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If anyone knows biology well, I would appreciate one explanation:

are vitamins formed in a fruit, or they are taken from the soil like minerals?

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Well it is not really that simple per se but to put it in lay persons terms:

Vitamins like Vitamin C (asborbic acid) are formed in the chloroplasts and have to do with cell division and balancing the effects of photosynthesis in the plant

Phytonutients however are created by an enzymatic process that has its thanks to give to minerals in the soil. However the process isnt that direct. The phytonutrients are created by the reproductive process which makes the fruit (basically an ovary with the seed/sperm inside). The seed is created by hormones which are influenced by senescence and  senescence of flowers wont happen unless their is good minerals in the soil. The overall quality of the non-mineral nutrients for the tree (process of photosynthesis making CO2 and the water) plus the mineral nutrients (too many to list) will effect the overall quality of the vitamins (mainly phytonutrients) and general taste/nutrition of the fruit along with the quality of ripeness (related to hormone production)

I hope that makes some sense...it is kind of hard to explain a much more detailed process in a short piece but maybe someone else can do it more eloquently

I am not an expert, but I am vaguely familiar with some things here of which you can fact check on google.  

Don't forget that some elements may be taken from the air like carbon dioxide.  

Most plants will absorb most minerals like calcium and most elements from the soil.  If we could find it in rock or metallic form in nature, then they probably absorb it from the soil.  



For example, some vegan do not need to supplement vitamin b12.  The reason is that the element in b12 we utilize is cobalt.  So when vegans eat greens, nuts and seeds, and other plants grown on soils rich in cobalt, and then the vegan has a healthy digestive tract with healthy gut flora, these flora will break down the materials in the gut, produce b12 which is then absorbed in the intestines.  In some cases, the raw cobalt from the plant material is utilized by body.




Plants, like humans and animals, need calcium for almost every tissue and function as well and absorb calcium from the soil.   

Now some vitamins are more like chemicals and or hormones.  For example, Vitamin D is considered more like a hormone according to some opinions.  So many plants would produce their own vitamins.   

Most plants can make their own vitamin C.  

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vitamin_  (this wikipedia article may provide more references at the end.)
So this can bring us to thinking about other topics such as soil erosion and or depletion and the imporatance of permaculture and or tree based persmaculture in the future.  Trees have roots to hold the soil down, and are somewhat self fertilizing machines when fruit, leave, and twigs fall to the ground and decay.  The microbes that break down these things may also provide some nutrients and or nitrogen.  
Peace, PK

Hey PK!

Thanks for your answer. I took a look of the links you provided. What is your opinion on

http://www.soilandhealth.org/06clipfile/drbass04.pdf ?


Thanks all for detailed answers! I will study the links provdided.

I was confused, since I found that vitamins are organic supstances produced in plants and animals, while minerals are inorganic supstances that plants soak from soils.

But... in "80 10 10" it reads that only a small amount of vitamins is produced in the plant and the rest has to be soaked from the soil.

I guess, not all vitamins are of the same source - B12 is a "poo" from bacteries in soils, while some others are produced in plants... But, I will study the links more closely.

Maybe it is just me but I think you misunderstood the question, guys. It is not about the origin of atoms but about creation or formation of vitamins and minerals. They are both formed in plants under certain circumstances (sun, water, pH, temperature, ...) but the atoms are taken from surrounding - earth and air. Unorganic minerals are "rocks" and are useless for human nutrition. Organic ones are those we need. Plants in symbiosis with bacterias have the ability to create organic minerals from anorganic.



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