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A question about Hygiene for all the long term raw vegan fruitarians

A question for all you experienced long term raw vegan 80/10/10'ers fruitarians.

I want to know what are you doing as in hygiene? How often do you shower, if you actually do? Do you use a shower water filter?

I seen the film awhile back Pure Fruit with Mango and Katvia (I believe her name) and just wondered about them not showering just using fruit skins to clean themselves. What is your opinion on this?

If you do use soaps, what soaps/shampoos do you use? I am just experimenting on what seems to be work the best for me.

I am confused. Freelee says she showers once a week, but doesn't say if she uses soap, and what kind. The bar soap I use (even though it is vegan) I don't like the way it smells, so I am thinking of buying new ones. It makes my hair smell. I am confused.

What do you use for your hair, body/skin?

Any tips/help would be appreciated. Thanks so much!

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I'm glad to run across this cause I to am experimenting with natural hygiene and have transitioned slightly. I went 2 or 3 days doing the rinse without soap...instead of soap I got a spray bottle of lemon water rubbed it into skin and hair..then scrubbed a but with lemon peel instead of loofah..made me smell lemon fresh...did same routine with oranges and green tea...after I rubbed in an avocado for exfoliating and it made a nice leave on lotion as well...
The lemon was nice in hair made it feel soft and smell lemony..I want to try doing a coconut dunce next... I plan to blend the coconut water with it's coconut creme from young coconut and use as a conditioner as well...if I want the gelled curly messy look I put coconut water in spray bottle and do the hair scrunched curly look that girls usually use gel or mouse to do...it makes it crunchy scrunchy...I want to blend avocado coconut and lemon juice together

I actually work a lot outside on the farm, plus working out, making me sweat and dusty at the end of most days, so I really like to take a shower to rinse me off, usually no soap or shampoo, except for days of handling manure... Farm life!

Shampoo is natural soap with no perfume, 100% biodegradable, as water goes back to the land.

But we use water directly from the stream to feed our shower, so it's like showering in the river directly, pure water!

Just water.

just water and shower twice per week :)  i wash my hair with  shampoo but i dont use soap.

I wash my hair with soap about every 10 days or once a week because I have rather long hair. (Soap - black african soap)

I take a quick cold shower every other day and after exercise (no soap). 

Went no shampoo years ago, though I have used it a few times since then, haven't for a long while now, nor soap. Don't shower regularly as the water has chemicals so it seems counterproductive to me. Ideally I would rinse off with rainwater and go for a swim in a natural body of water. Also use a skin brush sometimes, though its been cold so I haven't kept up with it. Where I work I deal with the public and no one has complained of any smell, I don't have any body odor that I notice personally. Been doing this diet for a little over 2 years now, not 100% at all times but my slip ups have been minimal and not often. 

I don't recommend soaps/shampoos, even "natural" ones. Use them if you absolutely must, but its ideal to transcend them. 


I shower twice a week (hoping to make it once a week the longer I'm on this lifestyle!).

I very occasionally use Dr. Bronner's soap for my skin, once a month at the most. Usually I just use water. 

For my hair I use baking soda (1tbsp) and rinse with apple cider vinegar (1tsp). I hope to go no poo eventually though!

Thank you for all the responses so far! Some people say they use soap sometimes, if they are really dirty, but what type of soap or shampoo you use? If you don't mind telling me the brand please. Thanks.

I use soap sometimes, I use The Soap Works. Two problems I see with using this brand. The type I bought is Aloe Vera I don't like how it smells anymore. I don't know why I bought it in the first place. And I don't like  that it contains palm oil. I bought it awhile back and I also use another brand which I got from my mom awhile back, which also has palm oil and doesn't smell nice, but I don't want to throw it out, so I will use it for my hands and get another one, for when I do wash with soap.

Do you think I should use fruit skins on my hair/skin and if so what do you recommend as a blend and how to preserve it if I put it into a bottle? Also do people recommend I get a shower water filter for when I do shower?

I am going to try taking 2 showers per week, just water and see what happens. I am experimenting, see what works best for me. I guess everyone is different, no?

I rinse off every night before bed, just to get the day's dirt and sweat off me. I love getting into bed clean. I use Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap when required. I do have a shower filter.

Which shower filter do you recommend?



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