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Abnormal Blood Results? Interpretations? Lyme/Infection?


I've been sick for a few years now and my latest blood test came back with the usual low b12(187even though I had shots only a year ago). There are a few other things this time that got tested I wondered if anyone knew anything about considering I am vegan and suspect Lyme.

Serum Globulin Level came back at the upper edge of normal- 34 g/L (20-34)

Serum C Reactive Protein- 5.9 mg/L (<5.0)

Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate- 2mm/h (5.0-11.0)

 It was difficult for me to get these results and my doctors have told me NOTHING they either ignore me or look at me like i'm crazy (typical).I'm wondering if these results would be suggestive of late stage Lyme or not. Note I already have a MRI with spots on which I read could indicate either MS or Lyme.I've been referred to a rheumatologist before I got these results, when I pressed my doctor for a referal to a Tropical Disease Doctor she told me the rheumatologist can do more tests and if he doesnt help THEN she will help me. This could take months, I never even got a referral letter so i'm supposed to call them(free healthcare).I decided i'm not going to stick around to get sicker any longer so I referred myself with £££ so i'm seeing a tropical medicine doctor on monday in the hope I can finally move towards some answers.

My doctors seem to not be putting the pieces together so I'm trying to do their job for them- the more informed I am the better so any explanation would be great. I have a rough idea already through a quick google search but i'm not sure what this would mean all together.

Thank you in advance x

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Personally I would not spend my money on the tropical Doc.  One can go around and around on the medical Merry Go Round.  For example Suzzanne Summers in her latest book Tox-Sick says a few years ago she went to the best hospital to get a diagnosis for her stomach pain and was told that she had very advanced cancer and needed chemo immediately.  If she had listened to them she certainly would be dead by now from the chemo.  http://chemowillkillyou.ning.com/   She knew intuitively this was a wrong diagnosis and went to an alternative health practitioner who found she had mold toxicity.  After that she found a room in her basement that they never used was covered in black mold.  They had to leave everything in their house behind and try to heal through various methods which they did have success with for the most part, although they are not vegan so that may be the missing part.

Anyway I have personal experience with the craziness from M.D.s and have read crazy stuff from many others.  If I were you I would do what I had to to heal my body so it can heal from whatever you have.  Eat as nutritionally dense foods as you can every meal, sleep as much as you need, stay hydrated, exercise 90 minutes daily and every other thing you can do to heal.  Supplements can help, you might want to research Lyposheric Vitamin C with Dr. Levy, The Magnesium Miracle by another M.D., Iodine with Dr. Brownstein.  A raw foods diet will get you the quickest healing.  Banana and lettuce smoothies are an easy way to start getting in that nutrition, add some dates or coconut sugar for extra sweetness.  Adding in some carrot juice every day will help you get more nutrition into your body, lots of people have healed serious diseases from just adding carrot juice!  It's cheap and nutrient dense!  

I hope you start feeling much better very soon!  What are your symptoms?

Here is a wonderful lady who has healed multiple diseases by eating low fat raw vegan for 9 years, she talks about healing, doctors and eating cheaply here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCOP5eb2xkU



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