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So I am about to go into a partial hospitalization program treatment for binge eating disorder (with occasional purging, but not enough to qualify it as bulimia, unfortunately), as I have gained a massive 35 lbs lately from binging for 2 straight months. :(

After I am released from the program, I would like to return to the 811 diet/lifestyle again...however, as you can see, THIS is what triggered the binging in the first place. I kept it up for 6 months, but then could take it no longer. I was eating between 2000-3000 calories daily, and in fact had to resort to dried fruits and copious juices to ingest THAT many calories--now, of course, my binging can allow me to eat loads of junk foods with absurd ease. :(

Also, I LOVE the warrior diet--barely eating at all during the day and overeating in the evenings--my body and energy levels love this eating style/structure as well. Has anyone done a "warrior diet" version of 811? The closest I have gotten to this is an Ornish/"Warrior Diet" combo. Thanks in advance!

Oh--and also, how can I do this while at college?! ;P (From a social, practical, and financial perspective.)

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Hey Moiraine! Welcome to the big bad 30!

Im not too sure about the warrior diet, as I havent dont much research about it. But I can see how not eating much all day and then eating tons at night could possibly lead to binging again.

Can you please write an example of the foods you would eat, exercise, water, rest you were doing during you 6months. How old are you? Height, weight?

Thank you!

Hope you can find the assistance you are seeking here.
Thanks, Jason! :) I answered your weight questions down below, but as to what I used to eat, it was generally a monodiet of breakfast (apples, bananas, or dates), lunch (citrus), and dinner (berries, leafy greens, sprouted grains, nuts) all within a 5-6 hour evening window (which usually ended at 2-3 hours due to time constraints, but occasionally I did have to prolong it to meet my caloric requirements) starting at about 5 PM. I absolutely loved it, but apparently it didn't work very well.

In terms of exercise, I was only very lightly active, taking daily 1-2 hour fast walks. Occasionally I ran for my own personal amusement or because it felt right at the time. ;P I am 18 years old.
Funny you post this because I've been doing this exact thing for the past few weeks. (811+warrior diet). I like it. I eat minimally during the day (some days nothing but water), then I feast in the evening after my workout, eating over roughly a 2-3 hour period. I'm not sure about it for the long term, but it's been an interesting and fun experiment. I like not worrying about meals during the day, and I feel lighter, more alert and more driven, less placated if that makes any sense. Surprisingly it only took me about 1-2 days to adjust to, but I had a beastly stomach from a while on 811 before moving to the +Warrior Diet trial.
It makes complete sense--that's why I prefer this method! :D However, for some reason, I find it much more difficult on 811 than on raw vegan or anything less strict than the aforementioned. How do you go about making sure you get enough calories through this method?
Well my stomach is a beast like I said, I've had about a year of big meal practice on 811, the culmination being this 1 meal per day over 2-3 hours plan. Don't try to do it overnight, perhaps just try 3 big meals, then 2, then taper off one into the other; I dunno. Nowadays on Warrior/811 if I feel hungry at all during the day I have a couple pieces of fruit. But I usually don't. Bananas and dates are key for calories in the evening meal. My only side affect so far has been some gas :( But I think it's due to some sloppy combining. I haven't lost weight, in fact I've actually gained a little muscle I think.
"THIS is what triggered the binging in the first place." What is? 80/10/10? If so, can you elaborate on that?

Regarding the "Warrior Diet," I just don't think it makes sense. Sounds like the opposite of Paul Nison's "Daylight Diet." If fruit is our fuel, why would you want to wait til the evening to eat your fruit? Also, "barely eating at all during the day and overeating in the evenings" sounds like an awful pattern that I personally don't believe will help your bingeing issues. I was a fan of "Fast 5" for a while, which is basically where you set up a 5 hour window (usually 12p-5p) and only eat within that window. I'm sure it works for some, but it worsened my bingeing because I would eat WHATEVER I COULD GET MY HANDS ON during that period of time knowing I would not be *allowed* to eat after 5. My stomach would swell up (even when eating 811 this way) and I would feel incredibly uncomfortable. Why restrict yourself like that?
Also, 80/10/10 can definitely be done in college. Socially, depends on you. Practically and financially depends on your school cafeteria. My freshman year, I had the best cafeteria ever. Unlimited mixed fruit salad, bananas, oranges, apples, and an amazing salad bar. Because my food plan was required by my school, it was paid for with tuition. I lucked out because I never had to grocery shop and/or leave my building to remain 811. :-)
I tried the Fast 5 as well! Could only do it for 2 days at a time , and didnt help my bingeing, found in my window I was freaking eating m+ms, bags at a time.

Eating only during the night catches us when we're tired or lazy from the day. I find that I can get into this zone of just food existing if Im super tired. Hello binge-training 101.
If you like not worrying about what you're eating like on the warrior diet, why dont you try fasting as a practice, like one day out of every week or two weeks?
Well, the reason I prefer the warrior diet is less a convenience issue and more an energy and general mental feelings issue. I find that I feel much better without eating during the day--it tends to zap my energy by diverting it toward digestion. Perhaps I have merely become used to this through numerous years of the warrior lifestyle, I'm not quite certain! :)
No i agree I have seen such benefits even from doing it a short time.

Cravings and falling off the wagon can happen though when adjusting to 811. I cannot explain however how you could lose weight @ 80lbs eating 3000 calories/day, wow. Were you exercising like mad?
Oh no no, I lost from 102 pounds to 80 pounds! ;P I didn't lose after that due to this binging for the past 2 months--and have gained 35 pounds up to 115 (highest weight in my lifetime ever) binging on everything--yes, pretty much EVERYTHING. Ugh. I feel toxic now. ;P

No, I actually merely walked to and from class after the first two months of summer (1-2 hour walks then) ended!
Thanks, everyone! :D I actually should clarify...I feel as though the binging began as a result of possibly undereating on 811. I had previously been doing the Warrior Diet for about 5 years, going steadily from a pyramid diet to vegetarian, to Ornish, to vegan, to raw vegan, and then ultimately to 811 (at which point I had to slightly modify the "Warrior Diet" style for a bit due to excessive bloating issues.) ;P

Currently, I am 5'0" and 115 pounds. My highest weight ever before the binging issues (maintained it for about 2 years after gaining weight during puberty) was 102 pounds. My lowest weight right before the binging was 80 pounds, extremely underweight! :( I must have been doing SOMETHING wrong--and I was only on 811 for 6 months. :o...but really, I was eating 2000-3000 calories a day, about twice as many as I ate cooked without losing. Weird. Hmmm.

Great social tips, btw! Except they add sugar to *everything* here, ugh. ;P It's ALREADY sweet.



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