2k+ later), etc, EVERY SINGLE DAY? If not, you should be fine, unless your glycogen storages are astoundingly low and they have to be re-built, which would be occurring when you (if you) gain weight.
If you've ate lots of carbs, or basically didn't eat lots of nuts and oil as a vegan in the last year that shouldn't happen and you should be fine, as your stores shouldn't be low.

Scientifically speaking from what I know, it'd take you eating that way for literally 576days straight to gain 30lbs of fat, which your storages would catch up far too soon to let that happen. Assuming you have reasonable glycogen storage levels and don't have metabolic damage from eating too little (carbs).

Thank you so much Sweet Thing, it's good to read some science and I think I understand a little better now!

Thank you for replying Marie76 :-) Nice to know I'm not the only newbie, I'm halfway through day one and feeling pretty good so far. Really looking forward to a cooked meal tonight though, bring on those potatoes!

A great place to start is to go through all the literature which are provided below, and many more throughout this website. Another thing I see a lot of people struggle with is they don't pay attention to their cooked meals which may be processed, full of sodium, and/or fat and combine horribly with the fruit we eat. The food we eat in the evening is not always digested all the way and when we eat loads of fruit in the morning there could be reactions. And use cronometer to make sure you are truly eating 80/10/10 and hitting all the nutrients to thrive. The things you have done in the past will greatly effect your early results.


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Thanks for replying Bananamomma, I already live by many of those ingredients in the daily recipe for success so it's really only minor changes and abstaining from my weekly take out. I'll check out those links you've posted too, thank you for the useful info!

for what its worth I've been at this for about 3 years. The number one thing I've learned? The body is gonna do what the body is gonna do. 

I run a lot 50-70 miles a week. Going into this i was probably running around 40 miles per week? I had just done low carb for almost a year and dropped from 275lbs to 150lbs and was diagnosed with high cholesterol (366). I had been thinking of going vegan for a while anyhow and really loved the idea of eating a lot of fruit.

I went for it. Dropped another 10lbs initially and was mostly raw and sometimes shoveling in some brown rice in the evenings. My energy levels sky rocketed and I was running faster and hills better and my endurance was going way up. This went on for a few months.

Then I gained back up to 150lbs. (Oh and my cholesterol dropped to 166 in 3 months). I wasnt too worried about the gain but the weight wasnt going anywhere as of I guess 5 moths ago? i was up to 163lbs. I was getting closer to thinking maybe i should throw in the towell But I coudlnt argue how i felt. i felt great despite the weight gain!

Then i started loosing weight for no apparent reason at all. nothing at really changed. I've done raw till 4 full raw blah blah dont really notice a diff one way or another. 

My weights down to 149lbs and i'm currently on a raw kick tho I might eat cooked like 2 nights a week or something. 

I got a lot of lingering excess skin and such from being so heavy originally I think it time it'll get better and I've noticed that it has.

I think with your activity level you'll be just fine. But in the end the body will do what the body will do. 

I've seen pics of folks who gain 15lbs but it looks like they lost 15lbs! they look so stinking lean but yet they've packed on 15lbs. Just kinda gotta go with it. 

The one thing for me anyhow that always held true is i felt way better and my performance was better and better then ever. I couldnt find a better way to eat so i stuck with it even when i was getting annoyed about weight strictly because i felt good.

Thanks Jim Whit, focusing on more than weight sounds like a really positive thing to do, and perhaps I'll mind less if/when I do gain some weight if I'm feeling well in myself with lots of energy and increased athletic performance. I weighed myself first thing this morning but now I'll try to leave it a couple weeks or a month and not get hooked on watching the numbers on the scales.

I'll definitely pay more attention to how I feel within myself than how my weight is making me feel before I judge whether this works for me. Thanks :-)

Yeah, I've been high-raw 7 years, and I'm still going because I trust the body is doing what it needs to do.  This diet is the way we're meant to eat.

I went thru  a lot of health issues, and today I'm in great health.

I will say that you should focus on a low fat and low protein diet. Just carb up even if its cooked. 

Take a look at it from here:

"You have a container half full of fat. Now that you are low-fat-low-protein, you have stopped introducing fat on it. Now, if you want to get rid of the fat inside, you need to burn it (through exercise)."

Simple and easy! 

Sending you good vibes!!! 

Quit the weights and with that extra time and money saved spend it on nice cycling stuff and riding hills or riding more.

Only do weights if you are underweight - which you will 100% get to longterm if you are riding AND doing RT4 like we recommend.

Freelee was 73kg and so out of shape when she started riding. She was slower than a few 80 year old local cyclists I know haha.

Fast forward now though and she is an international fitness celeb for the right reasons and leaner than 95% of female olympic athletes. No doping either.

Why do you say you're overweight while you have a bmi of 24?



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