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A Raw House in Miami; thread for pictures, videos, events, and more!

Eric, (ॐ Eric ॐ on 30 Bad), Taylor (Taylor's Tropicals on 30 Bad), Jourdan (Jourdan on 30 Bad), and Christine (Christine on 30Bad) are living together in South Miami. We have been doing all sorts of fun things and hope to share with and inspire you all. Stay tuned for:

A "Raw House" (Miami) type opportunity may be possible in the future. 
video: fruit room tours
video: with the raw inhabitants 
video: 811 conversations and information on all varieties of topics relating to healthful living, transformational growth, the vastness of the human experience
Pictures: local farmers markets
pictures: house/land
pictures: connecting with primates
pictures: lifestyle/ activities
Events at the house

Best intentions,

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For those of you who live in Miami, can/do you eat solely from food that is grown locally?
Yes you can. I eat local just about all the time. Greens for the most part being the exception. Some seem to think that Florida and South Florida doesn't have the goods. This thread and the numerous people who have eaten food at our house I think proves otherwise. I order from Taylor every week, and also place a shipping order for my family in NYC just about every week. I might suggest if you live up north to consider purchasing a humidifier and keeping the fruit in a relatively warm place. Just about all the food in this entire thread is local and courtesy of Taylor's Tropicals.
Well good ole raw house needs an update I think. Ednshell on 30Bad, her two children, and my my family spent time at the raw house last week. We're now at 5 sets of visitors that stayed with us since Thanksgiving. This weekend we went to the fruit and spice park, robert is here, and toured a farm. It was great to have multiple 811 families enjoying fruit together but also to talk about the future and what goals we have set. Shell waisted no time getting out the house early and to the beach! It was a pleasure and Shell, I hope you had a great time.

Later on that week I went with Christine up to the Orlando where we foraged 50lbs or so of citrus. It was pretty awesome sitting in a no longer farmed orange grove enjoying each other.

Finally we here at the raw house research institute have proof that all animals love fruit! This squirrel is passing on all the nuts :)

Wow..... the abundance of tropical fare is impressive.

We really need to move to Fla....

You are in paradise - enjoy it !
Our visit to Raw House Miami was awesome! It was great to have a destination to reach, a place to call home. We are suffering from the poor air here in St. Louis and needed to get some sun and quite literally a breather, :). I don't know if I would have had it in me to plan the trip to South Florida if not for the kind and generous offer of the Raw House Miami folks. As soon as the invite was made, I held the vision, held the possibility, it's a nice feeling to just know it's there, it truly makes me feel supported in the world, that goes for others on this site with kind offers to stay with them.

We were made to feel at home right away. :) Everyone greeted us warmly, it was a very relaxed atmosphere. Jourdan was home to meet us when we first arrived, he gave us immediate access to his stash of ripe and ready to eat canistel AND our first taste ever of Mamay, oh mama, it's heavenly!!! I had no idea of what an event the Thanksgiving 811 party was, it was great to hear more about it. We met Taylor, who let us try a few new variety's of dates and showed us his final project in an engineering class, it was so affirmingly cool to know that K'nex is used at the college level because we use them all the time in home schooling and sometimes a parent wonders just how much time is good, lol, my kids of course were intrigued, they understood the project he was doing and the significance of it, how to hold 5 pounds on a 9 foot long bridge, I think we need more K'nex. Christine is just darling, nice to have another girl in the house, she had a few more tests she was studying for, we were there during final exams, lol. She introduced us to the vitamix which my son now wants to save up for, he says we have to have one. We met Eric after his long weekend working the fruit stands, he showed us some neat things he'd collected on his travels and he took us on a walk to the Banyan trees, these trees are so beautiful and the best climbing trees, it was a highlight for us. Eric helped us put up a clothing line to dry our clothes, we hung them at night and by mid morning they were almost dry but by the end of the day they were wet again, lol, the humidity! We spent most of our time at the Key Biscayne beach playing in the ocean, we got a good dose of the glorious sun, climbed coconut trees, explored, met a friendly raccoon. In the evening we went back to the house where everyone was doing their thing, we got to visit with everyone at different times, it was such a treat getting to meet everybody, listening to their stories and ideas and current projects. We went for a couple of sweet long walks to the beautiful banyan trees with Eric and Christine and Jourdan's sister and brother. We got to munch on mega local, organic, canistel, grapefruit, chocolate pudding fruit, tamarind, and passion fruit. We also had, local organic coconut water, monstera, star fruit and some other fruits I can't remember the names of from the fruit and spice park. We loved the fruit and spice park, I would go again and again! We had the pleasure of going with Jourdan and Christine and Jourdan's dad, sis and bro, who are also doing 811 and just wonderful, loving people. We foraged some bananas there, enough for everyone to have a couple! We went to 'Robert Is Here' which is down the road from the fruit n spice park. He has some organic stuff, and the happiest animals I've ever seen on a farm! They get to eat a lot of good compost! They were so fun to feed, very gentle, we got to feed an ostrich who grabbed an apple out of my son's hand and he thought his sister took it and yelled, hey, only to realize it was the ostrich he owed that yell too, lol. I would have liked to visit the Miami zoo as Jourdan was telling us about a special tour available where you get to interact with the animals and have a zoo guide answer your questions, (he has some pics on his page), we actually have a good zoo here in St. Louis, I ought to inquire there. We briefly met high energy, 30bader, Bill Huberty too, :) . I felt very fortunate to meet all these wonderful people doing great things for themselves and the world. It's marvelous work that goes into 'Taylor's tropicals' which is supported by all the Raw House Miami people, supporting local organic farmers and spreading the message of fruit and everything that goes with it. It was a delight to see a home looking like ours with tons of banana boxes and fruit everywhere and a huge compost, lol. A joyfilled place indeed! :)

