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"80/10/10 sucks... if you don't live in Hawaii, Thailand or California."

So, my brother ate fullyraw for a week or so too. He's never read 80/10/10 and just followed a bit of my advice. So far he was doing great, told me he felt better than ever etc... but today after i got up he told me that he couldn't sleep bc he had been worroed about his teeth. Apparently there were black dots all over his teeth and they'd gotten really sensitive. And then he started off about how much 80/10/10 sucks... if you live somewhere like in europe and not in hawaii or thailand or california, where you can eat fresh RIPE fruit. He said that the fruit you can get here contains way too much acids and other unhealthy substances because they were picked unripe and are usually being unnaturally ripened afterwards. So now he goes back to eating potatoes, sproute grains and sourdough bread. But I don't wanna believe that. Sure my teeth have also been a little sensitive sometimes, but that didn't stay longer than a day and you could also argument that i am eating a lot of smoothies, which could be a reason why less fruit and acids stick to my teeth.
I do agree that it would be SO much easier if we lived somewhere like hawaii, but i still believe in this lifestyle.... even here, in Switzerland. I know that the food that would be natural for us has been denatured and isn't as healthy as it once was, but i just don't want to believe that it has come so far that one couldn't even eat a healthy hcrv diet when he lives somewhere like europe without getting problems... isn't it possible that he ate too many citrus fruits (at last he told me to not eat the kiwis and the citrus bc they're really not ripe)? Or that his body is still too acid bc he is still detoxing and has got all of that overleft foods and toxins in his body that he used to eat? Also, he's got a pancreas insufficiency, if that changes anything.
I just don't know what to believe now and I hope that you could give me some reasonable advice....
Thank you.

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it rocks in phoenix too i bet puerto rico as well

It is doable in Switzerland and it will increase your health, not decrease it, if you do it properly. Sure you have to put in some efforts to always keep enough ripe fruit around you, and some money, but it's totally worth it.

If he's that worried about acids in fruit he could still eat non-acid fruits (or raw till 4/ starchbased). I don't worry about acid fruits and my teeth have never been better and I eat a lot of citrus and drink lots of orange juice in winter. I doubt that those black dots result from eating fruit. Just keep doing this lifestyle and as soon as you see all the benefits it gives you, you won't doubt it anymore, regardless of what others say. ;) (And always brush your teeth of course)

It works on east coast USA....

Eat enough calories with a 3000 minimum for males...


Eat 1/2-2 heads of lettuce greens a day...


More info....

The following formula works well for long term health and success:

Diet in a Banana Peel 

Eat a raw frugivore diet where most carbohydrates and calories come from whole raw ripe sweet and juicy fruits like oranges, papaya, or mangoes, supplemented with about ½-2 heads of lettuce greens a day (not kale, chard, and spinach) and about a handful of raw nuts or seeds a day. Eat simple meals but a rainbow of foods over a period of time.  

Eat enough on a daily basis with at least 2500 calories for females and at least 3000 calories for males.  Drink 2-4 quarts of water a day and pee clear. Get 8-12 hours of sleep as needed. Exercise about 30 minutes a day 5-6 days a week with at least one day off for rest and repairs.  Get about 30 minutes of sunshine a day on your skin for vitamin D, mental health, eye health, and healthy bones and teeth.

For more science behind how to this diet optimally for long term success:

Aloha to 30BaD's Welcome Wagon! - 30 Bananas a Day!

Peace, PK

I live in Switzerland and it works for me- it just takes way more planning! I buy bananas and rotate them so I always have ripe ones. Here in Zürich I have even found a place that sells spotty ones very cheap!

Andalusia, Spain, still part of Europe, but with a bit more sun and locally grown tropical fruits such as mangoes, cherimoyas, bananas, papayas etc...

Make sure that the fruit he eats is at least as ripe as it can be, after picked. For example, kiwis should be super soft--soft enough so that you can twist them open easily with your hands. Is he eating a lot of pineapple? Those are almost never sold ripe.

It is likely part of his detox of pre-existing acids. This is very common, some people even lose some of their hair, but it will grow back. You should tell him that the grains he is eating will do much more harm to his teeth than fruit or vegetables if that's what he's worried about. I'm a fruitarian in New Mexico, and I even eat cooked tomatoes and other fruit, and sometimes the quality isn't as good as it could be, but my teeth have never been better. This is almost certainly a healing crisis, and his body is trying to expel the weak. Check out Robert Morse N.D. on YouTube, or in his book, "the detox miracle solution" on this healing crisis issue. Remember to be easy on him. God bless...



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