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Hi all! Although I am an avid reader of 30BAD, this is the first discussion I've started.

I have been following 80/10/10 for over 1 month now and am loving it, I've always loved fruit anyway - the sweeter the better! I turned vegetarian in 2006 and have been vegan since 2008 (5 years) so it felt like a natural path to further improve my lifestyle.

I lived with anorexia from the age of 16 to 20 with my lowest bmi at 14.2 when my body weight was 43 kg (I am 174 cm tall), I was pretty much only skin and bones... The last 3 years I started eating more and train less out of compulsion and more out of the joy of movement. I am happy with my weight now at 56 kg and my BMI is healthy at 18.5.

As a result of my restricted eating combined with compulsive training, I completely lost my period at age 17. Two months ago my gynaecologist sent me for a DEXA scan as she was worried about my bone density after a blood test showed my oestrogen was too low and the fact I have not had my period for 6 years. The results show I have osteoporosis in my hip and osteopenia in my spine... Although she was very supportive of my passion for running (she actually told me the more I can run the better!) she also decided to put me on the combined birth control pill to restore my oestrogen levels. I was not fond of the idea, but agreed and was on the pill for about 1 month before I started getting bad migraines (about 2 per week) and decided it was not worth it, although I did get my period back while on the pill. My gynaecologist also admitted she does not generally deal with young women but only post-menopausal osteoporosis clients and therefore has referred me to a bone clinic apparently specialising in young women.

A few months earlier I had my vitamin levels checked and the results showed low vitamin D, I was told 50 is recommended whereas mine was at 15! So I take a vitamin D supplement as well as vitamin B12 (sublingual).

Anyway, I am hoping following the 80/10/10 lifestyle of a diet mainly based on fruit with big salads at the end of the day (I average 3000 calories on most days, sometimes a bit more depending on how much I exercise), 5-6 days of exercise (I run a lot and also cycle and swim), loads of water for hydration, sun and sleep will help restore my bone density as well as bring even more vitality to my life! I definitely have more energy, better digestion and sleep a lot better since starting only 1 month ago!

So, I was wondering, has anyone had similar issues with ED and/or osteoporosis? Any success stories? Any advice?

Thanks a lot!

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Have you read HC/LFRV Ruth Heidrich's book Senior Fitness?  It is a fantastic book for anyone of any age and she talks about restoring her bones after osteoporosis which is now the density of that of a 30 year old woman and she's 80+!  She talks about which tests to get too and which ones are inaccurate   My library had it and then I bought a copy for my sister-in-law, it was so good.

Thanks ednshell! I will definitely take a look at her book.

I thought I'd share this! I came across this awesome website, which speaks so much truth about calorie restricting, current calorie guidelines and what we actually need:

"... [F]emales under the age of 25 actually require somewhere between 2800 to 3100 calories per day to maintain health and weight.

All the guidelines for calorie intakes you see in the world are based on self-reports and national surveys. The surveys have all been shown to be inaccurate when doubly-labeled water methods are applied in laboratory settings. In fact, surveys and self-reports appear to underestimate actual intake by between 25 to 30%. However, it is important to keep in mind that one population sub-group never answer these surveys by underestimating their actual food intake:

People with eating disorders often know the caloric value of foods, read food labels obsessively, and keep records of food intake, often overestimating their daily calories. [Columbia University, 2010]."


It  may take time but yes you can definitely reverse this.  Stay off all meds and eat tons of calories get them in girl don't be afraid of the gain and don't be afraid of the calories.  If you gain weight that is because your body needed to the extra weight is healing.  It will rebuild your bones and restore your health.  It will fall off in time when you are ready without you having to ever reduce your calories or restrict.  Just eat all you want more if you feel you don't want that much just repair your body and your metabolism.  Be patient.  Look at Freelee it took her a long time to lose weight because she came from and eating disorder past.  She gained and her body held onto the extra weight for awhile before it started coming off.  If you stay consistent in time you will have amazing results.  Hang in there your bones will be amazing.  You are young you can certainly reverse this.  Get lots of rest, get lots of sleep, drink plenty of water and get sun daily or most days if you can.

Thank you so much for your kind encouragement and advice! It is getting easier to reach the calories even though I have to snack in between meals to get it all in. Today for example I've had around 4000 calories as I've been running around all day and also went for a 2 h bike ride and have been really hungry! I can't remember any time in my life when I have had this much energy! It feels so right and I guess that is a good indicator I am finally starting to follow the best path for me. Hopefully my bones will agree... I def love 30BAD, so many lovely people here :) 

Hey! Yeah, actually I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis at 22, which means I probably started having osteoporosis symptoms a lot earlier than that.  And yes, probably because of my epic bout of anorexia from 13-15. 

I'm 28 now and can say, seriously, you need to take this seriously. I experience a stiffness and pain already and I'm not even 30. There's no good treatment for the actual pain for someone our age. They recommend fusing the vertebrae, but only for someone much older--in their 50's and 60's--and they have to redo the operation every ten years or so. It's a serious matter and one that will restrict your movement for the rest of your life.

I don't really have high expectations for 80/10/10 being able to fix this, but I'll be pleasantly surprised. Mostly, I'm hoping eating this way will preserve the vitality I have and make it so things don't get any worse. 

Ruth Heidrich reversed her osteoporosis and you can too!  Read her book 'Senior Fitness'.



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