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I don't like negative energy, but when you have it, it can be good to release it, lol. ;)

Many of you probably remember Jolita Brilliant. Back when she was on this site and promoting fruits and getting enough calories, I thought we understood each other well, as she also comes from an eating-disordered background like myself. Back then we exchanged PMs and were happy embracing this lifestyle together.

My first "slap in the face" was in my post where I still had a negative body image of myself because of my weight gain. As people here such as Esperanza, Peter, and Chris were very helpful, knowledgeable and supportive, Jolita's post was deleted and then she PMed me saying I shouldn't listen to you and that I should restrict my caloric intake. WTF?! Then she claimed the promotion of thinness hurts her too, but implied losing weight is important for her because it sells. :(

On Facebook I kept seeing regular posts from her as well as pictures where she brags about her weight loss OBSESSIVELY. I'm thinking her mind is saying "Welcome back eating-disorderd mindset!". I unsubscribed from her newsletter as I was/am fed up with her attitude and mindset. It's so sad knowing that she's a "health coach", yeah a "health coach that promotes death".

I thought she couldn't get any more idiotic, but I was wrong! Not only is she bad-mouthing Freelee and DR and 30BaD in general, she is claiming veganism is not good and is now a paleo b$?§&! Needless to say I removed her immediately from my friends list on facebook and remembered to unsubscribe from her Youtube channel. I can only hope her clients realise that she's gone mad and quit seeing her. She may be a coach, but she's not only a coach of death, but a "coach of death AND murder" - really SAD.

She simply couldn't be patient with the fact that she was still doing the metabolic time for her metabolic crime, as Peter always so cleverly puts it. She's simply weak, impatient, SAD etc.

^^There is no way she's going to convince me. 30BaD and its many wonderful members here have helped me so much. I'm proud to be a member here and to finally be on the path of optimal health, happiness and vibrance.


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Ok. I swore I wouldn't watch any more of her videos but this latest one...she is pretty nasty.  More talk about 30BaD. She says a lot about Victoria Arnstein.  I'm just disgusted.  I am not allowing myself to watch another video. I also get upset about hearing her say she will help people get off the 80/10/10 lifestyle.  

*Video Deleted*

makes total sense. I wish I hadn't watched myself ;)

That was random as hell, too. It seemed she just picked on Victoria Arnstein for no reason, except to try and bring someone down with her. Everyone who knows Victoria KNEW that Vic was never 100%, and that she had ups and downs, occasionally eating too much of the cooked foods she made for her children. It's baffling that this crazy girl even felt the need to bring the Arnstein children into the subject. Is she going to give parenting advice, next? All Victoria was trying to do was help her, and she's retaliating in the most vicious way. ??? This chick is neurotic... like... seriously. O_o

All the people saying that this chick should be cut some slack and be waited upon to return with open arms are seriously not understanding the full gravity of the situation.

Hi. I'm new here (to 30bad). End of introduction. (Sry, not big on self-intros.)

It's not just that she went from Vegan to paleo out of naivete that she thinks it works for her. Everything about her demeanor tells me this is a person who lacks integrity. To claim yourself an expert of a lifestyle when you, yourself, are still in the stage of trial, is ridiculously presumptuous. Secondly, her responses that I I've read clearly shows she is very immaturity; why would you feel the need to randomly attack a vegan video with spiteful comments just because you failed to make the diet work for you (by undereating, and sneaking egg.) That's the second thing: the fact that she hid the REAL TRUTH: She was never vegan to begin with! She was never on 80/10/10 to begin with! Last time I checked, undereating and eating eggs were never part of 80/10/10.

This is not even about me hating on her. In fact, I don't. However, if you're that willing to compromise the integrity of the community by letting her back in that easily, your judgment is questionable. Forgiveness is beautiful... just don't equate that to being a doormat. You don't let your extremely abusive ex-spouse/partner back into your life just because you forgave them. That is dumb and you will be just as responsible for any future abuse that may come your way (again).

Right now, she's waging war against 811 on her channel, calling 811er's liars and such. She said she's "tired of pretending I agree with all their beliefs." Helloooo! You wouldn't have had to pretend anything if you didn't make yourself out to be a guru in the first place! It's like watching a kid who doesn't believe in any kind of personal responsibility. LOL Welcome her back into the community??? Hahahaha! Wise the hell up, man! ;D

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You make some good points Kevin.

Forgiveness is beautiful... just don't equate that to being a doormat. You don't let your extremely abusive ex-spouse/partner back into your life just because you forgave them. That is dumb and you will be just as responsible for any future abuse that may come your way (again).


If she were to come back and start talking crap again, that won't be tolerated and will have the same consequences as last time.



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