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An article in yesterday's Daily Mail, in the UK, suggested that 75% of type 2 diabetics, go on to develop Alzheimer's disease!

Having researched Dr Neal Barnard's book on reversing type 2 diabetes, I spoke to a friend of mine, about the possibility of changing his diet, to a plant based vegan diet.

I told him that he could almost certainly reverse his condition, completely, within 30 days, as has been proven, by Dr Neal Barnard.

I visited my friend and presented him with a copy of the book.

When I asked him if he thought that he could change his diet, to reverse his condition, his response was, 'but I don't have to pay for my medication!'

Type 2 diabetes is a very serious problem in the UK and indeed, throughout the world but we need to increase the awareness of the huge benefits of a plant based vegan lifestyle, not just dish out drugs to patients, who trust their doctors, to do the best by them, when all of those drugs, have significant side effects, long-term...

Love, light and healthy eating!


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I've tried with my grandfather who is diabetic but he is an old irish farmer and too no avail meat is the only option :(. 

And don't read the daily mail haa. What a disgusting rag of a paper. Inciting racial hatred in the uk by twisting facts and lying cant stand the thing.

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2769828/ ... This study suggests that Alzheimer's is essentially type 3 diabetes.

Do you have a link to a published medical paper to support your hearsay, Raw Rebellion?

Alzheimer's and CJD are two different conditions with "somewhat" similar presentations. The first suggest that fat that is the culprit and is far more prevalent; the latter suggests it's the meat and is quite uncommon (among humans).

from what I remember, Howard says the brains and the Swiss cheese holes look identical and from his research he believes they are the same.

Hello ednshell. "from what I remember"... Again, hearsay. Lyman isn't a researcher. Not a PhD. Similar isn't the same. These are two different diagnoses.

Lyman is a serious researcher, if you are really interested in the topic I suggest that book. Studies saying that Alzheimer's is CJD is beyond the current limitations (monied interests) of our society.  There is a huge cover up according to Lyman.

I'm not much into conspiracy theories, more into general stupidity of mankind ;). Alzheimer's = Lewy bodies; CJD = prions. Bonobos and chimps are (fruit-heavy) generalists when it comes to eating (and have been for millions of years) and they don't seem to have issues with either condition. Stupid humans feed their cattle prisoners grains and  animal meat from its own species (though ruminants also exhibit generalistic eating behaviours - digestive flexibility is an extremely effective survival tool when times are tough) and bad things happen. Par for the course?

I understand where your coming from. :)

Lyman is a whistle blower for the cattle industry, he's a very caring and smart man with many years of experience.  I have seen him talk in person and he has several video talks on youtube.  It may be he said that he thinks many CJD were being passed off as Alzeimer's.  In any case he definitely believes there is a conspiracy to cover up a wide spread epidemic of CJD by the governments.

your friend had his choice,change the diet and get cured in 30 days OR eat the crap and take pills for the rest of one's perhaps shortened life and die of alzheimers anyway.

to choose the latter is height of stubbornness.

Hi Meadow Flower,

My friend is now having to inject his insulin and also has other side effects, associated with type 2 diabetes, that are not very pleasant at all.

I urge everyone that I've spoken to, about a whole foods, plant based lifestyle, to do their own research but some people just won't have it and their conditioning prevents them from taking the steps that would radically improve their lives.

I have another friend who has had asthma for more than 30 years and after me pleading with him, to change his diet, cut dairy products out, around 10 days ago. He has not used his pump since and he reports that his breathing is 50% better, already, which is great. He's also started to juice and eat organic products, which for me, is a huge leap in the right direction.

A few days ago, he actually posted a question on a plant based lifestyle, to his friends on Facebook and one guy actually wrote back and said that The China Study had been debunked by a certain Denise Minger!

This is the absolute nonsense that some people out there, unfortunately believe!

For me, I'm with Professor T. Colin Campbell, Dr Esselstyn, Dr Neal Barnard, Dr John McDougall, Dr Michael Greger, Dr Pam Popper and all the other pioneers of truth, 100%...

Love, light and healthy eating!

All the best,




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