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AAAAAHHHHHH! Solve the Obesity Epidemic by Tricking Brain Out of Eating Sugar?????????

A high fat raw vegan I know via Facebook put a link up today to a television programme that aired on the BBC here in England last week, a documentary, on 'taste', the science of how we experience taste and it's role etc, I watched it out of interest but with some trepidation, expecting the usual anti-sugar diatribe but it was even worse. I am so disturbed and worried about where our society is headed, people have literally been brainwashed into being terrified of sugar.

Sorry it's so long, jump to the second half. What was most disturbing was the coverage of how scientists in the field of health and nutrition (!!!!!) have discovered how our brain chemistry recognises sweet things, so they are now working on what they call 'safe calorie free desserts that taste sweet' that have no sugar but trick the brain into thinking they have, because obviously this will help with the obesity epidemic!!!!!

Never mind the fact that through out the programme it kept saying, 'sugar, human beings love it'. Really no kidding, do you think there could possible be a reason for that?! And let me see, how do we give people something that's sweet and safe, uh, duh, let me think about that one. Oh and appharently the reason we're fat is because we've evolved passed the point of being able to recognise when we are full....WTF!

I don't even know what to say anymore. I'm emotionally exhausted and exasperrated. Just in the last week I've had two discussions with people, on two totally different occasions, who believe all sugar gives people cancer (thanks Dr. Lustig), another one with someone who won't listen to the possibility that her hyperglycaemia could be fat related, I've sent information to another girl who asked my advice about her liver problems but then ignored me when I said to drop the animal products and now I'm currently trying to help a young girl who was anorexic and is now bingeing on dairy products because that was all they gave her to eat in hospital, in HOSPITAL!!! And she is terrified of carbs. I got her to eat her first banana in over a year!

After watching this programme tonight I'm feeling the nail in the coffin of my hope that we could turn the tide. What is going on, how have we come so far from nature? Surely it's obvious, hello, we are basically apes aren't we? I mean most people believe we are genetically, biologically and anatomically apes, (I'm not talking spiritually or morally here) so why is it so hard to see what kinds of food we should be eating?! I don't know, I give up


I mean, wish I didn't care, I wish I could say 'oh well, if that's what people want to believe then it's up to them', but I do care, because it's effecting the people I love. Thankfully my family have taken these things on board, my parents are the surprise low fat high carb vegan converts now! But there are so many more people suffering and they don't understand why and the establishment is making money off them.

I suppose we just have to be satisfied with making small differences in peoples lives, but I'm very distressed by it all. And very very ANGRY! How do we fight this?! http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01rn6yq

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Sorry about the grammar from my stupid computer!

Mmm hospital food and tea and coffee trolleys every half hour or so.  Blerugh.  

Just turn off the tv sweetie, turn it off, save your sanity.  I always get a bit curious about the super-fat super skinny type of documentaries, but they are awful.  

thank-you BeachVegan, how does anyone come out of hospital alive with the food they serve?!

I know what you mean about those programmes, I used to watch, long time ago out of morbid fascination, there are loads of them now.

Ironically I NEVER actually watch TV unless I want to watch something mindless for a bit of escapism. I only saw this programme because it was posted to me and I felt obliged to watch it. I do think it's very worrying though, it seems like people keep trying to outsmart nature so they can literally, in this case, have their cake and eat it. It was a good reminder to me of why I don't watch telly, on the other hand I think we should know what's going on, it's a disturbing development. Good advice though, stay out of mainstream media, keep sanity. x

Exactly Iron Clad, it seems the best thing is to be an example.

I've found though that also being persistant has payed off with some people. I always drop things in in little ways in conversations and I'm always posting things on Facebook. I know its annoying but it's also made a difference. I've had a lot of people come to me for advice because they've seen the dramatic change in my health, sometimes they listen, sometimes they don't.

At the moment it feels like a drop in the ocean though, but at least it's something hey?.Thanks for your response. :)



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