I am in awe of the power of the sun and clean air! My energy level increased and was more stable, even though my breathing got bad as soon as we got back into cold weather, I felt so much better, did not get sick, had a lot of energy through the holidays. Metaphorically speaking, a strong wind blew through my son and it was a sign we needed to go to someplace warm. My son has been following 811 for over a year, the weakest links being daily sun and emotional poise from the stress from not being able to breathe very well. So being able to breathe well in Florida was a wonderful stress relief plus the amazing sun, I can't say enough about the sun, I feel it has amazing power to heal. Feeling normal again for a while strengthened us in many ways. Being in Florida reminds me that air quality is an important factor in health as well as the sun. It's so easy to live with conditions that are not life giving because it's the status quo, it's what you know and you can get by with it, it's easy to forget that there are many factors to health, many ways to support your health. The air in St. Louis never bothered me in any way, nor my son, (no allergies or anything like that), before our lungs were damaged by breathing in burning styrofoam while visiting a college campus where the art class was using styrofoam as their sculpting medium and some students decided to torch the left over styrofoam out back to make "snow" whereas we were in the next classroom looking at pottery and the "snow" blew in the open outside doors, burning our throat and nose. We got out right away but our lungs were damaged, this was 5 years ago. 2 years ago, our lungs became worse starting in the winter. By winter's end, in February, I was gasping for air, continuously coughing, that's when I decided I needed the sun and came to Florida, for the first time in years, to discover the incredibly good air quality there, the first day there I was breathing fine without medication, no more coughing, even before I got into the sun, I was amazed! So this year I went down before I got that bad, it wasn't an easy decision to leave everything for a week "just to get some sun and air", but in the end I think it was a very good choice. As Jourdan pointed out, Florida is not the ideal like maybe Costa Rica or Thailand, but it's a pretty darn good compromise. We need to make a permanent move some place warm, if we could leave in the hot summer, South FL might be a good place for us. We're still researching. As Jourdan pointed out, University of Miami is a top 50 U.S. school, so that is another very attractive incentive to be down there. Driving around Miami was surprisingly easy, way better than San Francisco area, in my experience anyway. I felt very safe everywhere I went there and they live in a very nice, safe neighborhood. Cost of living seems the same or better than St. Louis. Fruit prices seem about the same but much better quality and local.

Our whole family appreciates Raw House Miami for their community activism. Meeting people in person from this site and knowing that other people are meeting in person from this site increases the community feel on this site tremendously, it also goes a long way in supporting health, meeting others living the same lifestyle. Thank you Christine, Eric, Jourdan and Taylor, thank you all for your kindness, sharing your home and yourselves so generously. We love you guys! :) Thank you for a wonderful, life giving, relaxing time! XOXOXOXO -Shell and crew
Thanks Shell. Check out my Costa Rica thread.
Give them a PM as well, Malte... They might not check this thread. :-)

Hi Jourdan, I was wandering if you are still in Miami and could I come and visit. I'm traveling in States now meeting raw foodists and ecovillages here. In Florida I wanted to see fruit farms the most. maybe you could recommend something? Thanks! Anna

Is this still happening? I was hoping to go down to florida in march and was looking for somewhere to stay.



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