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I think 811 is missunderstood by a lot of people.. in all appearances
it is a diet: a way of eating, and a lifestyle: a way of living.

But to me the food and the lifestyle is the result of a design, and
this design is what 811 really is...

Nature is hard and resources can be sparce. Survival is all important
and animals eat what they can to survive.

But what happens when this struggle is no longer there.. when food is
abundant and we can choose what to eat. We are then in a position to
'design' our diets and lives to suit what we are as an animal; as a
machine, in the here and now.

I see the human body as a machine, like an engine. And like an engine
fuel goes in and is converted into propulsion, heat and sound. But the
engine doesn't have wants and only gets what we provide. Different
engine fuels have been designed based on what the engine "is" and what
is wanted from it. Engines can run on many different fuels, and the
different fuels will give different results. They may contain slightly
different ingredients to alter the out-put of the engine: ultimately
the burn rate or power produced and the lifespan of the engine.

To me this 'design' of the fuel source is what 811 is.. it is deciding
what is needed based on what we are and not what we want.

People often run away with the idea that 811 is saying this is what we
have always eaten, this is what we are supposed to eat, but this
simply isn't so, we are animals and have untill recently been driven
by survival, and when survival is your driving force anything goes. I
think like all animals we have evolved eating whatever we could,
evolved as oportunistic omnivores, eating roots and leaves and fruits
and meat and grubs and seeds and nuts, both cooked and raw.. whatever
it took to survive.

The human digestive system is equiped to derive energy from a large
variety of sources, you can eat worms and cardboard and derive
something from it.. but we are supposed to be forward thinking not
stuck in our old ways, we are supposed to be in control not driven by
wants and desires.. we have the capacity to be thinking beings.

811 is not about doing what we have done in the past, it is not a
rework.. it is simply looking at the fuel sources available to us and
matching them to the machines that we are, optimising for health,
energy and cleanliness.

And when we apply this idea...

811 is what pops out: raw fruit and other plant parts are the most
optimal fuel source when digested by the human system because they are
the cleanest burning, and 811/955 is the optimum ratio of
macronutrients for energy production and building of the human machine.


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Couldn't have said it better myself. Thank you Gareth :)

If something better comes along i'm there with it, i'm not "attached" to this diet because its doing so and so, i follow this diet and lifestyle because it offers the best results from whats available.

This lifestyle is about what is best for my body and mind as an animal, it is not a set of rules and not about what i want it is an organic movement flowing and evolving..

this is what the discussion boards are for: to increase the pool of knowledge for us to draw our conclusions from.. so let us never get stuck and stagnate in dogma but continue in our search of the optimum lifestyle for these creatures that we exist inside.





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