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A plea to Matt Monarch & David Wolfe to stop selling products of cruelty, please sign petition

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+1. And they scam a lot of money out of good people who are trying to better their lives and ethics, before they wake up and could have put that money to better use than lavishing Monarchs greedy lifestyle. (and it needn't be that way, but when you sell Deer Antler to make a buck, you're a fricken greedy b**tard.


i think adding Brian Clement with his black mica acid clarity water to this list makes sense .  because it goes to show it comes in levels / waves as he hucked wolfe and monarch after stealing from wigmore and turning her work anti fruit and then they (D&M) huck you back and sue him backwards too.   chain of command or just human exploitation (not-Vegan either)

That dude is off the planet. Very dangerous.

Rawbenny and Jon hit the nail on the head, you guys articulate where I'm coming from so well thanks guys :)  I can only add in my own words that no amount of animal abuse is ever OK just as no amount of child abuse is OK, neither should be ignored and those supporting/performing such horror should be pursued until it stops. I intend to continue pursuing these guys until they take it off their sales list. I will happily delete the video if they do. Suffering is suffering. I see animals as children and they need our protection. 

I like what the others said to this. I'd also like to add although you are correct in a way, you don't seem to take into account that Matt puts himself out there as a raw vegan guru. Don't get me wrong I like the guy and I like Angela, but in his recent videos he is talking like a true guru almost dismissing all the "regular folk" as if we don't really warrant attention, as if only what the "leaders" do is important. Wow, who is this guy? Where is Matt?

To me when people give you adulation, that's OK, especially when you are helping people, it's wonderful, but when you accept it and then take it on as your position, to me it's getting dicey. The other thing to remember, is that a vegan does not take or eat animal products, so to be a raw vegan guru and sell deer velvet, placenta, etc, of course you are going to be called out on it.

The grocery store does not claim to be a raw vegan guru, nor do hunters, nor does Land-O-Lakes. So it's not an issue of why him and not these? It's an issue of why is he selling this stuff as a raw vegan? And if he is not a raw vegan, then perhaps he should put down the mantle of raw vegan guru.

I still don't think Matt means to be bad, or harm people, or harm animals, but I think he is getting sort of sucked into a machine that he really would do well to stay out of, and I hope he will! It's like he woke up once and maybe now he is starting to doze off at the wheel a little. He's always been an over the top personality, that's part of his charm and for some part of his irritating factor, but selling animal stuff is really a departure from what he used to say and preach. Does he really want to sell animal stuff to increase the market share? That's what it looks like, and I think it's perfectly reasonable to call him out on that if he claims to be a vegan.



 Could someone please post a link to where information could be found on the creation of these products they are selling if they have the time. Although by this photo which seems very real and likely is, I find it unlikely that this is the way these extracts are commonly harvested. All bucks and bulls of any deer like species I believe shed their antlers at a certain time of year after their mating season.

 I would also suspect that this is a small source of income for northern native peoples in Canada who are certainly not making millions from it, and who are far more efficient with the animals they harvest. Many native peoples in northern Canada have a great respect for the animal kingdom and waste nothing of an animal from its kingdom. That being said ofcourse, there are always bad apples.

 This process that you see here could also be for the protection of the ranched animals and not simply for some kind of life-prolonging extract. Steers and Bulls in the cow family also often have their horns chopped so that they cannot injure another cow or bull.

 Buffalo, deer, elk, moose, are all a delicacy here in Canada and are either ranched or hunted in their domain. The hunters here pay for the preservation of their habitat and the tracking of their populations and health. Without their voice added to ours governments would have allowed their habitats to be exploited further via logging and mining which has built our homes and infrastructure.

 I say all this because like you my first instinct is to simply react with disgust. With my better judgement however I prefer to know what it is that I am truly petitioning and how it might affect others. Realisticly, capitalism will not be stopping anytime soon, so we are just going to have to learn to work with it.

Oh just read this post, I think it makes mine a bit redundant...

That's a thoughtful post and I agree if the animals are not being harmed in the way we think we'd be might overall be making too much of a fuss about one guys webstore. If this is being collected off the ground and no animal is directly harmed, that would be another thing. However, as I understand it most deer antler IS harvested in this way, and although I've seen a couple "claiming" they don't do this, but how can we be sure. I have no idea about Monarchs source and he hasn't volunteered anything, which you think he would if it was that simple to clear it up, yet he hasn't. He's also selling placenta. WTF.

The whole thing still promotes farming of animals, and many other cruelties go along with that, castration for one, and when an animal no longer provides to the level the farmers want, a deer like that will still very likely go to slaughter. All this still goes towards the hypocrisy of Monarch and that is a large part of the petition. I would still sign it even if they aren't chopping the antlers off, and IMO it's likely they are - even if Matt himself doesn't know that. (Has he visited the facility to check on the animals? I highly doubt it, even though he could afford to).

Just a polite objection as well to your use of the word capitalism... it is not capitalism that is to blame - capitalism is simply a function of human nature and strictly speaking capitalism should never rob another of their life or property. That would automatically extend to animals once human consciousness has reached a certain level and no longer tolerates abuse and extortion of animals. Capitalism is in fact the solution to this problem. You see, with capitalism = billions of people making individual choices in their own best interest - what happens is the free flow of information raises our awareness of these types of things, as it is in this case - and we choose not to buy it, we choose to inform our neighbors of it's cruelty and undesirability - and it no longer becomes a valuable commodity in the market.

Capitalism then ensures that the perpetrator discontinues his/her activity, because it's no longer in their interest to do so = you don't need anyone to physically stop them at that point, no guns or government required.

There you go then. Thanks for clearing that up.



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