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A different kind of Holiday - Off to Best Friends sanctuary

In celebration of my wife's 40th birthday we looked and looked for a perfect getaway.

Costa Rica etc.

Lots of really nice places with all you can eat a la carte fancy dancy stuff.

However nothing really inspired us until my wife had the idea to volunteer at


For some of you that may not know this is the same dogtown shown on National Geographic channel.

They do incredible work for dogs and other species.

I thought this was a great idea and now are plans  are if we want to get away from this place we will make sure it is a place were we can help our friends.

We have come up with a list pretty exciting.

So maybe next time your thinking of going away maybe it can be beneficial to both you and our friends.

I am all fired up about this.

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This place is beautiful! I especially like the donkeys!

Prad built the site like with so many others he has done for these types of things.

He volunteers his time in doing this.

Offer Prad allot of money to do something that is not in line with him and he will walk way.

The lady running it is a super sweety.

Yeah Ned rocks.
"Living in alignment with your beliefs is an important factor of health."
-Dr. Doug

I wish everyone knew this! :)
Wow, I wish St. Louis had this kind of program. My son was bitten by a very irresponsible neighbor's dog and we had to be very persistent to get the very least basic safety measures. There were no fines, no owner training classes. Great to have this example to share with my city politicians.

Thanks for your input here.

Will share some stuff I learned so far.

and people actually eat them. Amazing.

I was unable to actually go in and spend time one on one because I was from Canada. Best Freinds Sanctuary have a rule that one must be in the USA for at least 14 days prior to coming to the Best Friends Pig Paradise before any contact with either them or the horses.

So I had to stay behind the fence and out of respect. I didn't just want to wonder in.

But boy are they cute and I sure did want to play with them.

It was really Nice to see people feeding them and taking care of them rather them being on the plate for breakfast on the $2.99 special.

Seriously how can anyone eat these cutties or any of our friends.

Sorry to hear about your son's inncident I am glad he is OK.

Here is a great site on some very good points.


Here are the rescued, abandoned horses now living in Horse Paradise.

The first picture kind of gives you the idea of the background simply amazing.

Note the wild deer with one of the horses in a photo above also wild turkeys (not the ones at your local family reunion either lol) would roam around as well but not in these photos.

As with the pigs I was unable to go in and brush them etc.

but Watching them was amazing enough so gentle yet so powerful.

Oh yeah they ain't worried to much about getting enough protein from the greens. I guess neither should we. ;-)

What a special place.
It sounds amazing! The photos are incredible! I emailed them a few months back telling that that we'd volunteer photography if they ever needed it...but didn't hear back. Looks like they have great photos on their site.

Thanks for sharing!

i want you to know that because of your thread, the pics and the stories i have made a contribution to best friends.
i have also told them what prompted me to do this, so they may come calling to hire you as their pr agent. :D

this thread is quite unique on 30bad - i don't think we've ever had anything like it.

in friendship,

That is cool thanks for contributing they are worth it plus they offer only veg head foods.

What a powerful combination helping our friends and not eating them as well.

:-) about the pr agent.

When a cause touches ones heart you can't help but share it with others.

As a matter of fact I am working on a project on BSL Breed specific Legislation targeting Pit Bulls.

Spent time with them and they have gotten a really bad rap.

I was ignorant in the past but now with knowledge and experience I feel a need to shed some light on the BSL darkness.

More photos coming soon.

By the way here is another persons experience

that's a great video of lisa simmons and her family.
her 93 yr old grandmother really looks like she's in pretty good health by normal standards.
it is well-narrated and quite appealing to have 4 generations looking in on the place which saves multi-generations of sentient beings.

here's the best friends story:

in friendship,



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