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i dropped 22lbs from high fat gourmet raw to no salt, oil, seaweed, superfoods, powders etc ie :hardline 811. ive seen EVERYONE drop excess on 811 and build fitness. its hard to build muscle and fitness when ones diet is starved of carbs.

im not concerned that people want to eat gourmet, but rather im concerned that people think gourmet is natures design. its called gourmet 'hollywood raw' for a reason.

people try 'the raw vegan thing' and long term is not good cos high fat diets with toxic irritants like salt, cacao, chili etc just dont provide the nourishment for humans as we need diets that are extremely high in carbs. so we have people running into ketosis issues and basically doing a raw vegan version of atkins and then falling off the wagon and blaming veganism, blaming raw. but its just that they didnt do it right.

i can ride my bike on the other side of the road and get run over and then say 'oh that cycling thing is very dangerous!' or i can ride on the right side of the road and ride with lance and co..lol!

its the same in the raw world. i consult with crew on a daily basis now and they say 'oh i tried that raw thing and i felt great at the start but then....' and im like 'champ, you ate some recipie book lifestyle gimmick fad, infomercial superfood alchemy hype masters plan of what sells the best' rather than seeking mother nature as your guidance. you DIDNT DO RAW RIGHT! and now your blam'n mother nature? popp'n protein powders and eating poor animals cos you 'need more protein' and all because you put yourself on a FAILURE TO THRIVE raw diet and starved yourself calorically whilst stimulating yourself with toxic irritants and flushes, colonics etc that gave us the adrenal spike ie: feelings that we were getting some benefits.

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oh totally!!! when i first started raw, i was a very healthy cooked vegan. low fat, lots of fruits and veggies, minimal processed vegan shtuff. when i went high-fat raw - OY!! i'd say my low fat cooked diet was way better! i never ate pizza, cookies, and other junk but very rarely before going raw - so why would i want to "replace" all that junk with their raw analogs? low fat raw just totally makes sense to me. when i can pack my meals for the day in 2 seconds, that ought to say something about how beautiful 811 is.
811 aint 'no fat'..lettuce is a good source of fat, avocadoes and durian season happens each year. if we follow natures plan by eating in season, then automatically 10% or less of our calories come from fat.
This my first time going raw...and guess what I am doing full fledged 811... I DONT own an uncook book of any sort...This way (811) just makes sense..and I was divinely brought here to hear about it! Thanks
wow! Go Ashly! Power to you :) xxxx
oh! you will be surprised :)

If you think you have know 811.......theres always something you've missed :)

On another front, there all this lifestyle transition that comes along with 811.
totally agree with the lifestyle transition... thank god i've got a partner who is totally supportive (and a kid who is too young to have a choice - he's 8 weeks old). :-)
it makes perfect sense.. you're very fortunate to have seen the light this early and skip past that very frustrating and unrewarding transitional phase of gourmet-style (high fat) raw food
yea it's funny (in a non-haha kinda way), how most people's idea of 'raw food' steers so far astray from what the purpose of this lifestyle is all about

it was such a weight off my shoulders to drop the habits of using all those spices, bottles and cans of expensive processed 'raw' items, packages of formerly alive food that had been stripped of life-giving water, and everything else that strayed so far from the bounty nature makes available to us
yea ppl don't even understand what a bowel movement is supposed to be like i dont think lol.. i never did.. and it's funny how once we realize our true natural diet we take steps to help the planet without even conscious effort; WAY less TP, way less packaging (besides those damned fruit stickers), less water for cleanup, etc.

another relieving thing about realizing how to eat the way nature intended (this may sound high & mighty) is not having to question or think about "is this really raw" as is the case using things like agave syrup, pasteurized nuts, nama shoyu, liquid aminos, dried spices and all the other pseudo raw crap that somehow makes it into 'raw' cookbooks.. the sad part is i only see the definition of raw loosening, not gaining the credibility it should carry.. it's about so much more than "not heated above 115 degrees fahrenheit"
los angeles is gourmet raw heaven. i remember a few years back sitting at a table at my mates pad and having a dinner of raw gourmet. after i was done i felt like i swallowed a brick and i had all this packaging to dispose of and i was say'n to myself 'bro, this aint raw, this is marketing and food prep obsession, what you trying to achieve?'
Oh I had my years of cooked food transition of 22 years, then 2 months of raw gourment
Ive dropped 10kgs so far from gourmetraw to lowfat raw .....lots of people can vouch for this



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