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hi…i've been on a raw food diet for about 3 years and 80/10/10 for about 2 and a half years…life is mostly great…the diet and lifestyle had a major effect on my state of mind which is why i continue…


on my journey i have acquired and purchased a lot of books and DVDs on the subject of 80/10/10 and natural hygiene…i no longer need them…and so i am giving them away to the network…unfortunately i am not rich and so i ask that the postage is paid for…i live in the uk…i will post worldwide but it will cost more…if you really want something and honestly can't afford the postage i will help you out…


all DVDs cd's and books are original copies…i will not run off copies for people as i owe dr doug and others so much…but maybe once you've finished you could pass it on to someone else on the network…


one item each sounds fair…but i'm not policing this in anyway i just want others to benefit…let me know what you want and your address and i will pop it in the post…i can post one or two items a day...


here is a list of whats is available…


• The 80/10/10 Diet book by Dr Douglas N.Graham

• The new High Energy Diet recipe guide book & DVD set by dr doug

• The perfect health program book & 12 cd set by dr doug & frederic patenaude

• Making friends with your food 6 DVD program by Prof Rozalind Gruben & dr doug

• The cause of health 10 disk set by dr doug

• Radiating compassion & health DVD by dr doug & prof Rozalind Gruben

• Nurturing Peace and Raising your Child DVD by prof Rozalind Graham

• Dr Graham's Raw Health series 1, 2, 3, 4  12 cd set

• Grain damage book by dr doug

• Two copies of Nutrition & Athletic performance by dr doug

• Many pamphlets and chart by dr doug ie Dr Grahams Natural health compilation & FAQs on the Raw Food diet & dr grahams perpetual health calender


• The Quintessence of natural living for health & happiness…essays & talks on the art of natural hygiene lifestyle by kepi R Sidhwa

• Your Natural Diet:Alive Foods by dr T.C.Fry & david klien

• T.C.Fry's life science course

• T.C.Fry - program for dynamic health - introducing natural health

• Yours for health - the life & times of Herbert M.Shelton by Jean A.Oswald (rare)

• Dr Shelton's hygienic review magazines july 1979 - August 1980

• Self care vs Medical care - how to do your own health checkup - A Natural hygiene press publication

• Living life to live it longer by Herbert M Shelton

• Error's in hygiene?!!? T.C.Fry's devolution, demise & why by Vivian Virginia Vetrano

• Genuine fruitarianism; the ecological, sociable, satisfying diet (transcript) by Vivian Virginia Vetrano

• Getwell staywell affirmations for american's Book & cd set by Victoria Bidwell

• two copies of Food combining made easy by Herbert M.Shelton

• two copies of Common health sense volume 1 issue 1 by dr V.V.Vetrano, Victoria Bidwell & Dr H.M.Shelton

• Common health sense issues 3 & 4 by T.C.Fry & friends 


with kind thoughts...gareth king

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this is an excellent idea, you're wise. i would be interested in the 811 book, i do not own a copy of my own. i live in california. how shall i sent a postage


do you have a paypal account ? let me know your address and i will drop it in the post...and then tell you how much it cost...unless you want to know how much it will cost first ? garethking@live.com
i don't seem to have your address...if you still want the book i will send it as soon as i get your address...garethking@live.com ...cheers...gareth
do you have a paypal account ? send me your address and i will post you raw health set...garethking@live.com
hi snow..just popped the cd's in the post...pretty big package...loads of great stuff there for you...the postage cost was £15.36 UK pounds sterling...make sure you send it as a personal gift so you don't get charged by paypal...like the other though don't send it till you receive the package...enjoy

i can send you both those things...the dvd by rozaling is really great im sure you'll love it...let me know your address and i'll drop them in the post...paypal is fine by me...but because your in the uk if you dont have an account we can sort out another way if you need...probably be about £5...enjoy


Darn everyone wants the same thing I wanted. If you want to pay it forward ever I'd love to be a recipient :).
hi kelly...just dropped them in the post...1st class...cost £5.66...my paypal account is garethking@live.com...but please hold off paying me until you receive the package...i don't want you paying for something that doesn't turn up....enjoy
This is so generous thank you! I would love a copy of Grain Damage to help convince me to stay away from the things long term!! I am in NZ but am happy to pay postage. x
its yours...new zealand...what a long way...send me you address and i'll send it...garethking@live.com
hi nicola...just dropped the package in the post...cost £3.20 UK pounds sterling...my paypal account is garethking@live.com but please don't pay me until you receive the package...i hope you enjoy the book...

Hi Gareth,


WOW, this is very generous of you! Thank you so much for your kind offer :) I would be very interested in The perfect health program book & 12 cd set. How should I send you postage? I live in Vancouver, Canada.



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