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A different kind of Holiday - Off to Best Friends sanctuary

In celebration of my wife's 40th birthday we looked and looked for a perfect getaway.

Costa Rica etc.

Lots of really nice places with all you can eat a la carte fancy dancy stuff.

However nothing really inspired us until my wife had the idea to volunteer at


For some of you that may not know this is the same dogtown shown on National Geographic channel.

They do incredible work for dogs and other species.

I thought this was a great idea and now are plans  are if we want to get away from this place we will make sure it is a place were we can help our friends.

We have come up with a list pretty exciting.

So maybe next time your thinking of going away maybe it can be beneficial to both you and our friends.

I am all fired up about this.

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hey bigG!

i know how much you do for animals including your volunteer work at the animal shelter.
what a great way for you and denise to go on a vacation!
(you probably know that tarah is spending her 5 wks with sea shepherd in the galapagos)

this is just wonderful and i'm sure the animals you see will appreciate your company and kindness.

in friendship,

Thanks just flew in

This place is a incredible place

Will share more soon
terrific, bigG!
nice to see you are back!

in friendship,

Thanks will type on this "eden" for the animals on Tuesday for sure.

I encourage people to visit this place it will change your life.


What these people do for our friends is incredible.

They look after them

pickles and I and a worker were cruising around in a golf cart


Pickles is awesome.

You can type in his name in the search tool.

Lots of more buddies.

Type later.
that's a great pic of pickles!
we call riky that sometimes ie riky => rikles => pickles

glad you had such a good time all round.

in friendship,


OK this place is well run and most importantly the veg head theme is in full gear hear.

Denise has been changed by this experience.

We slept with a pit bull in between us and the amazing thing was he trusted us ;-)

The stories of Katrina rescue, Michael Vick and other stories was humbling.

The people working there are angels.

Will be posting pictures up soon.

The founders who started with a vision have created a masterpiece after only 25 years.

This is a must place to visit.


You will see what can happen if a determined group of people with odds against them can do for there best friends.

Even Denise is not interested in going on holidays anymore that don't benefit our friends.

Take Care,
that is an amazing transformation bigG!
looking forward to what you are going to have to relate.

in friendship,

Sure is.

I am reading the book now how best friends was started and it is an amazing story. One of them was originally from Toronto, Canada my home town.

The funny thing is we sat with many of them and ate and shared stories like people we knew for some time but Now reading through the book I am amazed on how humble these people were especially reading on what they did and still do.

I told Denise actually it is good I did not read the book because maybe our conversations would of been different.

On the day one of volunteering they asked who wants to help out in some heavy lifting?

I lifted my hands and with a big smile, I was off to area 51.

Area 51 might sound like some conspiracy secret area to some lol

Actually it was a place which housed the many of kennels that were being broken down, cleaned and dried from there rescue missions in
Beirut, Katrina and other big life saving events.

As I was washing them out I was amazed at the number of kennels and variety of sizes.

I got to know some of the stories and talk about heroes.

How these awesome people drove from Kanab Utah to New Orleans a very big trip to rescue our friends.

Actually one of the dogs was named Bat girl.

Pretty cool. Denise took her for a walk. ;-) while I was working in this other area.

The funny thing is they kept thanking me for helping them out and I kept thanking them for what they did.

A whole lot of thanking going on but more importantly a group of like minded people helping one another out for our friends.
that's excellent!

in friendship,
Thank you!!! :)

this is in utah? I don't watch tv so I've never heard of this place (that's my excuse anyways lol)

Yes Kanab,Utah


I have traveled a little bit but this area simply incredible.



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