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so i know the raw till 4 diet suggests for women to eat between 2,100 to 2,500 calories a day. is this the same for all life styles? i dont do sports, but i consider myself an athlete with the amount of moving that i do. From the time i wake up until the time i hit bed, i am on my feet, moving, going constantly up and down stairs for hours. in the midst of this time i think i only sit in total for half an hour.and i do this 5 days in the week.  i also walk everywhere i want to go, i dont own a car or a bike and i rarely take trains. The other days my body is so exhausted, from moving so much, and also under eating. ive also lost alot of weight due to my life, my legs are like stone but for some reason my stomach is still soft. so...its my goal to eat more and aim for those calories every day. but what would the right amount of calories be, would i be needing more? im trying to avoid to binge on protein rich foods, but how much carbs do i need to thrive?

if youre a highly active person, an athlete, or someone that just knows alot about this lifestyle please help me out : ) thank you!

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check out Eli's http://www.30bananasaday.com/profiles/blogs/80-10-10-athlete-s-dail...

on this site we say 2500 is the bare minimum for ladies, add more for activity: Aloha to 30BaD's Welcome Wagon!

This applies to rawtil4 too...

A.  How do i know im not eating enough calories from fruit?

1. Other food starts to look and smell good.

2. Cooked food looks more then the second rate option it really is.
3. Your energy, power, strength start to go downhill.
4. Your attitude starts to suck. You just want to rip apart people and scream at them with frustration.
5. You start to question this whole raw gig.
6. You get cravings during the day and evening.
7. You start to rely on discipline to keep you raw.
8. You start to make raw pasta dishes, raw cakes etc.
9. You start to question if we really need to exercise.
10. Your so thin and weak that your athletic friends start to get concerned.
11. You start to question veganism.
12. You start blending maccadamias with dulse and spread it on 1inch thick flax crackers you made at 3am in the morning.
13. You wake up at night and steal your housemates fruit. If your housemate is called banana guns and he told you not to eat the papaya, and you did, you aint eating enough fruit cals.
14. You start to want to take fancy herbs and experiement with other diets.
15. Your actually eating pizza and reading this.
16. Youve got some Fred Bisci Enzymes in your pocket and your ready to try the 'all raw but 20% cooked rule'
17. You want to believe that Brian Clement is right when he says corn chips are better than fruit. 
18. You just paid aajonus vonderplanitz 400$ for a one hour consult and he told you to put an egg on a window edge for 50 days until its putrid and then to eat it. and you did it. you saw your dog eat some animal poo and you tried it too. ( true story i just heard).
19. You just cant sleep!! you are approaching insomniac.


very helpful for me thank you thank you!!


I agree with the above. If a single thought of some kind of nonraw food pops in my mind when I'm busy creating something else, I assume I havn't eaten enough that day. Overtime, Im starting to notice how much is enough depending on my actitivity level each day. Dont reach for the proteins or the fatty foods first. Reach for a fruit smoothie, but make sure it fills you up :)

well im not totally raw ( yet) right now that seems a bit intimidating for me. but i tend to get such cravings once im in the midst of being active and havent eaten..like you said. mostly i crave carbs,..but cooked carbs like rice or potatoes. problem is that i love vegetables still more than fruit, but its not as calorie dense : ( before i was just vegan and ate whatever was vegan,(mostly veggies and cooked carbs) but im still new to raw till4  and aiming for the lines of fruitarian. and hopefully my tastes will change and ill crave fruit before other things. my first goal is to just eat more, if i get 2'100 calories..my muscles are sore and i feel tired the next day like its hard to move. yesterday i reached 3'370 and felt pretty good.  : )

what do you think of seeds? are they too high fat? ive been concluding chia seeds, and hemp powder to help stabalize me....would i be better without them, and only carbs?

Eat 2500 calories minimum and then add extra for exercise, lack of sleep, stress etc.

PS if your craving anything but the foods recommended for this diet and you have ate more than enough calories then your body is craving minerals so start pounding down the tender greens and watch those cravings vanish! I have seen this all to often and helped many people sustain a hclfrv long term by doing this! 

Get a bike and REALLY get fit. You won't get very fit walking around everywhere. I mean it is a great start but walkers have really poor fitness compared to riders.

Try and hold 4 watts per kg for 37 mins like Freelee just did a few days ago up a mountain here in Thailand. Then tell us how your stomach feels. :)

Time to update your fitness levels Tori. 

Time to go next level.


how many times a week?

As much as you need over the next 5 years to get the results you desire. 

Freelee didnt get such a hot body overnight. She has worked consistently for 8 years now on this lifestyle. Most girls are too lazy though to be in Freelee's condition at age 20 let alone age 35.

Fitness simply has to be a priority.

youre right,

but why do you promote cycling? i mean over other sports/ exersize

Do what DR says. Get into sport. Train. It's gonna help your body, your brain everything. Its gonna help you figure out how many calories. without it your bodies gonna be like, i need more sugar AND training. you get me? to be totally satisfied you got to give it both IMO, like a package deal. 



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