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811 100% for 1 year or more? LF cooked vegan? Share your ideas here!!

Hi everyone!


I am curious about a few things. I see a few people and I get personal messages about this, so I thought a forum post about it would help tons of people here.


In my opinion, it would be optimal for us to come a HCRV diet....but raw to what degree? Yes 100% is optimal, but I have struggled so much with maintaining it. DR says eat sweet fruits until they arent' sweet anymore and then you have eaten enough...well some days I have 2 smoothies with a total of 20 bananas and I do not desire another single banana...I mix in other monomeals or 2 fruit meals and still I want something more "satisfying" in the evening time.


I love how DR says people usually want support for their bad habits, but I am starting to feel like the EXCLUSION of fat, and EXCLUSION of 100% processed food is what can lead to supreme optimal health as well.


I hope this post doesn't seem all over the place I am looking for people on low fat diets, raw and cooked who EXCLUDE all processed foods and what their health is like. Hopefully on this forum people can engage in dialoge that will educate and inspire so that so many don't have to feel like they are failing when they have a low fat cooked dinner filled with whole foods.


For me? I am sticking to about 4-6 100% raw fruity days right now because its the summer. In the winter it gets down to zero degrees...I do have wholefood vegan soups, rice and steamed veggies...but fruits and raw til dinner 6-7 days per week.


Anyone else wanna share? Inspire? Encourage?

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I think that a low-fat cooked vegan diet without spices,salt, and any other crap can overall bring amazing results to anyone eating the SAD. It may not be optimal, but it is far far far far better than their current diet.


On the other hand, if you go the high carb raw vegan route, and then also eat cooked food on the side, I think the body will start to naturally prefer the fruit, and try to eliminate the cooked carbs. Personally if I have some boiled quinoa or plain potatoes, no spices or salt or anything, just monoing them, my nose gets clogged and its just a pain in the ass. Not to mention when I do eat that cooked meal, afterwards I do need to "rest" after eating, versus when I eat a fruit meal I feel great. This is not to say that it is imperative to never ever eat high carb cooked food, but optimal is always better :)


Also if one can't afford all the fruit or it's just not available, I'd recommend a high-carb cooked vegan diet 100% before starving yourself. Rice and potatoes are probably the most cheap food nearly anywhere and everywhere, so it's almost always possible to stay on a high-carb vegan diet.

A diet of fruits and vegetables whether cooked or raw is more nutritious than any other combination of foods. On this site we advocate a predominantly fruit diet because that is what appears to be 'optimal' for humans. Now since we eat predominantly fruit and leafy green vegetables, it goes without saying that we eat raw since all fruits ( that I can think of), and leafy greens don't require cooking to be eaten.

Well said, Robert and Jim!


Mama, you won't be seeing advocation of cooked consumption here, because we've simply found HCRV raw to be optimal.  Sure, some people find their health can be decent on cookedness, but to turn it up to great, it takes full on HCRV raw as much as you possibly can. 

During this cooler months last year, I experiemented a bunch with adding in cooked items to my high fruit diet.  The results, other than the few minutes each meal spent on my tongue, were most unpleasant.  I suffered from 6 "colds" over that time span, felt much more bloated, resurrected acne and body odor, and just generally knew I wasn't being congruent with my true health path. 

Definately strive to meet you caloric needs each day, as this is what keeps us sane and vigorous, but it's ok to mix things up a bit.  If you just can't stand the sight of one more nan, no problemo.  Switch it up to a different type of fruit.  Also, incorporate plenty of greens.  In 811 book, Dr. suggests that a full 2-5% of our total cals comes from veg, which can include most any thing other than sweet fruit, but greens are to be primary. 

I've discovered they can provide a grounding sort of feeling, after a sweetfest.  Give it a try, and let us know what you think :)



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