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This one goes out to all the peeps who are struggling on a raw food diet(or anything in life). This is extracted fresh from my blog. It is kind of long, but stay with me. :)

I encourage others who have motivational success stories to share too.

"It has been 7 weeks since I made the decision to embark on this journey and already I have lost 27 pounds and 6% body fat! However, I did have a setback. Last week, I only lost 1 pound and even gained 1% body fat - what the fruit?! So what happened last week? I told you I suspected what happened, and promised to make a couple changes and get back to you on everything.

Well, in the first half of that bad week, I was religiously doing what I had been doing the entire time - sticking to my raw food diet and doing some exercise; not plenty, but it was consistent and I figured I was losing with that level of effort, so no need to make any changes to my routine. Well, something told me to check my weight everyday for that week, so I did. Tuesday, I lost no pounds. Hmm, well I suppose it was still early in the week. Wednesday - nothing, and I think this was when I started to wonder what was going on. It was mid week by then, and I still hadn't lost a pound. So, I added a little more to what I was doing in terms of exercise, I figured I was doing great with my diet, so what was the point of touching it? Thursday - 1 pound, ok, at least we are starting to see something happen now. Friday - still at the same 1 pound loss.

By then I was frustrated. I just couldn't figure out what was going on, and to compound the situation, I had a really bad day, because I had a bit of a negative blow with my profession. So between those two factors, your girl had a weak moment. I had 1 Chips Ahoy cookie. Yup, I know, dedicated Rawshida. It wouldn't have been so bad if it had ended there... On Saturday, I had 1 bag of banana chips and 1 bag of cassava chips. Oh no! But hey, at least that is still vegan although processed and oily. That very same night I had 1 cinnamon roll - processed, packaged, loaded with dairy and eggs, high in fat, it even had cholesterol in it. I figured after eating it, I deserved to be punished, so I punished myself by reading the nutritional facts and ingredients. After the chips, I was alright, but when I ate that, by Sunday I was bloated, not going to the toilet, having headaches. Monday, I was awaken by a muscle contraction - something I have never had in what felt like ages (even though it was right up to before I went raw). I mean headaches and muscle contractions?! Pain and aches were some of the first things to go when I started and here I was again at square one. Even my constipation came back.

It was the most horrible feeling ever, and that was when I decided weight loss or no weight loss, bad blow to business or no, I had to get back on track. So after, that very day, I made some changes to my diet. Then by tuesday, I was doing 2 sets of 30 mins cardio. Wednesday - 3 sets. Thursday, I started a juice fast which went up to Saturday evening. In addition to that, between Thursday and Saturday, I did 4 sets of 30 mins cardio. I really kicked my ass that week. I was just determined that I would get back on track, melt the body fat, clean out my system from the junk I had that weekend, and lose that stubborn weight. However, I do not believe the only reason I had those results last week was because of my junk binge that weekend. As I already shared, I was losing very little weight long before that. I have a theory for this though. I was eating a lot more fruit, and I had no green juice that week. This is a very good diet yes, but for somebody like me who was still trying to lose weight and detox, I really should have kept in the greens and reduce my fruit intake. So the changes to diet I mentioned involved starting each day with big amounts of green juice and reducing my fruit intake, this worked. Then since I was focused on speeding up my detox from that weekend specifically, I went on the juice fast.

So in making diet and exercise changes, and fasting, well yeah, I pulled it off. I even surprised myself, I never knew my results would be that great. I just wanted to get down to at least 140 for that week. Now I am in my 130s, I never thought my weight would be that number again. I am also amazed at how much body fat I lost in one week. It is the best body fat results I have had in a week so far. So, yes, I am disappointed in myself for the setback, but happy, because I know that I have more than redeemed myself with the changes I made. I also know that today I will motivate somebody to never give up, no matter how hard it will get at times, and to keep pushing. If you find that you stop getting the results you want, seriously look into it. Track what you're currently doing, see what can be tweeked, and make that change. Trust me, it will pay off. This is what it is all about people, it is a learning curve. And you know what, I know even after, say, 1 year, 2 years, or 10 years even and beyond, I will never stop learning. There is always something new and different to discover. We are all on different levels of progress, and the diet is very forgiving, and these are the things I love about it. La viva raw foods!"

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Hi Rashida, thank you for sharing your experience!
I hope you get all the results you planned for yourself...
Most of all, go easy on yourself! If today you fall, you have an eternity to rise and get back on track. It's just some piece of wrong food, it's not heroine... so be happy even in defeat!
Thanks very much for the support! :)
I love this! Thanks, Rashida.

Isn't interesting how we sometimes feel the need to "punish" ourselves for falling off track... as if eating Chips Ahoy cookies and chips and their after-affects aren't enough, lol.

A lot of people like green juices & I think the minerals from leafy greens are really important. Do you ever drink green smoothies ( fruit blended with the whole, unjuiced greens) too? That's my favorite way of getting my greens.

La Viva Raw Foods!
LOL I know right! I drink and love the taste of green smoothies and used to have them everyday, but for now I have a preference for green juices (straight callaloo, bokchoy, and cucumber with a little water), which I have been drinking loads of daily. Knowing me though, it will be a new preference or back to smoothies in probably another two weeks. I am still learning what my body responds well to I guess lol.
Hmmm... aren't we all?

Good luck to you!
Thanks Chloe!



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